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The Mary Sue’s Top 10 Searches of 2014 (& Some Bizarre Ones for Good Measure)

"How do search?"

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 5.13.54 PMThe Mary Sue thanks you for utilizing its search bar in 2014.

Here’s the top ten along with a few stories often found in said searches:


    • 1. Game of Thrones

Due in part to:
– Jill and Rebecca’s 25 Favorite Moments From Game of Thrones, The Lion and the Rose
– Put Down Your Beverages Before Looking At These Disney/Game of Thrones Photoshop Mashups
A Frank Discussion of Game of Thrones‘s Rape Scene And Its Epidemic of Sexual Violence
Now We Know Why Daario Naharis Left Game of Thrones and Looks Like Daario Naharis Has Been Recast For Game Of Thrones Season 4
The Best Twitter Reactions to Last Night’s Game of Thrones (re: the Oberyn fight)
Our Favorite Reactions to Last Night’s Big Game of Thrones Wedding


    • 2. Doctor Who

Due in part to:
Our Doctor Who recaps
Artist Perfectly Pairs Doctor Who Actors With Pooches
Doctor Who Fan Uses Karen Gillan/Matt Smith Convention Photo Op To Propose
A Comprehensive Guide to All the Classic Doctor Who on Netflix
Is Doctor Who‘s Missy Reveal Progressive or Patronizing?
Neil Gaiman Is Not Impressed With Doctor Who‘s Gender Imbalance
Doctor Who Names First Female Director Since 2010
There Are 2 Doctors In These Fantastic Doctor Who Engagement Photos


      • 3. Sailor Moon

Due in part to:
Our Sailor Moon newbie recaps
Our Sailor Moon Crystal recaps
This Just In: William Shatner Has A Lot Of Opinions About Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Crystal Sanitary Pads Will Soon Be An Officially Licensed Product


      • 4. Avatar

Due in part to:
– Let’s face it, Rebecca’s Avatar: The Last Airbender newbie recaps put the asses in the seats.
The Mary Sue Exclusive Interview With the Creators of Avatar and The Legend of Korra!


    • 5. Agents of SHIELD

Due in part to:
Susana/Sam’s SHIELD recaps
What Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Got Right, and What It Got Wrong
Best of Hail HYDRA: The New Marvel Meme Sweeping The Internet
The Mary Sue Interview: Elizabeth Henstridge Talks Agents of SHIELD and the Importance Of Science
Omigod Stop EVERYTHING: Lucy Lawless Is Joining The Cast of Agents of SHIELD
A Whedonverse Favorite Has Been Cast as Agent Coulson’s Infamous ‘Cellist


      • 6. Korra

Due in part to:
Carrie Tupper’s The Legend of Korra favorite moments posts
Thoughts on The Legend of Korra‘s “Remembrances” and What it Means For Nickelodeon & the Future of the Show
Nickelodeon Announces The Legend of Korra‘s Return to TV
Nickelodeon Pulls Five Legend of Korra Episodes From Schedule


      • 7. Arrow

Due in part to:
Our Arrow discussion threads
Arrow‘s Stephen Amell Doesn’t Love DC’s New Casting For The Flash Movie
The Strength of Arrow‘s Laurel Lance and Other Women of Television
Arrow Whitewashes Another DC Comics Character, The Flash Heats Up With Firestorm
John Barrowman, Stephen Amell, & Willa Holland Discuss Thea’s Journey & The Women Of Arrow


      • 8. Orphan Black

Due in part to:
My Orphan Black visual recaps
Orphan Black Picks Up New Cast Members Including Ultimate Creeper James Frain & Lost Girl’s Ksenia Solo!
Sleepy Hollow’s Orlando Jones Totally Wants A Role On Orphan Black
YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT! Orphan Black Renewed For Season 3!
Sympathetic Characters: Gender Bias, Villains, & Orphan Black

eye for an eye vikings

    • 9. Vikings

Due in part to:
Vikings Season Two Premiere Picture Recap
Vikings Visual Recap: Season Finale, “The Lord’s Prayer”
We Asked Vikings’ Travis Fimmel About The Baby Goat
Vikings’ Alyssa Sutherland Fires Back At Those Condemning “Homewrecker” Aslaug
The Cast & Creator of History’s Vikings Discuss Their Strong Female Characters
How the History Channel’s Vikings Inspired Street Style
Sorry, but That Study Doesn’t Say Half of Viking Warriors Were Women

frozen elsa

    • 10. Frozen

Due in part to:
Do You Want to Look at Amazingly Accurate Painted Dolls of Anna and Elsa From Frozen?
“I Should Go” Is The Mass Effect/Frozen Parody We Didn’t Know We Wanted
Don’t Conceal Your Feelings For This Amazing Rule 63 Frozen Cosplay
Frozen‘s Jennifer Lee Becomes First Female Director to Helm a Billion-Dollar Film
Kristen Bell Sings Live As Frozen’s Toddler, Child, & Grown-Up Anna

There were also some variations on these searches due to capitalization, shortening etc. but we also decided to keep looking a bit. Searches of note: Gamergate came in at #30 on the list, cosplay at #34, Tom Hiddleston searches landed at #46 (shocking, I know! Loki was at #77), recaps from the brightest timeline at #63 (Dan and Glen thank you for trying to find them), Batgirl beat out Batman by a very close margin to take our #69 spot, and Weird Al was #100.

Things searched just a handful of times this year:

  • sex space
  • silver spoon
  • kitty
  • Cat
  • sexi vedo xxx
  • sex for all
  • capaldi sexi
  • 2013
  • nice guy
  • blo0p
  • ethics
  • dildos

Thank you, once again. Happy searching next year!


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