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Ownership Policy

The Mary Sue is owned and operated by GAMURS Group Pty Ltd. The site was first founded in 2011 by Abrams Media, and was acquired in November 2021 by GAMURS Group

The Mary Sue was founded in 2011 by Abrams Media with the goal of highlighting women in the geek culture space while providing a space for marginalized and underrepresented voices. Since its launch, the site has grown rapidly with a passionate, committed audience that values inclusivity and diversity in entertainment.

GAMURS Group oversees The Mary Sue’s operations across the website, search engines, social media platforms, streaming services, and off-platform news partnerships. The Mary Sue team remains independent from GAMURS, however, and GAMURS does not dictate or influence the site’s opinions or voice.

The site is funded through a mix of programmatic advertising, direct sales, and commercial campaigns. The editorial staff, however, operate independently from the advertising team, making their own decisions about content coverage, the tone of voice, and its execution.

On occasion, GAMURS Group will negotiate a direct affiliate or content campaign with third parties. These articles will have a clear disclosure at the top of the post identifying the content, and any supporting parties that helped fund its creation. Any affiliate content may have a separate disclosure informing readers about products for which GAMURS may receive a commission. More information about our sponsored and affiliate content policy can be found here.

Latest revision: April 26, 2022