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DC’s Heroes in Crisis #8 Reveals Killer in Sanctuary Massacre & Reopens the Conversation About Mental Illness in Comics

Big news in comics right now is that the person responsible for killing several heroes within the Heroes in Crisis DC Comics series by Tom King has been revealed, and some people are not happy about who the killer was.

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The New Winter Soldier Comic Series Is Great, and the TV Show Should Take Note

If you haven't read the series yet, you definitely should, because Kyle Higgins brings to life a Bucky Barnes who will do anything to help those who are trapped by Hydra, even if he doesn't think it will redeem himself.

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The Comics You Should Read Going Into the New Hellboy Movie

You know how sometimes you’re just trying to take a nice evening stroll before dinner, when suddenly all these witches send their henchmen after you because they want to make you their king or cut off your head or some such nonsense? Yeah, that’s basically just, like, Tuesday if you’re Hellboy.

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There’s a Brand New Loki Comic on the Way From Daniel Kibblesmith

Much rejoicing was heard across the land of Loki fandom with the announcement that Loki #1 is set to land this summer from Marvel Comics with some exciting names attached.

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Giving Shazam a New Set of “Immortal Elders”

Sorry, Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, but we're switching up these immortal elders to make up our SHAZAM!

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Read Our Exclusive Preview of Delver #2, a ComiXology Original

For those of us who love Dungeons & Dragons, Delver might be the comic for you.

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Superheroine of the Week: Tank Girl, the Rudest, Crudest Aussie to Ever Drive a Tank

Let's pour one out for the one and only Rebecca Buck.

All I know is that when I walked into the theater to see 1995's Tank Girl with my mother, my 11-year old brain was never the same.

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The Fourth Issue of Winter Soldier Brings Trouble to Bucky Barnes

I have actively been reviewing the Kyle Higgins comic Winter Soldier because, with each new issue, I find myself falling even more in love with this version of Bucky Barnes.

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Captain Marvel, a Fighter Pilot in a Flight Suit, an Inspiration to All Generations of Women

If you live on planet C-53, you’ve probably heard a lot about Captain Marvel lately, discussing everything from her origin story in the comics to anticipation for the film. For me, none of that has been louder than my mom’s excitement when she called me after she first saw a trailer. “Captain Marvel! She isn’t wearing a bathing suit! She’s wearing a flight suit! She’s a pilot!”

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Superheroine of the Week: Black Canary (Dinah Lance), the Champion of Loud Girls Everywhere

For The Mary Sue's celebration of superheroines we love for Women's History Month, Princess Weekes starts us off with her love for Black Canary.

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Captain America Turns 77 Years Old Today!

I love you, Steven Grant Rogers.

On March 1st, 1941, we were gifted with the presence of Steve Rogers. The first Captain America comic was released on this date 77 years ago and thus our love of Steven Grant Rogers has grown.

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Marvel Is Giving Us Serialized Books for Thor, Black Panther, Black Widow, and More!

It is exciting because it is the first foray from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the world of Marvel comics. 

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Some of Our Favorite Comics From This Month: Ironheart, Wonder Twins, Naomi, & Red Sonja

As 2019 continues on its path of doing the absolute most, what has been keeping me grounded is getting back into buying single-issue comics. Here are some of the titles brining me joy.

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DC Comics Drops Superhero Jesus Comic Second Coming After Conservative Outrage

Whelp, there go my hopes for a Jesus/Aquaman crossover book.

The comic, written by Mark Russell (Wonder Twins, Snagglepuss) with art by Richard Pace (Imaginary Fiends), follows a resurrected Jesus Christ as he returns to a world that now worships a superhero called Sun-Man.

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Michael B. Jordan Wants to Play Calvin Ellis, the Superman of Earth-23. So Who Is Calvin Ellis?

Michael B. Jordan addressed the rumors of him playing Superman, and said he'd be interested in playing Calvin Ellis. So who exactly is that?

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10 Comic Book Couples That Give Us the Feels

Comics have amazing heroes, villains, and some really great couples. On Valentine's Day, we celebrate some of the couples that make us embrace the romantic in us all.

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Bucky Barnes Is Still Coping in the New Winter Soldier Comic

Okay but I'm obsessed with PJ-wearing Bucky Barnes.

All that Bucky is giving RJ is a way out of the life that Hydra threw him into. 

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4 Comic Book Couples to Read About This Valentine’s Day, and a Playlist to Accompany

The romcoms are a lie, people, and so, here are four comics couples to read about when you need a reminder that it’s okay if love hasn’t always worked out the way you want it to. (Along with some recommended listening, because who doesn’t love a playlist?)

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New Boondocks Comics Signal Black History Month Can Start for Real Now

Uncle Ruckus absolutely helped Russia in the 2016 election.

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Bloom Review: Gay Summer Love and Baking

And a Q&A w/ Kevin Panetta & Savanna Ganucheau!

The relationship in 'Bloom' has the typical slow-burn you'd expect from a romantic drama, but we don't see enough of these sweet romances between gay kids.

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