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Review: Sorry to Bother You is the Perfect Surrealist Satire for An Increasingly Uncanny America

5/5 Detroit's Earrings | Boots Riley's debut feature has its finger on the pulse of everything that is wrong with our culture.

There are many different ways a film can impact its audience. There are films, expensive and bombastic, that evaporate from your brain while you're still in the theater parking lot. There are films that move you, make you weep, and touch on universal emotions we all feel. There are movies that terrify you, keep you up in the dark hours double-checking for monsters under your bed.

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I’m So Ready for Aquaman’s Lighter Tone, Empowered Mera, and Gladiator Fight

Under the sea, under the sea.

Shark week comes early with the first Aquaman poster and a deeper look at the upcoming film.

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The Definitive Ranking of Loki’s Wigs in Marvel Movies

A hair-raising story in five parts.

We must remember that although our sweet classic prince Tom Hiddleston has been known for playing brooding dark-haired Byronic heroes, he is a sweet ginger man and so getting the black gothic locks for Loki are part of his transformation into that character. Today we will be going through Loki's wigs throughout the series and break down which bring honor to our trickster god and which belong in the flames of Hel.

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Dirty Dancing Is an Underrated Feminist Masterpiece

Nobody should put this film in the corner

Without a doubt, the film is a surprisingly feminist and forward-thinking film and we have screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein to thank for that.

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Bo Burnham’s “Eighth Grade” Is Rated R Because the MPAA Cares More About Dirty Words Than Onscreen Violence

Why are F-bombs worse than actual bombs?

Bo Burnham's new film Eighth Grade, which premiered at Sundance in January, follows Kayla, 13 year old girl struggling to find her place and herself in the final week of eighth grade. While the film has received critical acclaim for its naturalistic and poignant coming of age story, actual eighth graders will be unable to see it, unless a parent or guardian brings them. The film, which features five uses of the word "fuck", has automatically been granted an R-rating.

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Steven Universe‘s Touching Campaign About Body Confidence

Sardonyx and Smokey Quartz talk about how their bodies are different, and how comparing yourself to others keeps you from doing things only you can do.

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Keira Knightley Brings Iconic French Author to Life, in All Her Queer Glory, in Colette

While the recent Mary Queen of Scots trailer has taken up most of the period-drama attention, another period piece starring the corset queen herself—Keira Knightley's Sundance darling, Colette—should not be overlooked.

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Stranger Things Mall Featurette Includes a Tiny Steve Harrington Update

The Hunt for Red October is at the front of the bookstore, Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. is now available, and Steve Harrington is working at Scoops Ahoy.

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Our First Look at the Non-Musical TV Adaptation Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables

Written by Andrew Davies (the 1995 Pride and Prejudice) the six-part series stars Lily Collins as Fantine, Dominic West as Valjean, and David Oyelowo as Javert.

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Monday Cute: Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness’ Beautiful Reaction to His Dual Emmy Noms

It's the only good thing in the world.

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Last Week Tonight Shares Their Most Absurd Unused Graphics, and One Even Weirder Real Picture

Host John Oliver shares some of the show's strangest graphics that never made it on air in this web exclusive for Last Week Tonight.

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The Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer is Here and Yeah, We’re Excited

The Universe is Calling.

Fans of Doctor Who were treated to a sneak peek at the upcoming season today, when BBC One aired the first teaser trailer during half-time at the World Cup Finals between France and Croatia. The 50-second teaser was brief, but it was more than enough to whet our appetite for the first female doctor.

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Captain Marvel to Feature Digitally De-Aged Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg

Nick Fury and Agent Coulson will be the first characters ever digitally de-aged for an entire film.

Captain Marvel is already known for several firsts: first solo female avenger movie, first MCU film directed by a woman. Now they can add another first to their list, as Captain Marvel will be the first film to digitally de-age its actors throughout the entire movie. Both Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg will be digitally de-aged by 25 years to appear in the 90's set superhero film.

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Zombieland 2 is Finally Happening with the Original Cast on Board

Hold onto your twinkies!

Nearly a decade after the first film hit theaters, Zombieland 2 is finally coming together. The original cast is returning for the sequel, including Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin.

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Yvette Nicole Brown to (Temporarily) Fill in as Host of AMC’s Talking Dead

We'll take Yvette over Chris Hardwick any day.

Yvette Nicole Brown will be filling in as the host of AMC's Talking Dead when the series returns next month following the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead.

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Sterling K. Brown and Evan Rachel Wood are Joining Frozen 2

Let the This is Us/Westworld musical crossover begin!

Arendelle is getting two new residents: Sterling K. Brown and Evan Rachel Wood are in talks to join the cast of Frozen 2. The two will join returning cast members Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Josh Gad for the sequel to Disney's 2013 smash hit.

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HBO Greenlights a New Joss Whedon Show, Critics Immediately Groan

He's not even good at being Joss Whedon anymore

While talented marginalized filmmakers and writers struggle to get their pilots and scripts read, HBO has decided to give a straight-to-series order on a show by the controversial and abusive Joss Whedon.

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Danai Gurira in Talks for Godzilla vs King Kong and Star Trek 4, Let’s Put Her in Those & Rom-Coms

Danai Gurira has definitely entered mainstream public culture due to her roles in The Walking Dead and Black Panther, which has led to multiple franchises trying to get a piece of her for their projects.

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Twitter Fave Megan Amram Scores Two Emmy Nominations for An Emmy for Megan

The very funny Megan Amram has been campaigning for quite some time for an Emmy nomination all her own. Well, dreams do come true.

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Five Female MCU Heroines Who Deserve a Standalone Film More Than Black Widow

Because we are officially over ScarJo and her nonsense.

Here are our top five MCU heroines we want to see get a starring role in their own film.

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