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Charlotte Brontë’s Hair Found on Antiques Roadshow, Clearly the Greatest Show We Aren’t Watching

On the latest episode of Antiques Roadshow, a lock of hair in a ring discovered in a Welsh attic is “very likely” to have been the hair of Charlotte Brontë, according to the Brontë Society, which is probably even bigger news than anything that happened on Game of Thrones last week.

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What Is the Mysterious Project: Luminous From Del Rey’s Star Wars Publishing Group?

I need it now!!

"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."

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Riverdale High Reading List: 16 Literary References to Catch You Up With Riverdale’s Finest

In addition to packing in more pop culture references than an all-day Buffy binge, The CW's Riverdale is one of the best-read shows in town. Watching the latest episode may take precedence over your homework, but sometimes it’s worth ordering another cup of Pop’s coffee and spending the night reading a good book in a booth at the Chok’lit Shop.

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Here’s Why Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath Trilogy Deserves a Pre-Rise of Skywalker Re-Read

Time to dig into those conspiracy theories.

What does this have to do with the sequel trilogy?

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Review: Geek Girls Don’t Cry Will Restore Your Faith in Geek Humanity

4 out of 5 comic book heroines.

The intersection of fandom and mental health can be tricky.

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The Shining’s Worst Book-to-Film Change Is This Major Death

While I don't take as much umbrage at Stanley Kubrick's version of the 1977 book as Stephen King does, there is one death by adaptation that I'm upset about.

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I’m So Happy That Chuck Wendig’s Wanderers Has Been Optioned

Sorry, haters.

Sorry, trolls, but Wendig won't be going anywhere.

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Book Review: Ashley Poston’s The Princess and the Fangirl Is a Sweet Fandom Fairy Tale

Four out of five uniforms in the perfect shade of blue.

What would it be like to switch places with the actor who played your favorite character?

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Exclusive: Walt Whitman’s Unpublished Same-Sex Love Poems Arrive in Stunning New Book Live Oak, with Moss

Exclusive to The Mary Sue, and just in time for national poetry month, we have one of Walt Whitman's 'Live Oak, with Moss' poems and never-before-seen art from illustrator Brian Selznick.

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The Mary Sue Book Club: April Brings Lovers & A Little Bit of Magic

April might be national poetry month, but a little prose is still a good balance for the literary soul. I was feeling very romantic this April, my birthday month, and so I've picked a couple of romantic related works, with a touch of contemporary YA and fantastical magic.

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How Game of Thrones Failed Its Female Characters in Adaptation, Part Three: House Martell

There are lots of plot lines in A Song of Ice and Fire that do not and did not need to be adapted into the show. They're rich when it comes to crafting the world of the books but create a convoluted visual narrative. Dorne was one of those storylines.

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Exclusive: Gaze Upon These Haunting Pages From The Handmaid’s Tale Graphic Novel

Margaret Atwood's classic has been adapted by Renee Nault into a striking and unsettling graphic novel.

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What Shakespeare Left Out

If you, like me, are an avid lover of the Bard, you might have noticed some glaring omissions in his texts.

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Win a Monstrously Good Copy of The Lady from the Black Lagoon!

If you're one of our three The Lady from the Black Lagoon giveaway winners, you'll also receive additional copies to gift unto your friends, officially rendering you the coolest creature in town.

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Win an Exclusive Collector’s Edition of V.E. Schwab’s A Gathering of Shadows!

The odds are in your favor: five Mary Sue readers will win a stunning collector's edition of bestselling author V.E. Schwab's A Gathering of Shadows.

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5 Romance Titles We’re Enjoying & 5 Upcoming Titles We’re Excited About

This list features romances with East Asian, South East Asian, Black, white, and Jewish men and women looking to find love in this messy world we call life.

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The Lady from the Black Lagoon Reclaims Milicent Patrick’s Life—and Her Monster

Milicent Patrick was a trailblazer in her time, but what happened to her in Hollywood and the relegation of her life and work to the dustbin of history (by male historians) is an all too familiar story for many women.

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Book Review: Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow Is the Padmé Story Her Fans Deserve

The arrival of E.K. Johnston’s new Star Wars novel, Queen’s Shadow, couldn’t come at a timelier moment. Focusing on former Queen and then Senator of Naboo Padmé Amidala Naberrie, it shines a spotlight on a quiet woman leader who is all too easily overlooked alongside more obvious franchise heroines Leia, Rey, Rose, and Jyn.

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The Mary Sue March Book Club: Celebrating Women Across the Galaxy

It's March, the anniversary of Captain Marvel's publication and the beginning of Women's History Month, the 31 days we take to celebrate women and fight off men who ask why there isn't a Men's History Month. March's Book Club list is comprised entirely of books written by women and women of color.

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