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Things We Saw Today: The Incredible Twitter Fairy Tale Thread That Destroys Matt Walsh’s Transphobic Bullshit

Matt Walsh, in his own words, is "a writer, speaker, author, and one of the religious Right's most influential young voices," as well as a self-described "extremist." You can imagine the charming opinions that Matt Walsh has.

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The Mary Sue’s Feminist Film Forum in NYC on July 19th is Sold Out!!!

If you snagged a ticket, we're a lot of fun to hang out with, we promise.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Celebrates Ten Years of Re-Writing Prequel History

Give the prequel-set series the respect that it deserves

The show, which began with a somewhat ill received movie and earned six seasons in a reverse Community move, has a cult following in the Star Wars fandom, and for good reason. It's a spectacular series that tackles deeper themes than we get to truly explore in the prequels, or in many parts of the franchise at all. 

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Amber Tamblyn Has Been Added to the Cast of FX’s Y: The Last Man

Following last week's announcement of the incredible cast lined up for the adaptation of Vertigo's Y: The Last Man, FX continues to add new names and they continue to be super exciting.

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Star Wars Novels We Want To See Announced at SDCC

Look I'll be quiet for like five minutes if you give me Bodhi Rook's backstory

With only one novel currently announced—Thrawn: Alliances by Timothy Zahn, which drops next Tuesday—the panel is already promising surprise panelists and announcements that will reveal what the upcoming titles will be. Fans of Star Wars's new canon novels are eagerly awaiting the reveals, since there's plenty of material that needs filling in via some seriously cool books.

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5 Female Mangaka Who Should Be Recognized

Prolific mangaka Rumiko Takahashi is nominated for the Eisner Hall of Fame and we hope she makes it. In honor of her nomination, here are some other female mangaka who deserve some recognition.

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This Infuriatingly Oblivious Refinery29 “Money Diary” Piece Is Somehow Not Satire

A master class in privilege.

Money Diaries has always been a fiery hate-read. But a new entry has gone beyond regular hate-read and into pure burn-it-down territory.

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If Hulk Hogan Is Going Back in the WWE Hall of Fame, It’s Time to Cut the Bullshit and Induct Chyna

The thing that upsets me the most about Hogan being reinstated into the WWE HoF is that Chyna is still not inducted at all.

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The First Trailer for Overlord Drops, Proving JJ Abrams Still Has It

As JJ Abrams and Bad Robot's #1 fan, I've been yelling all morning

Will Jovan Adepo's Boyce be a Final Guy figure and escape from these experiments safe and sound? Will the flamethrower-wielding female soldier make it out okay? And what is behind that wall?

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HBO’s Barry Gives Us a Female Character Who’s Actually Human With Sally Reed

In any other show, Sally could have easily been the character whose only function was to be the promise of a better life for the damaged male anti-hero—an unchanging oasis of normalcy and calm in which he could find refuge, when his life of violence overwhelmed him—but with the combined expertise of Barry's creative team and Sarah Goldberg’s nuanced, empathetic performance, Sally is quickly revealed to be just as flawed and troubled as every other person on the show

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The Dark Knight Was the Best & Worst Thing to Happen to Superhero Movies

As we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of The Dark Knight, the second film in Christopher Nolan's Batman movie trilogy, this is as good a time as any to talk about how, despite its cinematic brilliance, this was a movie that really turned the film image of the Batman into an unfunny, stuffy mess.

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Is ABBA a Band in the Mamma Mia! Universe?

When Ken Jennings (of Jeopardy! championship fame) took to Twitter to pose the question of ABBA existing in the Mamma Mia! world, fans began to question everything they knew about the movie. With the release of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again quickly approaching, everyone is turning back to the original movie to prepare.

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Why Are There so Few Sympathetic Female Monsters?

Gimme more monster girls!!!

We need female monsters for simple diversity of characters. We need to explore women undefined by physical appearance and see them as complex creatures.

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IRL Sex & the City Political Fanfic: Mr. Big Supports Miranda for Governor!

As we all learned from everything that was 2016, it can be super dangerous to treat politics like it's reality TV or general entertainment. On the other hand, the world is a garbage fire and it can be really nice to impose some frivolous distractions into our political landscape.

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Things We Saw Today: We Want All the Clothes From Her Universe’s Disney Princess Line

Ariel-inspired jeans? A Tiana romper? A magic carpet bag? Dinglehopper makeup brushes?!

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The Queen May Have Trolled Trump Through Jewelry

"Brooch warfare."

Queen Elizabeth may have been trolling through fashion, something Melania Trump wishes she were this good at.

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Marvel Comics Announces Awesomely Mind-Bending “What If” Series

Peter Parker as The Punisher?! Thor a Frost Giant? Flash Thompson as Spider-Man? Madness!

"What If the Marvel Universe was … different?"

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Sexuality Isn’t a Spoiler: How Major Franchises are Letting Down LGBT+ Fans

This is a direct callout post by the way

The problem is is that sexuality might not define Dumbledore, but it plays a big role in the lives of those who do identify as members of the LGBT+ community. And by not defining him—which most likely means "is never mentioned in the film"—they're actually taking away an important moment of representation in a major franchise film, which is rare.

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Rachel Maddow Offers Much-Needed Context to Our National “Worst Case Scenario”

"On this of all days," Maddow explains, "Here's why we have covered this story so intensely,  since it first became clear that there was something wrong and illicit and unexplained about the relationship between this particular foreign adversary and the unlikely rise of this unlikely politician who shocked everyone by winning the last US presidential election."

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Giveaway: Win a Copy of The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel!

Join Magnus Burnsides, a human fighter who really wants a pet, Merle Highchurch, a dwarf and the unsung hero of the series, and Taako, an aloof elven wizard who loves to take items off dead bodies, on their journey to fame, glory and magical swag.

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