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Things We Saw Today: MTV Reminds Us How Epic the 2003 Awards Were

Every once in awhile, MTV will release some of its vintage performances and today they finally released untagged version of the 2003 VMA opener, which featured Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Madonna and Missy Elliott in the kiss that rocked the internet and probably awakened many young people

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What Is Happening with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and the MCU?

Watch me cry about Peter Parker and try and figure out what the Sony/Disney deal, or lack thereof, means for Spider-Man and the MCU going forward.

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George R. R. Martin Says Game of Thrones’ Ending Wasn’t Good for Him, and We Can Sympathize

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Martin talked frankly (as he often does) about a range of subjects, including about how hard it was for him to maintain his writing pace with the pressure of finishing his epic Song of Ice and Fire series before HBO's Game of Thrones series based on it concluded, as well as the demands on his time taken up by other projects.

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No Time to Die Is the Official Bond 25 Title and I’m Ready

The highly anticipated film is going to be known as 'No Time to Die'. 

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The Guillermo del Toro-Produced Antlers Trailer Gives Us a Frightening Fable

From producer Guillermo del Toro, Fox Searchlight has brought another horrifying tale to life in 'Antlers.'

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Alyssa Milano Shares Her Abortion Stories: “I Would Never Have Been Free to Be Myself”

Alyssa Milano has been at the forefront of the women's rights discussion. The Charmed One spoke on her podcast about the two abortions she got in the 90s.

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Hold Up, How Had I Never Heard About This Kirsten Dunst MLM Dark Comedy Series???

Basically, it's everything I love and I can't believe I hadn't heard about it until today.

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Come Cry With Me Over the Use of “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” in the Marriage Story Trailers

I can't wait to see what Marriage Story and Noah Baumbach has in store for us all.

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It’s the Characters, Not the Scares, That Make Scary Stories Great

Without Sydneys and Lauries, we wouldn't have a genre.

All stories live and die on the strength of their characters.

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There’s No Excuse for a Democrat to Leave Female Artists Off of Their Campaign Playlists

It may seem like a small thing but if a candidate can't even figure out the optics of something as simple as a playlist, that's a sign that they still have some serious blind spots when it comes to fully embracing women as being essential to their campaign.

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Interview: MK Goodwin Talked to Us About Making Amazing Fandom Content Happen at Keystone Comic Con!

And she's also excited about Tom Holland, so she's my new best friend.

Goodwin also offered me her shoulder to cry on when we're sitting at the Tom Holland panel so I'm pretty sure we're new fandom best friends!

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Tom Felton & Emma Watson Suddenly Hanging Out After AO3 Wins a Hugo? Coincidence? I Think Not

Draco Malfoy himself, Tom Felton, posted a picture of him giving guitar lessons to Emma Watson in South Africa, with Watson wearing matching pajamas, which is very on-brand. For all of us trash Draco/Hermione shippers, it was a moment of fandom synergy.

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What If Creators Stopped Revisiting Finished Work?

So maybe let's all stop going back to the finished products and exist in the future of these universes? Pretend Hayden Christensen wasn't CGI'd into the end of 'Return of the Jedi'? 

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First Look at Johnny Flynn as Bowie in Stardust Is Here, Whether Anyone Wants It or Not

Anyway, what if we took Jones's and Taika Waititi's suggestions for this movie and lived our best lives?

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Exclusive: Adam Ruins Everything Uncovers the Truth Behind Women Shaving

Damn you, King Camp Gillette!

If you're wondering why women started shaving, you can blame capitalism.

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People Love Godzilla, They Just Hate Boring Humans and Wonky Thanos Plots

If anything is to blame for Godzilla: King of Monsters underperforming at the Box Office, it's the crappy human plotlines that never match up to the excitement of the monster mash.

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What Game-Changing Women Told Us About Progress in the Movie and TV Industries at Comic-Con

One of our favorite panels last month at San Diego Comic-Con was “Hollywood Gamechangers: A Conversation with Creative Women Behind Popular Films and TV Projects.” After the panel, we were able to chat with some of these awesome women to find out how the industry has evolved for women and what women, and Hollywood at large, can do to keep things chaning for the better.

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Things We Saw Today: He-Man Is Coming to Netflix but Don’t Expect a She-Ra Crossover

Given the success of Netflix's She-Ra series, it seemed natural that He-Man would eventually find his way to the streaming platform, and now he has.

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HBO Max is Making a Practical Magic Prequel Series About the Aunts and I’m Already Dead

Fire up the midnight margaritas!

If you were a certain type of girl in the 90s who loved all things witchcraft, you likely had a well-worn VHS copy of 1998's Practical Magic in your bedroom, along with a poster for The Craft and more than one choker necklace.

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A New Jersey Woman Has Only Acceptable Response To Finding a Pennywise Doll Floating In Her Backyard: She Set It on Fire

Someone call the Losers Club.

Imagine enjoying a quiet afternoon in your backyard when a Pennywise doll with weird symbols scrawled onto its forehead floats into your backyard.

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