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Things We Saw Today: Patricia Arquette Used Her Emmys Speech to Call for Trans Rights

“I just have to say I'm grateful to be working. I'm grateful at 50 to be getting the best parts of my life and that's great,” Arquette said. “But in my heart, I’m so sad I lost my sister Alexis and that trans people are still being persecuted.”

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Chris Pratt, Please Stop Talking

I can never look at Andy Dwyer the same way, and I'm forever mad at Chris Pratt for that. 

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Untitled Goose Game Is the Video Game We Need Right Now

I wasn't expecting to get so invested in the goose game but it's just absolutely delightful. Some of the puzzles are really challenging but also there's just this goose with a silly walk that thinks it's hot sh*t and it'll make you giggle. A lot.

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What Banned Books Tell Us About Literary Canon

Sunday was the beginning of banned book week, a time to reflect and celebrate some of the books in the modern Western literary canon that most often receive formally filed challenges to have them removed from schools or public libraries.

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Chanel Miller Gives First Television Interview About Brock Turner and the Justice System

Chanel Miller, who was the Emily Doe in the Brock Turner case, is making her first television appearance speaking about what happened to her.

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Ash’s Long Losing Streak Broke All the Rules About Anime Heroes

Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) is a Pokémon master in the Aloha League and has finally, accomplished his 22-season long goal of being a Pokémon champion. Better late than never!

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Perfect Pics of Phoebe Waller-Bridge Post-Emmy Wins Are Everyone’s New Mood

While we probably won't be getting a season 3 of Fleabag any time soon (Phoebe Waller-Bridge says never, but I'm never going to accept that), we still can thrive in our standom of Waller-Bridge and the brilliance she has both onscreen and throughout her writing!

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Magic: The Gathering Arena Online Game Introducing New Formats and Features!

Magic: The Gathering Arena has been a huge success for the popular tabletop game, allowing people who may not want paper collections, and/or prefer more interactive options for play, to have access to Magic (unless you have a Mac, sorry). Now, MTG publisher Wizards of the Coast is planning on rolling out some new updates to Arena, to go with the release of the main game's Throne of Eldraine set.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Comments About Slowing Down On Star Wars Make Sense

It's not the end of the galaxy as we know it.

When it comes to Star Wars, Bob Iger is sticking to a set line.

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No, Sarah Silverman, “Cancel Culture” Is Not Ruining Comedy. Listen to Bill Hader.

So, thank you, Bill Hader. Consistently, you're showing us how to evolve with your art and bringing characters to life in a comedic element without the outright nature of trying to be "boundary pushing" and, consequently, insulting.

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More Than 20,000 People Fell for a Fake Facebook Post From a Pro-Coal Group Smearing Climate Protesters

Fact-check your memes, people.

Following the protest in Sydney, Australia, where approximately 90,000 people participated, a Facebook group called the Australian Youth Coal Coalition (you know how kids love their coal!) shared a photo showing a public park covered in litter, which they claim was left behind by the climate protesters in Hyde Park.

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Honest Trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix Shows How the Movie Is Every Kind of Awful

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is not a good movie by any conceivable metric, and now the full extent of its terribleness is laid bare in a new Honest Trailer. How on Earth (or in space) was Dark Phoenix released in this form?

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Review: I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story Is an Important Look Beyond the Shrieking Stereotypes

Charting a history of DIY fandom that has transitioned from colored pencil scribblings in teenagers’ diaries to online forums and digital fan art, it’s a documentary that offers so much more than the retro bubble-gum stick of pop culture that the makeshift aesthetic—and possibly the subject matter—suggests.

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The Frozen 2 Trailer Promises More Magic and Sisterly Love

Plus some pretty awesome visuals.

The heart of the first Frozen was the love between Anna and Elsa, and once more it seems to be the heart of Frozen 2.

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Between Two Ferns: The Movie Is Everything We Loved About the Sketches and More

3.5 out of 5 ferns. That's a lot of ferns!

Between Two Ferns: The Movie renewed my love of Zach Galifianakis and his quirky talk show host persona.

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Aron Eisenberg Who Played Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Has Passed Away

Over the weekend, actor Aron Eisenberg, best known for playing the lovable Ferengi, Nog, for the seven seasons on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, passed away at the age of 50. In addition to his acting, Eisenberg was also a very talented photographer.

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Well, I Guess We Were All Wrong About Game of Thrones Winning Everything

There was an idea that Game of Thrones was going to win everything tonight at the Emmys. We were wrong.

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Thank You to the Emmys for Knowing What’s up by Awarding Fleabag

Phoebe Waller-Bridge walked away tonight with an Emmy for writing as well as acting for her role as Fleabag on Fleabag.

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Michelle Williams Used Her Emmys’ Speech for Good

Congratulations to Michelle Williams and thank you for using your platform to share the truth in the wage gap, especially pointing out that it is far greater for women of color, and you pointing out that women should be able to have the tools needed for their work is like music to my ears.

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Now That Bill Hader Won the Emmy, Here’s Why You Should Watch Barry

Ah yes, welcome. As you now know, Bill Hader just won an Emmy for his work as Barry Berkman on the HBO show Barry. And you're probably wondering why.

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