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A 57-Hour Long Stream of Donkey Kong 64 Raised $340,000 for Transgender Kids & Reminded Us That the Online Gaming Community Doesn’t Belong to Bigotry

This weekend, HBomberguy, aka Harry Brewis, streamed a 57-hour-long game of Donkey Kong on Twitch. One of his goals was to "destroy Donkey Kong 64," a game he said he "never finished properly as a kid." His other goal was to raise money for Mermaids, a UK-based charity designed to support gender diverse and transgender children, teenagers, and their families.

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I Hate This Theory About Michael and Spock on Star Trek: Discovery

I hates it, precious.

There's an extensive theory that the schism between Michael Burnham and her adoptive brother Spock occurred because of a possible romantic past between the two. Can we not do this?

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Things We Saw Today: Lady Gaga Tears Down Trump and Pence


Lady Gaga called out Trump and Pence on stage, and it was glorious.

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HBO’s Folklore and Lovecraft Country Bring Scares To the Network

HBO is coming for the horror crown this year.

Two of the most hotly anticipated horror TV shows will find home on HBO, and both will present points of view not often explored in horror

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At 51 Years Old, Sonya Blade Still Kicks Ass—Even If Fanboys Can’t Appreciate It

When the footage was released of Sonya Blade still protecting the Earth Realm at 51 years old in Mortal Kombat 11, of course, some people had to talk about how feminism ruined the character.

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Sebastian Stan Compares Carter Baizen to Billy McFarland, and Bucky Barnes Is Dead

Carter Baizen would create the Fyre Festival.

Marvel and the actors who bring our favorite characters to life are continuing to double down on "all your favorites are dead," which ... thanks? Recently, Sebastian Stan has taken to telling us that "Bucky Barnes is dead, happy new year," and that's just plain rude.

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The Supreme Court Just Took a Giant Step Towards Upholding Donald Trump’s Despicable Transgender Military Ban

In a devastating blow to transgender rights, the Supreme Court ruled this morning to lift a number of lower courts' injunctions on Donald Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military.

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Patty Jenkins Says Steve’s Return in Wonder Woman 1984 Makes Perfect Sense, So in Patty We Trust

Will this plot twist be as above average as Steve, though?

"I thought of what this next movie should be in the middle of making the first movie, so it wasn’t a solution to ‘Oh God, that worked out, let’s try to jam you in there.'"

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Sex Education Is Great, but One Relationship Is a Huge Problem

The Netflix show Sex Education does a fantastic job of telling comedic, but realistic and thoughtful stories about sex and sexuality, but repeats a problematic trope with characters Adam Groff and Eric Effiong.

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Black Panther Makes History Again With a Best Picture Nomination

As we discuss how awful the snubs at the Oscars are (and wonder why Green Book keeps winning despite several controversies), it's time to celebrate one history-making nomination.

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I Will Scream About Oscar Snubs All Day Everyday

Nominate I, Tonya every year.

Did the Academy nominating committee watch the same movies I did? Or do I just have better taste than the Oscars? Sure, every year there are Oscar snubs. Last year, I complained because Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly was right there and no one cared but this year, it seems that all taste has been thrown out the window and people just FORGOT what movies were good last year.

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The Most Tragic Part of the Fyre Festival Is the Least Examined by Either Documentary

Watching the dueling documentaries from Netflix and Hulu, the thing that left me the most disturbed was the treatment of the Bahamian people.

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Here Are the Razzie Nominations for Hollywood’s Worst in 2019

Every year, the "Golden Raspberry" award nominations are announced to take a bit of the wind from the sails of Hollywood's Oscars-obsessed day. Here's what made the "Razzie" list for the worst in film.

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5 Moments That Show Why The Magicians Is the Most Interesting Show on TV

From the show's third season.

Season three was strong from the moment the characters appeared to us lacking magic and in dire need of some hope, all the way until that hope had been fulfilled, only for it to be shattered once again. Here are five moments in particular that showcased why The Magicians is one of the most daring and intriguing shows currently airing, as we wait for the fourth season premiere on Wednesday.

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Steven Universe Recap: “Change Your Mind” Feels Like the End of the Road

It feels like the end of an era, and time to say goodbye.

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Things We Saw Today: American Gods’ Season Two Trailer Is Finally Here

And lo, the official trailer for season two of American Gods did arrive, and it was good.

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Coretta Scott King: Author, Activist, and Civil Rights Leader

The reason we have a Martin Luther King Jr. day to celebrate is due to the hard work that Coretta Scott King, Civil Rights Leader and widow of MLK, tirelessly put in to make it so. But beyond her legacy as the woman behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King forged her own path as a leader who spoke in favor of peace, women's rights, LGBT rights, and economic issues.

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Nicholas Hoult Plays Young J.R.R. Tolkien in a New Biopic About the Author’s Life

The film will focus on Tolkien's relationship with his wife Edith and his experiences as a soldier in World War I.

Tolkien (known as Ronald) and Bratt's love story is truly epic and romantic.

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The Women of The Magicians Elevate the Show Above Typical Fantasy Fun

The series has taken great strides in its ability to tell stories that reflect our world while simultaneously leaning into the lunacy that occurs in a universe full of magical beings and creatures, but its greatest and most effective feat has been the redefining of its core group of twenty-somethings at the end of season one, and the persistent growth they’ve gone through since. it’s the women who elevate the series from typical fantastical fun into something greater.

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