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Let’s Just Take Some Time to Appreciate These Incredible Special Effects

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens was in production, much was made of the movie's commitment to honor the feel of the originals by using practical effects and puppetry when possible. There was still plenty of CGI, but the added touch of actually building something like BB-8 went a long way towards generating the right feel for the movie. The Last Jedi is set to do the same thing with some new additions, and it's not the only movie showing off impressive visual effects.

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This Lovely Thor: Ragnarok Fanart Shows Our Heroes in a Whole New Light

An artist on Tumblr has rendered Ragnarok's main cast of characters into pictures that are warm, funny, and wonderfully drawn.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Rick & Morty Fans! It’s a Mr. Poopybutthole Backstory!

Mr. Poopybutthole is basically the quintessential Rick & Morty character, in that you can't explain him to anyone who doesn't watch the show. Starting with his very name and his ooh-wee catchphrase, along with the fact that we weren't sure he even existed because he appeared alongside a legion of fake memories implanted by parasites.

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5 Female Writer/Directors Better Suited to Batgirl Than Joss Whedon

Batgirl is a symbol that belongs to everyone, particularly to women, girls, and anyone on the female side of the spectrum who needs a hero in which they can see her/themselves. Joss Whedon isn't the voice we need to be hearing on this right now. Here are five women who could be.

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This Thanksgiving, I’m Thankful for Tessa Thompson

Long live the Valkyrie and Tessa Thompson, our newest Afro-Latina warrior. You should be so lucky she kicks your ass.

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The Dark Universe Is Dead—I’m Sure Someone Is Upset by That Somewhere

It seems like after the dismal numbers that The Mummy (2017) brought in that Universal is finally letting go of their dreams of a Universal Movie Universe aka The Dark Universe.

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Things We Saw Today: Jude Law is Joining Captain Marvel as Mar-Vell

According to a report in Variety, Jude Law is attempting to become the High King of the Fandoms, signing up for the MCU following his turn as Albus Dumbledore. What's next, Jude? Will you reveal yourself as Rey's father in "Star Wars"?

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Why You Should Care About Cyntoia Brown


As frustrating as it is for some, there is value when celebrities speak up about causes and injustices. Their platform allows important information to spread much faster than it might even through mainstream media. The sad fact is that I didn't know the now 13-year-old story of Cyntoia Brown until it started picking up steam recently thanks to people like Rihanna, T.I., Kim Kardashian, and Cara Delevigne. And it's a story that should infuriate us all.

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I Love You, Runaways, But We Don’t Use Women’s Trauma for Men’s Character Development

As I promised in my initial Runaways review, there was one scene from the first episode that I really wanted to discuss, and it's THAT scene involving Karolina and Chase.

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Andy Serkis Makes Snoke Sound Much More Interesting Than a Palpatine Clone in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

We've heard before that details on Supreme Leader Snoke, the evil overlord of the new Star Wars trilogy, will be fairly light in The Last Jedi, though the character will feature more prominently in the upcoming sequel. Now, actor Andy Serkis and Director Rian Johnson have let out a few more details, and the clarifications are a lot more encouraging.

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The Man Who Invented Christmas Review: So Close to Quality Whimsy & Yet So Very Far

2/5 Christmas hams

Buried somewhere inside The Man Who Invented Christmas, there’s a really good movie.

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Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out About Nude Photo Hack: “It Was So Unbelievably Violating”

Three years ago Jennifer Lawrence and several other women were victims of a massive hacking in which a piece of shit posted hundreds of nude pictures for the world to see.

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Valkyrie Was Almost a Love Interest in Thor: Ragnarok—and She Could’ve Rocked a Very Different Look

Also, give us our Valkyrie movie right now. Thank you.

Thor: Ragnarok concept designs from Marvel artists reveal some of the visions that didn't make their way into Taika Waititi's hit. They're all fascinating, and beautifully rendered, but I only have eyes for Valkyrie. The character was as wonderful—and important—as we hoped.

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All I Want for Christmas Is an End to Taylor Swift Think Pieces

Your complicated feelings about your problematic favorite Taylor Swift: keep them.

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Rashida Jones Didn’t Leave Toy Story 4 Over John Lasseter Allegations, But Over Other Serious Issues

Even if this report had been true, it's still completely irresponsible to name a woman as a victim of sexual harassment without her consent. It's even more upsetting because the actual reasons for their departure are worth being highlighted.

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On December 7, Protesters Will Gather Outside Verizon Stores to Remind Us Who Really Benefits from Ending Net Neutrality

(Hint: It's Not Consumers)

The Trump-appointed chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, recently revealed his plan to end net neutrality in the United States. And so, on December 7, activists are organizing protests against this dangerous decision at Verizon stores across the country.

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Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Boxes Are Bringing Legislative Action Down on “Predatory” Micro-Transactions

After the resounding unpopularity of the micro-transaction system in Star Wars Battlefront II, Electronic Arts may have taken a step back to reassess things, but lawmakers seem poised to make the decision for them. Belgium's government has reached the conclusion that the boxes are gambling and must be banned, and U.S. lawmakers are trying to push our country in the same direction.

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A Handy Visual Guide to the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Donald Trump

Just in time to show your Breitbart-reading relatives at Thanksgiving!

It seems like a hundred thousand years have crawled by since the release of the tape that should've rocked the world: Donald Trump, then the Republican candidate, now the man who is our President, recorded in 2005 openly bragging about sexually assaulting women.

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Once Upon a November: Anastasia Turns 20!

Let's talk about how the animated classic handles history, Rasputin, and of course, Dimitri's hair.

Have you heard, there's a rumor that today is the 20th anniversary of Anastasia coming out in movie theaters … We talked to a Russia expert to learn how accurate the history was, the truth behind Rasputin, and what really happened to Anastasia.

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So Let’s Talk About That New Character in Runaways

Spoilers ahoy! Here there be speculation about one of the big changes from the source material in Hulu and Marvel's Runaways TV series.

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