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Recovering From Brain Surgery, John McCain Cast the Deciding Vote in Advancing the Obamacare Repeal

Twitter is not feeling the need to be kind.

John McCain took a break from recovering from brain surgery to fly across the country and participate in today's senate vote. The internet is not holding its tongue in telling him why that's terrible.

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Rainbow Rowell Attracts New Readers to Comics With Her Take on Marvel’s Runaways

We know that Marvel's Runaways, created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, will soon be a live-action TV show on Hulu. However, the series is also finding new life in comic form, thanks to popular YA writer Rainbow Rowell and artist Kris Anka. With this revival, they hope to attract a wider readership to comics.

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Things We Saw Today: Trump’s Speech to the Boy Scouts Crossed the Line, Then Set the Line on Fire

Then he danced, badly, across the burning line.

By now you've probably heard that Donald Trump addressed a gathering of thousands of young Boy Scouts and ranted at them about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the "fake news" media, the size of his electoral victory, and cocktail parties with real estate developers. It was a terrifying mess.

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Honest Trailer for Ghost in the Shell Holds Nothing Back

"You just tried to put out a dumpster fire with a much larger, easily-avoidable dumpster fire."

From references to Scarlett Johansson's previous roles, to Hollywood's science fiction's constant allusions to the anime, to the sparse dialogue of side characters, this honest trailer is out for blood.

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SDCC 2017: Supernatural Cast Talks Scooby Doo, Spin-off and Season 13

From a rock concert to Scooby Doo to a female-led spin-off to what sounds like a heart-wrenching start to lucky season thirteen, the Supernatural cast and crew kicked it in the ass big time.

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Orphan Black Science Recap: “Gag or Throttle”

... or, Rachel Duncan and the tablet of infinite betrayal.

Welcome to our Orphan Black science recaps, where Casey, a graduate student in genetics and developmental biology, and Nina, a professional science communicator, examine the science in each episode of OB and talk you through it in (mostly) easy-to-digest terms. If you haven’t watched the latest episode of Orphan Black, be forewarned: there will be spoilers. There will also be crazy science.

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Dear Edgar Wright: We Need to Have a Chat About Women [**Baby Driver SPOILERS**]

First of all, I want to tell you that I'm a huge fan. I've thoroughly enjoyed all your films, even loved some of them, and I adore Spaced. I adore your facility with pop culture references, and I love your quick, music video style. But we need to have us a chat about women. It's not that you write them poorly, it's that you barely write them at all. [SPOILERS about Baby Driver]

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Ain’t No Lie: How NSYNC Fanfiction Let Me Trust My Desires

I didn’t have time for actual sex and romance. Instead, I needed vague, non-threatening man-boys who sang and danced in perfectly choreographed harmony.

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SDCC 17: Wynonna Earp Cast Finds Inspiration and Strength in Diverse, Inclusive Stories

The amazing little show that could.

We got to chat with the cast of Wynonna Earp as well as showrunner Emily Andras and comic creator Beau Smith about the latest twists in the story, the rest of the season and the amazing little show that could.

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I Feel Personally Attacked by This “Gifted Kid Burnout Bingo” Meme

Some memes are funny and some are cruel and some are both, leaving you curled up in a fetal position and laughing while you question your existence.

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J.R.R. Tolkien Biopic Secures Tom of Finland Director, With Nicholas Hoult in Talks to Star

Finnish director Dome Karukoski will head the biopic about the Lord of the Rings writer in his formative years at school and during the outbreak of World War I.

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Awesome! Girl Scouts Just Added 23 New STEM Badges

The Girl Scouts of the USA announced today that they're introducing 23 new badges in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math, as well as the outdoors.

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Republican Senator Susan Collins Accidentally Tells Us How She Really Feels on Hot Mic

Hello? Is this thing off?

Republicans (especially their President) have made some increasingly ridiculous public statements lately, which has left us to only imagine what they're keeping to themselves ... until they accidentally spill it on a hot mic, that is. That's exactly what happened with Republican Senators Susan Collins and Jack Reed today, and it's equal parts frightening, absurd, and hilarious—well, maybe not exactly equal.

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The Emoji Movie Ad Parodying The Handmaid’s Tale Is as Bizarre as It Is Offensive

An emoji gleefully donning a handmaid's red uniform with the text "The Emoji's Tale" and a caption reading "Blessed be the emoji. #EmojiMovie :D" with a link to purchase tickets.

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No Capes: Fashion Luminaries Pay Tribute to The Incredibles’ Edna Mode

Here, you've got Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, Kate Young, Andre Leon Talley, and more all extolling the virtues of Edna Mode's incredible (ha) work.

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Prince George Is a Preschooler, Not Anyone’s “Gay Icon” or Receptacle for Your Gender Norms

Prince George, son of the U.K.'s Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is four years old. This is important, because a couple of days ago, the Internet decided to speculate about his sexuality.

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Steven Moffat Insists There Was No Sexist Backlash to New Doctor Who, Wants Us All to “Shut the Hell Up”

Good news, everyone! We were just imagining things!

While we were celebrating the announcement of Jodie Whittaker being cast as the first woman Doctor on Doctor Who, there were quite a few misogynistic trolls bemoaning the news. Except if you ask Steven Moffat, none of that happened. According to him, everyone was happy, sexism doesn't exist, and we're all imagining things.

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I’m Cautiously Optimistic About Riverdale Adding Bisexual Character Toni Topaz

Riverdale executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed recently that season two of the CW series will introduce Archie Comics character Toni Topaz, a pink-haired "disrupter" who "famously has as large an appetite for hamburgers as Jughead Jones."

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Lyft Will Let You Soak Up Those Regrettable Alcohol Choices With Taco Bell

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, EVERYBODY!

Lyft is (finally) partnering with Taco Bell, giving riders on their ridesharing platform the option to make a pit stop at any Taco Bell along their route between the hours of 9 PM and 2 AM.

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