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Carrie Fisher’s Dog Perked up Every Time He Saw Her on Screen—Me Too Gary

Carrie Fisher's loss is something we are still processing, as people who knew her through her writing, her acting, and her wit. So to those who knew her best, there is no doubt the pain of her loss is still palpable.

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Things We Saw Today: “Youthquake” Is Apparently the Word of the Year

... what?

I thought I was pretty in the know but I have honestly never heard of this word before today nor seen it printed.

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Can We Please Believe Dylan Farrow About Woody Allen Now?


Today Dylan Farrow took to Twitter to call out not just Woody Allen, but those who continue to support him. Fallow is Woody Allen's adopted daughter with Mia Farrow and in 2014, she took to the New York Times and wrote an open letter detailing her events of child abuse and sexual molestation she claims Allen committed against her.

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What Would It Actually Feel Like to Be Hit With a Lightsaber?

Spoiler: pretty bad.

If you've ever wondered what it would feel like to be struck with a lightsaber, it turns out it's way, way worse you probably ever imagined.

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Why People Want a Dark-Skinned Storm

Along with Misty Knight, who appeared in comics the same year (1975), Storm (Ororo Munroe) is one of the first female black comic book superheroes. While the character has a messy history sometimes, as the result of mostly being written by white men throughout a majority of her existence, she is still, along with Black Panther, one of the most important black characters. Which is why her live-action counterparts have been some of the most hotly debated casting choices.

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Why Are “Dumb Blonde” Jokes Trending on Twitter?

Apparently, this is still a thing in the year 2017.

Every blonde I know has a preferred and much-performed "dumb blonde" joke tucked away to break out when the topic arises, so that you can show that you're a cool smart blonde who knows how to poke fun. You're not like those other blondes.

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All Our Spoiler-Filled Impressions Right After Seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi

We've already got a spoiler-free review for you to check out, as well as an open discussion thread, but what did we all think of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, in all our spoilery glory, now that it's in theaters?

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The Week in Reproductive Justice: El Salvador Woman Punished for Stillbirth Hits Close to Home in the U.S.

As 2017 draws to a close, people are offering mixed reactions to the chaotic events of the past year. Where notably white and wealthy popstar Taylor Swift “couldn’t have asked for a better year,” according to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, few other women would share that sentiment with regard to what she acknowledges “may be the worst year for women than in any other presidential administration in history.”

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The Case of Irene Garza & the Catholic Church

There was a recent episode of one of my favorite podcasts, My Favorite Murder episode 99: "Shin Kick," which discussed the murder and case of Irene Garza, and instantly I thought, I need to write about this, but how? Well, life finds a way.

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The Powerful Reason Actresses Will Be Wearing Black This Red Carpet Season

The Hollywood Reporter writes that actresses will be donning black this season in support of #MeToo and in protest of gender inequality.

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Let’s Talk About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Good morning! As you may have been aware, there was a Star War last night.

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More Women Come Forward With Stories of Dustin Hoffman’s Sexual Misconduct

The Hollywood Reporter  and Variety shared the accounts of several other women who claim Hoffman harassed them, all of which "have been corroborated by friends and family member in whom the women confided their experience over the years."

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Matt Damon: We Know Al Franken & Harvey Weinstein Aren’t the Same

Man, there was a time when I really, really liked Matt Damon, but ever since the Project Greenlight fiasco it has just been a downward spiral from cool liberal dude Matt Damon to "liberal dude mansplainer" Matt Damon.

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Oscar Isaac and John Boyega Read Your Thirsty-Ass Tweets and I Hope You’re Happy

Buzzfeed picked out a few choice tweets for Boyega and Isaac to awkwardly read out loud.

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This Magical Box of Wonder Woman Swag Is the Coolest

A week ago I got to visit the office of CultureFly, a company that creates merch for die-hard fans. I made off with their curated Wonder Woman box, and I am here to tell you of its glory.

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Things We Saw Today: Praise Be Whoever’s Putting Our Rejection Hotline Number on Bathroom Walls

It's been a while since we talked about the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline, so it's extra exciting to see it popping up in the wild. And by wild, we mean public restrooms.

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Rosa Diaz: The Bisexual Avenger

Somedays I'm really jealous of the youth for getting to have the representation that I did not get to have as a child.

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Roy Moore Says “The Battle Rages On,” Which Is Fine, Cause It Means We Can Keep Dunking on Him

Despite losing by WAY more than a recount-worthy margin, alleged child molester and definitive loser in life and elections, Roy Moore has refused to concede the Alabama Senate seat to Doug Jones.

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All the Things We’re Definitely Going to Love About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

In a few short hours, we'll all (myself included) finally get to set eyes and ears on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But wait, how can I tell you what's so great about it if I haven't even seen the movie yet? Am I some kind of time traveler? No! (Unfortunately.) But what I am here to do is remind us all of the things about this movie that we can't possibly not love, even if the movie itself is somehow bad, despite its glowing reviews.

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Here’s How We Can Still Save Net Neutrality, Even Though the FCC Voted to Kill It

Today, the FCC did exactly what a large portion of the public, as well as U.S. lawmakers, have been asking them not to do: They repealed the agency's own 2015 Open Internet Order that put broadband internet under utility-style regulation and prevented internet service providers from prioritizing different content or blocking access. That's bad, but it's only one step that doesn't mean all is lost. It just means that the fight moves elsewhere.

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