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Things We Saw Today: Let’s Ruin Dining Out for Mitch McConnell

No justice, no peace, no dinner.

For all the damage McConnell and his ilk have caused, I hope they never eat a peaceful meal out again for the rest of their lives.

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Titans Creators Hint at Bringing in an LGBT Superhero in Season Two

Miguel Jose Barragan could be joining the Titans team.

With a second season of Titans already confirmed for DC Universe, executive producer Geoff Johns has said in an interview with TVline that he would like to incorporate LGBT characters into the show.

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The Trump Administration Wants to Strip Transgender People of Their Rights in Latest Attack

The Department of Health and Human Services is trying to erase trans people's protections under Title IX.

The Trump administration is systematically chipping away at rights and protections for the transgender community.

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This 16-Bit Animation of the Snapture is Giving Us All the Infinity War Feels

Dammit Thor, always go for the head!

Bad news, everyone! Avengers: Infinity War's epic downer ending remains just as tragic in 16-bit animation as it did in the movie theater.

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Things We Saw Today: Sally Field and Chris Pine Joke About His Full Frontal Scene in Outlaw King

Plus Star Trek, Aquaman and more!

In an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, actor Chris Pine discussed social media's obsession with his full frontal scene in the upcoming Outlaw King.

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It’s a Halloween Meta-Movie Post: The Top Movies Centered Around The Making of Horror Movies

Let's take a look at the spookiest entries into the "movie within a movie" genre.

If you're looking to level up your Halloween binge-watch, get spooky with these meta-horror masterpieces.

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“How Ant-Man and the Wasp Should Have Ended” Has a Lot of Questions About the Snapture

"Oh you know, science, molecules, convenience..."

As with all HISHE videos, this one features solid animation, goofy voices, and legit questions about what all is going on in the film.

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In a Shocking Move, Netflix Cancels Marvel’s Luke Cage After Two Seasons

Luke Cage joins Iron Fist, which was canceled just last week.

Just one week after canceling Iron Fist, Netflix and Marvel have pulled the plug on season three of Luke Cage.

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Things We Saw Today: Okay, This Avengers 4 Trailer Description Looks Legit

We've seen supposed descriptions of what might be happening in the Avengers 4 trailer before, but this one seems like it might be viable.

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The Daily Show Recaps Fox News’ Week in Racism Because You Don’t Want to Wade Through That Crap Yourself

The good folks over at The Daily Show know you don't want to watch Fox News, but maybe you want to be informed about their racist rhetoric anyway. So they went ahead and recapped it for us.

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The Good Place Reboots Itself Yet Again in This Season’s Best Episode Yet

If there's one constant The Good Place has shown, it's change. This is a show that is constantly painting itself into corners only to explode the whole room (and sometimes the very reality of rooms in general). The latest episode, which is hands down the best of the season so far (and I'm not just saying that because it gave us shirtless Chidi), does that yet again, essentially resetting the entire premise. Again.

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Celebrating 25 Years of Boy Meets World: Love, Bromance, & Chasing Angela

This year, at New York Comic Con, the cast of Boy Meets World—Ben Savage (Cory Mathews), Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence) and Will Friedle (Eric Mathews)—reunited, and it ignited all these feelings.

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Chris Evans Is Just as Done With Everything as We Are

It was a long time coming, but I think we finally broke Chris Evans.

The Year of Our Lord 2018 has finally broken Chris Evans.

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Outlaw King Review: Tonally Confused, but Overall Enjoyable to Watch

3 out of 5 best Chrises.

Often historical movies can feel dry and lose us in the story, but with Outlaw King, it works in terms of telling a story to a modern audience, but the tone ends up being all over the place. An overall easy watch, it tells the tale of Robert the Bruce and his journey to get the crown of Scotland, the movie goes back and forth between a love story between Robert (Chris Pine) and Elizabeth (Florence Pugh) and the history of Scotland's brief separation from England.

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Philip Pullman Wants to Know Which Side of the “Trans Argument” He Should Be On

Philip Pullman—an Oxford-educated writer hailed as a humanist and praised as a literary luminary—actually typed out the following sentence in regards to trans people: "If someone could tell me which side I should be on, it would save a lot of worry."

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Bots Probably Helped Get Chuck Wendig Fired, Because Twitter Is a Cesspool

The graphs speak for themselves.

So what does this all mean? It means that Twitter is terrible, first of all.

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Busy Philipps Is Disappointed That Her Book Tour Has Become All About James Franco

"I’m a woman in this industry who wrote a very personal book ... and the headlines were all about a man.”

Busy Philipps is currently in the middle of a publicity tour for her new book, This Will Only Hurt a Little. The book is a memoir spanning Philipps' career from shows like Freaks & Geeks and Cougar Town to her more recent Instagram fame. But it's her story about James Franco that has dominated media coverage during the tour.

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Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Own a Candy Shop That We Suddenly Need to Visit

OK, this is a wholesome story, so I'll stop quoting 50 Cent's lyrics to "Candy Shop."

There is, apparently, a hidden gem in Hudson Valley, New York. Fans of Paul Rudd, the immortal god among us, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, everyone's favorite Hot Dad, have a candy shop. (Somewhere in the distance, "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent is playing softly.) Called "Samuel's Sweet Shop," the lovely little place also features the occasional Paul and Jeffrey behind the counter.

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For Your Halloween Watching Consideration: Repo! The Genetic Opera

One of the best things about the Halloween season is that people are always exposing each other to new films related to the holiday, so for your consideration: Repo! The Genetic Opera.

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#TrumpDMLeaks Reminds Us That the Thoughts He Keeps to Himself Must Be Even Worse

Why not make a meme making light of the insanity of our president?

Of course there's a new Donald Trump meme on Twitter. Every day, we seem to mock the president more and more (no matter how often we think there's no way to top the most recent incident), and while humor can help keep our spirits up, it does grow tiring. We shouldn't be able to mock the leader of our country so easily, and we shouldn't want to mock that person this badly.

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