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Sailor Moon Crystal Sanitary Pads Will Soon Be An Officially Licensed Product

For when the moon is punishing you.


For many uterus-laden individuals, “that time of month” is an intense and occasionally emotional experience. You know what else is intense and occasionally emotional? Magical girl anime. Hear me out, I’m going somewhere with this.

If you live in Japan and you need your menstrual cycle to feel just a little bit more like a henshin sequence, starting in November you will able to purchase Sailor Moon Crystal-themed sanitary napkins thanks to a collaboration with feminine hygiene product company Elis.

From Sailor Moon Collectibles, here’s the breakdown:

Ultra Guard Safe Until Morning (navy blue packaging): these are made for wear overnight when you’re asleep, they are thicker for quick absortion and have fitted leak guards. 330: 33cm, 16 pieces per pack, 360: 36cm, 14 pieces per pack, 400: 40cm, 12 pieces per pack.
Ultra Guard Gokusui (white packaging): these are made for wear during the daytime when you’re active, they are slim and comfortable. Pink: 20.5cm, 26 pieces per pack, Orange: 24cm, 21 pieces per pack, Green: 27cm, 16 pieces per pack.

Tampon-users will have to wait until they expand their line, sadly. I bet it would be something like:


(via Kotaku)

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