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What Does It Mean That the Curiosity Rover Found Organic Material on Mars?

Yesterday, NASA scientists held a special event to announce findings from its Mars Curiosity rover, which understandably got people very excited. The intrepid space robot had found (more) organic material on the Red Planet, and also found that concentrations of the methane it previously discovered fluctuate with the seasons. With science, though, the data itself is usually much less exciting, so ... what does it all mean?

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NASA Launches InSight Mission to Mars

The launch kicks off a six-month journey to the Red Planet

NASA successfully launched their InSight lander from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California this morning. About an hour later, the lander successfully separated from the upper stage of its Atlas V rocket, continuing its six-month journey to Mars. The InSight, which is short for for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, is expected to touch down in November, joining five other NASA spacecraft on or orbiting around Mars.

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Happy Earth Day! A Climate Change Denier Is Confirmed to Run NASA

The Senate Narrowly Confirms Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) to Lead NASA.

The Senate narrowly confirmed Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.), a former Navy pilot with zero scientific credentials, to lead NASA in the Trump administration's continuing war on science/rational thought/good ideas. Bridenstine will be the first elected official to hold the job, taking over the job from Charles F. Bolden Jr. who resigned immediately following Trump's inauguration.

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Hubble Successor James Webb Space Telescope Has Been Delayed by NASA Again

It's a good thing the Hubble Space Telescope has managed to keep on bringing us deep space imagery well beyond its expected lifespan, because its successor is taking its sweet time in getting ready to relieve it of duty. The James Webb Space Telescope has just been delayed again, now pushing its launch back to 2020—and its budget over approved limits.

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NASA Astronauts Answer the Most-Googled Questions About Space, Revealing Just How Much They Love Space

Wired got together NASA astronauts Chris Hadfield, Jeffrey Hoffman, Mae C. Jemison, Jerry Linenger, Mike Massimino, Leland Melvin, and Nicole Stott to answer the 50 most Googled questions about space.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Proves Earth Is a Sphere, Because Apparently There are Still People Who Don’t Believe That?

"We have video. From space. Of the rotating, spherical Earth. The earth is round."

One would think that ideas like "the Earth is round" wouldn't be controversial at this point. After all, we've been to space and seen stuff. So, you know, whatever. But apparently there are enough people for whom "the Earth is round" is not a statement of fact that astrophysicist and Professional Explainer of Science to Average People, Neil deGrasse Tyson, felt the need to address this on his show, Star Talk.

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The Trump Administration Wants to Privatize the Goddamn International Space Station

According to an internal NASA document obtained by The Washington Post, the White House may turn parts of the International Space Station (ISS) over to "industry" after it stops direct federal funding of the station in 2025.

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SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Just Showed Us All the Future

Today, SpaceX made a successful test launch of their Falcon Heavy rocket, and it was a sight to behold. The rocket is the most powerful since the Saturn V that launched astronauts to the Moon (among other things) and will now be the most powerful rocket in modern use. On top of that, SpaceX is still landing rockets back on Earth after flight, giving us some of the most amazing space imagery we'll ever see, right here on the ground.

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Watch the Meteor That Turned Night Into Day and Shook the Ground in Michigan Overnight

Last night, at about 8:10PM, some residents of Michigan had no idea what to make of things as the ground shook and a bright light flashed in the air. While there was some initial speculation that it was an earthquake, it was later confirmed to be a meteor that exploded with enough force to register with the force of a magnitude-2.0 earthquake on seismometers.

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“Gravity Really Does Suck”: Peggy Whitson Talks About 665 Days in Space

Astronaut Peggy Whitson, who has spent a NASA-record 665 total days in space and was the first female commander of the International Space Station (ISS), recently spoke to Buzzfeed about her career and her time in orbit.

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The Pentagon Reportedly Found Alien Aircraft, But After 11 Months of Trump We All Just Shrugged

We got bigger problems from our own species.

Both The New York Times and Politico recently published stories about a $22 million Pentagon initiative devoted to investigating alien aircraft. But America is so damn deep into 2017 that we all just collectively shrugged and said, "We got bigger problems."

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ISS Astronauts Win for Coolest Star Wars: The Last Jedi Screening Location: Outer Space

Astronauts: confirmed best nerds.

We're all gearing up to finally see The Last Jedi and get our fix of Rey's continued journey, Poe xFinn, Carrie Fisher, and (finally) Mark Hamill back in action—except for Kaila, who's seen it already and is sworn to spoiler secrecy—at various points this weekend, and we're not the only ones. Even the ISS astronauts are getting ready to host their own screening in the movie's natural habitat: space.

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Underground Caves, Deep-Sea Labs, and Learning Not to Be a Jerk: Training as an Astronaut

Astronaut Jessica U. Meir sat down with TMS and gave us a glimpse into all the technical, physical, and psychological training that goes into becoming an astronaut - as well as all the cool, otherworldly environments they get to explore.

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“There’s No One Path” : How Astronaut Jessica Meir Went From Studying Animal Physiology to Training for Space Flight

Jessica U. Meir sat down with TMS to talk about her career as a biologist and as one of the NASA astronauts who's working to get us to Mars. "There’s no one path to becoming an astronaut," she said. "Originally, all of the astronauts were white male military test pilots. And now the program is much more diverse."

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Discovery of Two Crashing Neutron Stars Reminds Us the Universe is Still Awesome and Full of Wonder

Ever wonder where the gold and silver of your jewelry comes from? I mean, besides from "in the Earth?" Crashing neutron stars, that's where! Thanks to humanity's recent ability to detect gravitational waves, we are now able to catch activity happening in our galaxy that we never would've been able to before, answering some of science's biggest questions.

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So Long, Cassini, and Thanks For All the Science. And the Awesome Photos.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft ended its historic 20-year career this morning by doing science until the very end.

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Cassini’s One-Way Descent Into Saturn to Be Broadcast Live

What do you think will be the last thing it sees?

For us Earth-bound humans, NASA wants to take you to Cassini's final moments via live broadcast, which will show the little probe's "grand finale," so to speak.

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How to Watch Next Week’s Total Solar Eclipse Online, If You Can’t Actually See It

Next week, on Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will race across the United States from northwest to southeast, allowing many people to see a near-total eclipse and a 70-mile-wide strip to observe a fully blocked Sun. No matter where you are across the country or continent, you'll probably want to watch at least part of it with your own eyes (and some eclipse glasses), but you can also experience totality vicariously through some eclipse coverage.

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KFC Launched a Chicken Sandwich Into the Stratosphere, and None of You Told Me?

KFC literally launched a spicy chicken sandwich into the stratosphere as a marketing campaign.

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With “Space Security” Remarks, Trump Even Finds a Way to Ruin Space Exploration

At the signing for an executive order that reinstates the National Space Council, Trump focused on how Mike Pence is "very much into space," the importance of "space security," and the contest to see who'll be chosen for an advisory board that "everybody wants to be on." Ugh.

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