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KFC Launched a Chicken Sandwich Into the Stratosphere, and None of You Told Me?

KFC literally launched a spicy chicken sandwich into the stratosphere as a marketing campaign.

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With “Space Security” Remarks, Trump Even Finds a Way to Ruin Space Exploration

At the signing for an executive order that reinstates the National Space Council, Trump focused on how Mike Pence is "very much into space," the importance of "space security," and the contest to see who'll be chosen for an advisory board that "everybody wants to be on." Ugh.

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Prepare for This Summer’s Rare Solar Eclipse Across Pretty Much the Entire United States

This summer, one of the most impressive—and frankly hard to miss—astronomical events will occur across pretty much the entire United States of America. In August 2017, a total Solar eclipse will cut a path from Oregon to South Carolina, with even those outside of the narrow path of totality getting a pretty great show up and down the whole country.

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Watching Earth From Space Is the Perfect Way to Fall Asleep

Tune into a far-away view of our big blue planet while calming music plays to soothe our ragged nocturnal souls. Was the secret to falling asleep in outer space all along?

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Cassini Returns Ghostly Images of Saturn’s Atmosphere as It Narrowly Avoids Destruction

The Cassini space orbiter recently dipped between Saturn itself and the planet's innermost rings, a region previously never explored by any spacecraft.

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Our Hero Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Ignoring Space Exploration Is “Embarrassingly Short-Sighted”

"I think it's important," he told me, "but I will not require that of you. Instead, what I will say is, here is the cost of you not exploring and the benefits of you exploring."

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Peggy Whitson Breaks the Record for Most Time Spent in Space by an American

We're all kind of sick and tired of this planet... take us with you?

Astronaut Peggy Whitson has officially spent more time in outer space than any other American.

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Chris Hadfield Is Proof of the Power of Sci-Fi

The astronaut says his career is evidence of science fiction's influence on real-life space travel.

For many of his fans, Chris Hadfield has made space feel more closer to Earth than ever.

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NASA Says Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Is Coughing Up Ingredients for Alien Life

On Earth, where we find water, we find life, so that's where we like to look for life in space, too. That's not just limited to planets, though, and a few moons in our own solar system seem to be hiding sub-surface oceans that could harbor alien life. One of those is Saturn's moon Enceladus, which NASA announced today is giving off a chemical that's a potential sign of habitability deep within the planet's ocean.

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We’re About to See a Real Black Hole for the First Time

We can't see black holes—not only because their gravity is so intense that even light can't escape, but because they're all incredibly far away from us. Thanks to technological advances, we're about to get a look at the one right in our own back yard, astronomically speaking, as telescopes around the world work together to bring us an image for the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

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SpaceX Will Make Reusable Spaceflight History on Thursday If All Goes According to Plan

Landing rockets back on Earth after using them for transport to space is pretty impressive on its own, but it's not worth much if those same rockets don't go back to space. Finally, after months of testing, SpaceX plans to make one of its refurbished Falcon 9 rockets do just that.

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Fly Over Mars’s Actual Landscape With a 3D Recreation From Real Satellite Images

Everyone gets the window seat!

The still, 2D images of Mars' landscape captured by the HiRISE camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are fascinating on their own, but since most of us are unlikely to ever visit the planet—though that could still change—we'll never really get to see what it truly looks like. So, Finnish filmmaker Jan Frodjman digitally mapped those images with 3D topography and created this incredible flyover of the Red Planet's features.

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Scientists Hypothesize Radio Bursts From Beyond Our Galaxy Could Be Driving Super Fast Alien Ships

One of the persisting questions in science is, "Are we alone in the Universe?" and we've long been searching the skies for potential signals from alien civilizations. Now, scientists are considering a new possibility: We might have already found alien signals and just not realized it yet, because proving it is probably beyond our current capabilities. That's a new hypothesis from Harvard scientists about the phenomenon of Fast Radio Bursts.

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LEGO Will Officially Make the Women of NASA LEGO Set a Real Product!

With timing that couldn't be more perfect on the heels of Hidden Figures' awards season buzz, LEGO Ideas is moving forward with the proposed Women of NASA LEGO set that highlights even more real-life women in our space program!

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SpaceX Shoots for the Moon, Aims to Send Two Private Citizens Around the Moon in 2018

SpaceX announced plans to send up a pair of private citizens on a trip around the moon in 2018.

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What Does NASA’s Twins Study Mean for the Future of Humans in Space?

From digestion to the rate we age, life in space could have surprising side effects.

You may not know who astronauts Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly are by just their names, but they may change the future of spaceflight.

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7 Earth-Size Worlds, Some Possibly Habitable, Discovered in Nearby Star System; We All Have the Same Reaction

NASA held a press event today to announce an exciting exoplanet discovery: seven roughly Earth-sized planets have been found orbiting a nearby star, with a few of them in the sweet spot for liquid water, and therefore life as we know it. So, the collective reaction of everyone across the Internet was basically, "Great! When can we sign up for the trip?"

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NASA Is Broadcasting a Live Announcement of News of a “Discovery Beyond Our Solar System” Tomorrow!

As time has gone by and new techniques for spotting planets beyond the boundaries of our solar system have advanced, the amount of such "exoplanets" that we've found has risen at a staggering pace—to the point that we've gotten kind of desensitized to it. That's what makes this new announcement from NASA so exciting; they've made an exoplanet discovery worth its own press event.

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NASA’s “Space Poop Challenge” Ends, Possibly Ending Diaper-Wearing Era for Astronauts

"When you gotta go, you gotta go." -Dr. Ian Malcolm

NASA's "Space Poop Challenge" (I kid you not) has just ended, with an inventor developing a brand new way for astronauts to poop while wearing those big ol' spacesuits.

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PBS Just Announced a Bunch of New Space Documentaries

Get That Popcorn Ready!

PBS just announced a slew of upcoming space documentaries. These include Solar Eclipse, about this summer's upcoming solar eclipse; Beyond a Year in Space, about the effects of long-term space missions on the human body; and The Farthest, about the Voyager mission.

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