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Man Seeks Help Funding $20,000 Luxury Airplane Ticket on Kickstarter

My new criteria for donating to Kickstarters: is a flying butler involved?

Is this "the most ridiculous Kickstarter ever?" Creator Ben Schlapping thinks so. The blogger has launched a deeply decadent crowdfunding campaign to get himself a $20,000 one-way ride in a luxury Etihad Airways suite-- but it's totally cool if you don't want to help.

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A Guy Saved His Pet Tortoise With a Crowdfunded Penis Amputation

What do you think the backer rewards are on something like that? Never mind. I don't want to know.

A crowdfunded penis amputation might sound like the result of some kind of post-apocalyptic torture voting system, but for Cedric the tortoise, it is his ticket to a long, healthy life. You see, Cedric suffers from a giant penis, and his human owner had no choice but to turn to the Internet to save his dear, too-well-endowed friend's life.

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Things We Saw Today: How to Train Your Mockingjay

Things We Saw Today

Katniss' rebellion is looking a little toothless, doncha think? (by Stephanie Jayne Whitcomb on Redubble, via Geek Universe)

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Design a Phone Tailored Perfectly for You with Phone Bloks

If everyone can build their own ideal cell phone, what will they argue about on the Internet?

Phone Bloks will solve the problem of smartphones that offer no user upgradeability and quickly become outdated and useless. With interchangeable parts, you can build the phone of your dreams and upgrade it one piece at a time to make it last forever. It's one phone to rule them all.

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The 501st Legion Is Crowdfunding Imperial Code Cylinder USB Drives, Someone Crowdfund a Rebel Base!

Crowdfunding Imperial Code Cylinders? What's next? Someone's going to Kickstart a Death Star?

When someone tried to fund a Death Star on Kickstarter we may have had some unkind words about it, but this Indiegogo campaign to fund Imperial Code Cylinder USB drives? This we kind of love-- Unless it's the first step in a plan by the 501st Legion to build a Death Star and rule the galaxy.

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These Earrings Are Actually Tiny Working Video Screens

The Future Is Now!

Yes, we live in the future, and yes, these earrings are tiny video screens and storage devices that can store and play four to eight hours of video. They can even play sounds, although "constant sound" is not recommended. They're the subject of an ongoing Indiegogo project by MJ Mclaren that still has a long way to go, so there's no guarantee they'll be available at retail. Still, we get closer to Blade Runner-style style every day.

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$122,874 Kickstarter-Funded Board Game Cancelled, What Happens to the Money?

In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits with all of your money. Good luck getting that back.

Kickstarter is the go-to crowdfunding site for a lot of people looking to launch ambitious projects, but it takes more than money to get something done, and sometimes Kickstarter campaigns -- even ones that raise more than three times their goal -- fail. That's what happened with the now appropriately named board game The Doom That Came To Atlantic City! It raised $122,874, but now that the creators of the project canceled the game, what happens to all that money?

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Canonical Tests Limits of Crowdfunding With $32M Idiegogo Campaign for Ubuntu Edge Smartphone

They're trying to cram every cutting-edge bit of tech into one phone, and we're fine with that.

Canonical is stepping up its efforts on the Ubuntu for Phones front. They've launched one of the most ambitious crowdfunding campaigns in history to offer enthusiastic early adopters the Ubuntu Edge smartphone. The campaign not only pushes the limits of what crowdfunding can do, but it also wants to push what phones can do.

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Kickstarter Apologizes for Seduction Guide, Says It’s Too Late to Stop Funding

I'm trying to come up with a way to make this funny, but mostly I'm just glad they know they messed up.

Have you ever wondered what Kickstarter might do if a morally reprehensible project slipped through the cracks and gets funded to completion before anyone noticed? Well, now you know: They can't really do much of anything. So after being alerted to some very gross excerpts from an already funded "seduction guide" project, they decided to apologize profusely and donate a whole lot to charity to make everyone feel better. Of course, this is the Internet, so no one feels better and nothing is ever good enough.

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People Want Female Warrior Gaming Miniatures So Much That They Funded This Kickstarter Campaign In 30 Seconds

where does he get those wonderful toys

When French design studio Raging Heroes decided to crowdfund a line of highly detailed female gaming miniatures, they probably thought they'd meet their goal. $12,000 is a pretty modest amount to shoot for, after all, and they clearly put a lot of planning into the campaign. And hey, they know their figures look awesome. They probably didn't think they'd blow past their goal in 30 seconds, though. And yet that's exactly what happened.

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Northlake Library’s Getting a Giant Hulk Statue With or Without Crowdfunding

Hulk like literacy.

In May, I wrote about the Northlake Library's Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a nine-foot-tall Incredible Hulk statue. There are still four days left in the campaign, but they're woefully short of their $30,000 goal. At the moment, they're sitting still at $3,710, but don't let that get you down, because the library is getting a Hulk statue. It's not the one they wanted, but they're not going to look a gift Hulk in the mouth.

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Kickstarter’s for Everyone, Including Zach Braff, Penny Arcade, and Veronica Mars

There's been a lot of talk lately about what, exactly, are Kickstarter's guidelines and how they apply to various bigger fish, as it were, coming into the rather small pond of crowdfunding. Lots of claims have been made, and the grumbling is audible across most forms of social media, but what does Kickstarter the company actually think about all this? Hint: They like projects like the ones Zach Braff, Penny Arcade, and Veronica Mars have run.

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Precursor Games Wants to Take Your Eternal Darkness Nostalgia All the Way to the Bank

Look, we're fans of crowdfunding here at Geekosystem. We're not opposed to tossing money at people in order to achieve really, really awesome things that we'd very much like to see come to fruition. The backlash is building, though, as more and more folks attempt to cash in on the craze. Perfect example: Denis Dyack and development studio Precursor Games will be starting up a crowdfunding campaign on May 6th to fund a "spiritual successor" to the acclaimed Eternal Darkness called Shadow of the Eternals.

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You Can Help This Library Buy a 9-Foot-Tall Hulk Statue

If there's a better use of crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo than getting the Northlake Public Library a nine-foot-tall statue of The Hulk, we don't know what that use is. The librarians of Northlake have big plans, and those plans involve a giant Hulk statue, and helping people read and create more comic books. They also have one of the most awkward campaign videos we've ever seen.

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Might Pushing Daisies Get a Kickstarter-Funded Touch of Life?


The massive success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign—it's raised $3.57 million and counting—has caused the creators of some other dear departed shows to perk up their heads and consider a fan-funded revival. One of those? Bryan Fuller, who's expressed interest in doing a Pushing Daisies movie. To quote the great Olive Snook: Jiminy krispies!

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Kickstarter Makes it Easier to Shut Up and Give Your Money by Adding Hashtags

We love finding interesting Kickstarter campaigns to get behind, but without constantly checking the site it's pretty easy to miss something. To make finding projects to fund easier, Kickstarter has added hashtags, or mot-dièse in French. The popular crowdfunding site already used categories, but they insist hashtags are different. They seem awfully similar, but anything that helps ups find cool new gadgets to throw money at more easily is something we can get behind. #Awesome

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Gambitious, Kickstarter for Video Games Only, Launches Despite Being Somewhat Unnecessary

We've previously reported on the kind of numbers that Kickstarter has managed to pump into its Games category as of late. In short, this year has seen rather tremendous growth when it comes to crowdfunding for games, and especially video games. With that tremendous growth, of course, comes an increase in the number of companies looking to capitalize on a market they never knew existed. For example, today marks the launch of Gambitious, a crowdfunding platform specifically for video games, that probably really didn't need to exist.

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Kickstarter Gets Serious, Adds New Rules to Reiterate It’s Not a Store

Kickstarter is something like the financial equivalent of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it hooks up folks that have the capability to do fantastic things with people that are happy to help fund said fantastic things. On the other, there are certain people that bite off more than they can chew, especially when it comes to hardware, and therefore fail to deliver on their promises, thus enraging their backers. In an effort to squash this kind of unfortunate outcome, Kickstarter has added a few new rules to indicate that, once again, they are not a store.

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Publishers Contacted Obsidian in Attempt to Exploit Kickstarter

The whole point of Kickstarter, and crowdfunding in general, is to avoid the typical pitfalls associated with dealing with publishers and similar lending institutions. For video games, being funded by a publisher often means that said publisher actually owns the rights to your games, among other unfortunate side effects. So, a publisher attempting to manipulate a developer into launching a Kickstarter only to have all the unfortunate side effects attached is just about the worst thing, and exactly what Obsidian Entertainment is claiming happened to them.

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Obsidian, Folks Behind Fallout, Launch Kickstarter for Brand New Franchise

Obsidian Entertainment, the company composed of industry veterans behind games like Fallout and Planescape: Torment, has been teasing that something's coming down the pipe for a few days now. Finally, we know: They're bringing the band back together making a brand new isometric fantasy role-playing game for PC called Project Eternity. They need the help of their fans, however, as they're ditching the publisher model and hitting up Kickstarter.

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