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Jennifer Lawrence, Indiana Jones: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments Of The Week

Plus a goodbye. Sorry, friends.

Stephen Spielberg has just cast Jennifer Lawrence in his first female lead role since The Color Purple, but coldmilk has a much better idea for her—what if she's our new grail-hunting, artifact-snatching explorer? Embrace it, Jennifer! IT IS YOUR DESTINY.

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It’s Our First Look At The Supergirl Costume! EEEEE!

Somewhere Jill is jumping up and down and she doesn't know why.

It gets better! Wait until you see the skirt!

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The Trailer For Veep Season 4 Is Here And It’s Magnificent

"I need to show that I am a lone, fierce she-wolf."

We haven't covered Veep much here at The Mary Sue in the past, but if you're a fan of dark, cynical humor full of awful people, American politics—which, as we all know, are inherently full of awful people (save for Leslie Knope, bless her), and Julia Louis-Dreyfus acting really awkward, then you need to start watching this show. Plus, it's set in the same universe as The Thick Of It, so you never know—maybe we'll get a Peter Capaldi cameo some day?

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Agent Carter Producer Talks About The Show’s Future And How It Lines Up With Civil War

More Peggy please!

Between the two of them, Tara Butters and Marc Guggenheim have worked on Arrow, The Flash, and Agent Carter, as well as the upcoming DC webseries Vixen and CBS's Supergirl —oh, and they're also married, which is adorable. Anyway, they spoke about all their shows last weekend at Long Beach Expo, but what we really wanted to know more about was this: is Peggy Carter coming back? When do we get more Peggy??

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Overwatch Commits To Body Diversity With New Female Character Who Could Totally Bench Press You

I think I'm in love???

We're admittedly pretty pumped for the diverse roster we saw in the last Overwatch trailer, but one thing still worried us: the lack of body diversity among their female characters, who underneath all the armor appeared to share the same "generic sexy thin-framed game lady" build with one another. Well, good news! Blizzard has heard our concerns, and their latest  is exactly what we were looking for—somebody ripped as hell.

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Why There Probably Won’t Be a Dredd Sequel (Unless They Can Hire The Rock)

"The guy who dresses up like The Crow is going to give you a lesson in film finance."

Adi Shankar's been in the public eye a bit more than usual thanks to the Power/Rangers fan film he produced, but he's got a lot of awesome genre cred going for him in other places—including as a producer for Dredd, AKA The One Where Karl Urban Makes a Grumpy Cat Face For 90 Minutes. So why hasn't this legitimately good film gotten a sequel greenlit? Because of France. DAMN YOU, FRANCE.

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Samantha Bee Will Host New Show On TBS That Is Not The Daily Show

Oh! Innnteresting.

Despite many late night TV fans declaring Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee a shoe-in to host the show after Jon Stewart leaves—and despite a vaguely worded tweet about good news that left her Twitter followers speculating wildly—Bee announced today that she will leave will actually be joining her husband Jason Jones in creating a new comedy series for TBS instead. Hoo boy, these are some mixed emotions I'm feeling.

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Wil Wheaton To Play President Abraham Lincoln In A Video Game Because Life Is Grand


Four score and seven years ago, Wil Wheaton recorded a bunch of lines for Codename S.T.E.A.M., and now you will be able to hear him in the game when it comes out next week—as ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Wait, this makes total sense. Everyone knows that Abraham Lincoln invented the emoticon, and Wil Wheaton is the current president of the Internet! It fits, I tells ya! It aaaaaall fits!

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Swedish TV Host Starts Fire Live on Air While Frying Cheese Doodles for Some Reason

The Muppets would be so proud.

Today is Cheese Doodle Day, evidently, so this morning Nyhetsmorgon host Jenny Strömstedt asked her viewers for tips on how to best "prepare" them (because I guess just eating them out of the bag with your greasy cheese-stained fingers isn't proper in Sweden). Then her co-host suggested she try to flip them in the air while frying them over a stove, and everything worked out for the best. Wait. Is the best supposed to be on fire?

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FINALLY The Avengers Age Of Ultron Black Widow Funko Pop! Is Here And She Is Rad

Her sticks! Eeeeeee!

We were as bummed as anybody when the first batch of Age of Ultron Funko Pop! tie-ins featured all the dudes of the team—including The Vision, even!—and nary a Natasha in sight. Well, THANK GOD they've finally announced one for a May release, and she is exceptional. Look at the belt and bite details! Her hair! The sticks! The firmly planted feet that won't knock over like so many daintier figures! (Lookin' at you, Season 1 Daenerys.)

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Oh No There’s New Official Korra/Asami Art And It’s MAKING US FEEL THINGS

BRB, scheduling a turtle-duck date night.

And if you attend the the upcoming The Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender tribute exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California, you can see this breathtaking Bryan Konietzko original real and in person!

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Here’s The Joke Tim Schafer Made That Has Gamergate Freaking Out


Last night, Tim Schafer of Double Fine Games hosted the 15th annual Game Developer's Choice Awards to a room full of his peers at the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) in San Diego. Of course, it would be pretty difficult to make jokes and celebrate the gaming industry without at least mentioning the, ahem, sea lion in the room, and Schafer did so pretty spectacularly. How do we know this? Because all the prominent Gamergaters are losing their shit and calling him a racist. WELP.

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Mike Colter Talks About What It’s Like To Be Luke Cage, Gets Pumped For All The Grittiness

Spoiler alert: it sounds neat.

You ever notice how when people complain about traditionally white superhero characters being played by POC actors and they start bringing up traditionally black roles to whitewash in retaliation, it's usually either Shaft or Black Panther? Luke Cage tends to stay mostly below the radar—which is honestly surprising, especially considering that he'll soon be a very important part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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[Updated] Applying to HBO’s Diversity Writing Fellowship Was A Total Disaster For Everyone


Last week we were encouraged to see HBO seeking out diverse screenwriters as part of their new writing fellowship, but noted that it wasn't without its faults. Now that the opening submission day has come and very quickly gone due to massive site blackouts and crashes, it's abundantly clear that HBO did not think this program through pretty much at all.

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HBO’s Streaming-Only Service Will Probably Only Cost You $15 A Month

Now it's really not TV.

HBO's still hard at work on their new standalone streaming service, which will provide content like Game of Thrones, Veep, True Detetective, and Silicon Valley to fans who have access to the Internet but not to cable television. Now we know a bit more about what to expect when it finally becomes available—hopefully in time for the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere!

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The X-Files Might Disappear From Netflix Instant Starting in April

If this is an April Fool's long con, I SWEAR

Now, this one I don't want to believe.

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Marvel Unveils New Age of Ultron Trailer With #AvengersAssemble Campaign


You've tweeted the hashtag, you've sat there with your eyes glued to your Twitter page as the little "unlock" bar sloooowly fills up. Now we're finally getting to watch the latest trailer, and Good God is it glorious.

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Sony’s Amy Pascal Can’t Move Into Her New Office Because It Smells Like Seth Rogen’s Pot

Not making this up.

Jesus, Amy Pascal must hate Seth Rogen so much right now. First he makes a stupid North Korea-baiting movie that results in all of her work emails and even her salary getting released to the public, and now she can't get the stench of marijuana out of her new digs because of him. How's a lady supposed to catch a break?

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Jeff Goldblum Officially Returns In Independence Day Sequel, Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher Also Join Cast

That sound you hear is Sam Maggs gleefully shrieking.

Start placing bets on what Roland Emmerich gonna blow up this time. Personally, my money's on the Great Wall of China. Has he done that one yet? It's so hard to keep track.

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The Uncanny X-Men, As Reimagined By Wes Anderson

Is it too late to fire Bryan Singer?

Friend to the site Patrick Willems has made some pretty great videos in his "comic book movies as made by famous directors" series (remember Tommy Wiseau's Batman and Ingmar Bergman's Flash?), but this might be my favorite, if only for the perfectly appropriate jumpsuits. Eat your heart out, First Class!

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