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Oh, Great. Texas Just Passed an Awful “Rape Insurance” Law.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve watched frightening Texas legislation move from the state House, to the state Senate, to the desk of the state’s radical anti-choice governor, who on Tuesday signed off on it. The bill will ban private insurance coverage of abortion for women even in cases of rape, unless women buy a supplement plan in advance, earning the bill the beloved colloquial title “rape insurance.”

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Steve Bannon Is Fired and/or Resigning From the White House, and Everyone Is Rejoicing

It's Schrödinger's firing.

Trump Chief Strategist/former Breitbart head Steve Bannon is finally on the way out, and we could not be more thrilled.

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Everyone Needs to Watch Vice’s Disturbing Documentary From Charlottesville

If anyone can watch this documentary from the events in Charlottesville and still walk away talking about the sins of "both sides," we're in big trouble.

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Patty Jenkins Reportedly Closing on “Historic” Deal to Direct Wonder Woman Sequel

Damn right.

Wonder Woman was, by all accounts, a massive hit, which has had us closely following whether or not its director, Patty Jenkins, would return for the sequel that Warner Bros. is suddenly very eager to get off the ground. As you'd expect, that level of success gives Jenkins a powerful negotiation tool, and she's now reportedly close to closing a deal to bring us the next installment in the franchise.

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Gravity Falls Creator Asks for Drawings of Character Punching Nazis; Internet Delivers

There's been a lot of Nazi news this week—in fact, the only reason I hesitate to say there's been too much is that if there are Nazis, ignoring them is not the way to make them go away. There's also been a lot of talk lately over the relative morality of punching them, and it looks like Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch is coming down firmly on the pro-punching side.

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Holy Crap, an Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie Really Is in Development!

It's as if millions of voices suddenly cried out.


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Doctor Strange Brings a Warning in New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

We're only two Marvel movies away from Avengers: Infinity War (Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther), and things are appropriately increasing in scale and ominousness. This latest Thor: Ragnarok trailer not only includes some additional action compared to the previous ones, but it also brings in yet another major player in Marvel's cinematic universe: Doctor Strange.

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How to Watch Next Week’s Total Solar Eclipse Online, If You Can’t Actually See It

Next week, on Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will race across the United States from northwest to southeast, allowing many people to see a near-total eclipse and a 70-mile-wide strip to observe a fully blocked Sun. No matter where you are across the country or continent, you'll probably want to watch at least part of it with your own eyes (and some eclipse glasses), but you can also experience totality vicariously through some eclipse coverage.

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The Internet Had the Best Responses to Trump’s “Both Sides” White Supremacy Defense

Yesterday, Donald Trump attempted to use his late condemnation of white supremacy as a shield against criticism while he blamed "both sides" for violence and death that resulted from white supremacists. His statements drew criticism from the media—generally noting that he'd gone back to his Saturday "many sides" position that everyone but white supremacists found unacceptable—as well as politicians, but leave it to the internet to truly rake him over the coals.

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President Obama Shows Donald Trump How It’s Done With Most-Liked Tweet Ever

Can't wait for Trump to have a press conference to lie about this.

Donald Trump's Twitter habit tends to hog a lot of the spotlight, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's helping him all that much—or that he's even very good at it. Now, in the wake of violence caused by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Barack Obama has deftly beaten him at his own game, whether we're talking about Twitter or actually being president.

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Sonic Mania’s Secret Mode Cements Its Place as a Love Letter to Fans

We chuckled.

Sonic Mania is out today, bringing old school Sonic the Hedgehog goodness to modern gaming consoles. The game has already done plenty to show its love for Sonic fans, with remixed classic stages, retooled yet familiar sprite animations, and the utilization of fan-gone-pro talent for development. With so much love poured into it, it's really no surprise that the game features some great Easter eggs, including a delightful hidden mode.

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David Tennant, Michael Sheen to Star in Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens TV Show

Just yesterday, we noticed that David Tennant was hanging around the set of Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones season two, but it turns out that getting creeped out by Kilgrave is thankfully not the only Tennant we've got in our future. He's also set to bring Good Omens to life alongside Michael Sheen.

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Chat Service Discord Bans Server & Users Over “Nazi Ideology”

We welcome everyone to the Nazi-banning party. You're all late.

In case you haven't been paying attention over the last few years, some very dangerous hate movements have taken hold on the internet, and online entities have been hesitant to do anything about it. After the weekend's white supremacist events in Charlottesville, Virginia, some of them seem to have finally taken notice of the need for action, and now Discord has jumped in to show them how it's done.

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Web Hosts and Hackers Are Doing More About White Supremacists Than the President

Welcome to 2017.

Over the weekend, white supremacist rallies resulted in violence and death, and Donald Trump played "both sides" ("many sides," in his words) about it for some reason. Meanwhile, some people—including web hosts and hackers—are actually doing something about it.

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Fan Art Friday: Star Wars: The Porgs Awaken!

Meet Leia Porg-ana.

Hello Mary Suevians! Welcome to Fan Art Friday, a place for everyone to get together, share some art, and have some fun at the end of the week. Whether you're an artist looking for some inspiration or merely an admirer who's seen something cool on the internet that you'd like to share—or who has their own suggestion for some subject matter—this is the place!

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Another Space Dad Guest Stars in How Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Should Have Ended

So ... that arrow, huh?

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New Hidden Figures-Inspired STEM Initiative Shows the Importance of Media Representation

And now for a change of pace: some good news from the government! Hidden Figures may have run its traditional theatrical course, but it hasn't faded from the minds of those it might inspire. In fact, the United States State Department was bombarded with so many screening requests from foreign embassies that a publicly funded exchange for women in STEM is now in the works.

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