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Why Has DreamWorks’ Dragons Franchise Been So Quiet About the T.J. Miller Allegations?

While some major players in the entertainment industry have been swift to react in response to accusations of sexual violence—with Netflix’s speedy divorce from House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, and a string of freshly-canceled Louis C.K. projects as notable examples—the industry blackballing of accused men has been uneven, to say the least.

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The “End of Ze World” Sequel Encapsulates 2018 Like the Original Did 2003

Also it's very NSFW.

Years ago, in the simpler time of 2003, a weird video took the internet by storm: "End of Ze World." Living alongside the likes of Homestar Runner, All Your Base Are Belong to Us, Foamy the Squirrel, and other vintage internet phenomena, it was still a commentary on the state of the world, but it was less concerned with that than with its own silly sense of humor, and was noticeably different in tone from the sequel that debuted over the weekend.

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Freeform Summit Was a Breath of Fresh Air That Ranged From Intersectional Feminism to Mermaid Sexuality

Instead of a staid presentation and screenings, Freeform (formerly ABC Family) hosted the first ever Freeform Summit, a night of conversation between leading voices—not just from the network, but from social media and the industry in general. It was a bold choice, and it paid off in a lively night where the discussion ranged from intersectional feminism to mermaid sexuality.

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Rian Johnson Pulls Out the Sacred Jedi Texts to Destroy His Last Jedi Haters

The last remnants of the old haters have been swept away.

Luke had his shoulder brush, and now Rian Johnson has his microphone drop.

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“March for Life” Set to Ignore How Their Ideology Costs Lives Again This Year

Last week, President Trump formally endorsed the 45th annual March for Life, pledging to give a live address from the Rose Garden on Friday, the day of the march. According to The Guardian, even though Trump is hardly the first anti-choice president we’ve ever had, such an emphatic endorsement is rare from the White House.

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Supernatural Spins Off Its Wayward Sisters, and It Couldn’t Come at a Better Time

Sometimes, fans can be psychic. They can attach themselves to an idea or a character long before the “mainstream” or powers that be realize what a great thing they’ve found. Almost always, fans are fighters—warriors of a kind, forged through triumph and tragedy. We fight not just for what we believe in, but for each other. And sometimes, just sometimes, fans can take a dream and make it into reality.

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Apple Will Soon Let iPhone Owners Turn Off Performance Throttling

As long as you consider unexpected shutdowns to be better performance.

Recent confirmation that Apple actually uses its iOS operating system to slow down older iPhone models was met with a lot of uproar, even though the feature is specifically tuned to spread out battery usage over time to prevent phones with aging batteries from unexpectedly shutting off. Apple already launched an improvement to their battery replacement program to try to smooth things over, but now they're planning to let users opt out of the feature altogether.

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Watch the Meteor That Turned Night Into Day and Shook the Ground in Michigan Overnight

Last night, at about 8:10PM, some residents of Michigan had no idea what to make of things as the ground shook and a bright light flashed in the air. While there was some initial speculation that it was an earthquake, it was later confirmed to be a meteor that exploded with enough force to register with the force of a magnitude-2.0 earthquake on seismometers.

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[Updated] Just What the Heck Is Nintendo Revealing Tonight in Their Surprise Announcement?

Cue rampant speculation.

Nintendo is easily the most secretive of the three main video game console companies, and they also tend to make a lot of weird decisions—some of which pay off, and some of which do not. The Switch has paid off in a big way, and now that the holidays are over, the company is looking ahead and announcing new products on the horizon, which includes a surprise announcement scheduled for today.

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Cardcaptor Sakura Is Back Just When We Need Her Most

What we need, in 2018, is Sakura Kinomoto, and thanks to the brand new Clear Card chapter in the Cardcaptor Sakura saga that premiered this month on Crunchyroll, that’s exactly what we’ve got!

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The X-Files and The Handmaid’s Tale: How We Talk When We Talk About Rape

It’s rare for a television scene to stay with me beyond its brief flicker on the screen. Twice this past year, though, I’ve found myself haunted for days by scenes from two shows emblematic of their respective eras: The X Files, currently starting its eleventh season and attempting to return to its '90s relevance, and freshly minted Golden Globe winner for Best Drama Series, The Handmaid’s Tale, which seems as tailored to the cultural moment as a show can be.

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Why We Want Jim Halpert in Our 20s and Ben Wyatt in Our 30s

A tale of two TV boyfriends.

I wanted to know if Jim's confession of love to Pam still held up in 2017, 11 years after it aired. The answer is yes, yes it does. The writing, acting, and everything are all there. But the overall effect is not quite the same, and I blame myself and the passage of time.

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Google App Will Find Your Portrait Clone, Lorelai Gilmore-Style

You flinched!

Google has an app that will more-or-less perfectly (more often less, which is often more amusing anyway) match you up against portraits in museum collections with face recognition, and present you with a side-by-side comparison. It's not quite the festival of living art, but at least you don't have to worry about involuntary muscle spasms or ruining things with an unexpected phone call!

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Unsurprisingly, Immigrant Women Are Suffering in Trump’s America

Put simply, Trump is a president unconcerned with the lives of the diverse Americans he serves.

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We Need to Talk About Trump’s Racist “Shithole Countries” Remark

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” -Maya Angelou

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When the American Education System Failed Me, Neopets Was There

When we invest in young girls and their interests, we create spaces in which they can learn the skills they need not only to survive, but to succeed and thrive. Neopets did that.

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