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Things We Saw Today: Doctor Doom As an ’80s Pop Sensation

Nice shades.

dr doom 80s

Rocky Davies also did 80s album covers for the Joker, the Xenomoprh, and Shredder. “You know, like Doom tried to do some good PR and produce an upbeat pop album,” says the artist. “It has hits like ‘Latveria, Why Latveria?’ and ‘Doom Done Did It Again’ and ‘Four Coffins’ and ‘Chrome Dome.'” (via io9)

will someone please help will graham

Caycowa’s banner series adorableizes Hannibal, Supernatural, and Sherlock.

  • There’s a Twitter account devoted to rescuing the The Fault In Our Stars bench from the evil clutches of whatever soulless fiend stole it.
  • Mary Rodgers, author of the original Freaky Friday book and composer of the 1959 musical Once Upon a Mattress, has passed away. She was 83. (via The Hollywood Reporter)


Entertainment Weekly has the first pics from Ridley Scott’s upcoming Biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, in which Christian Bale is Moses, Joel Edgerton is Rameses (above), and Sigourney Weaver is Rameses’ mother Tuya. “When Ridley first called me I have to admit I was like, ‘Really, me—Pharaoh of Egypt?’,” says Edgerton. Yeah, right?! A white guy playing Rameses. So weird. (via Collider)

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