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Kickstarter Makes it Easier to Shut Up and Give Your Money by Adding Hashtags


We love finding interesting Kickstarter campaigns to get behind, but without constantly checking the site it’s pretty easy to miss something. To make finding projects to fund easier, Kickstarter has added hashtags, or mot-dièse in French. The popular crowdfunding site already used categories, but they insist hashtags are different. They seem awfully similar, but anything that helps ups find cool new gadgets to throw money at more easily is something we can get behind. #Awesome

Hashtags were made popular by Twitter, but other sites like Google+ have adopted them as well. People who don’t know how Facebook works even try to use them on Facebook pretty regularly. Kickstarter may have been inspired to adopt the hashtag based on the social nature by which users share campaigns with each other.

Users will be able to find the new tags on the “Discover” page listed on the navigation bar to the right. Kickstarter will be updating the available tags constantly, and it looks like they will control which tags are available. For the sake of making it easier for us to find cool campaigns, can we request Kickstarter make a #ThingGeekosystemWillLike tag?

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