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People Want Female Warrior Gaming Miniatures So Much That They Funded This Kickstarter Campaign In 30 Seconds

where does he get those wonderful toys

When French design studio Raging Heroes decided to crowdfund a line of highly detailed female gaming miniatures, they probably thought they’d meet their goal. $12,000 is a pretty modest amount to shoot for, after all, and they clearly put a lot of planning into the campaign. And hey, they know their figures look awesome.

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They probably didn’t think they’d blow past their goal in 30 seconds, though. And yet that’s exactly what happened.

The line of miniatures is called “The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy,” and it consists of three all-female armies—Heroines, Troops, and Supports—fit for gaming, painting, or collecting. Over 150 individual figures are planned, including soldiers, military officers, and field medics. (My own personal favorite: “Drussila Lepic, Skycaptain of the Jetgirls.”) On their Kickstarter you can check out several sculpts, plus concept art for future figures. As you can see, while some of the characters sport the traditional armored bikini look, others rock different, more covered, outfits during battle. Yay for variety!

Within an hour the campaign surpassed the $100k mark, which for those keeping track is over eight times their original goal. In an hour. Now the campaign total is sitting pretty on $345,000 from 15,000+ backers with 26 days left to go.

Go on, toy companies, tell me people aren’t interested in merch of female characters. Granted, the target market for gaming figures is different for that of, say, action figures. But still. Something tells me that if you make it, they will come.

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