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Review: Chivalry is Dead in Hilarious Dark Comedy Force Majeure

Sweden’s Oscar submission looks at modern-day gender and marriage.

Is there something about men which dictates they should put women and children first? Or do we say that because they are more likely than women to put themselves before their family? And if that is your instinct, can your marriage overcome it?

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Afraid To Be Away From Your Phone For Even One Goddamn Second? You Might Need the noPhone

Today in: Jokes we wish were real things

Confession time: I can't deal with not having my phone on me at all times. All. Times. It's bad enough that when I saw a link for the noPhone, a simple phone-sized piece of plastic for when you have to be away from your phone, my reaction was "That's stupid... wait... no... that's brilliant... I need that... damn it it's not real."

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Review: We Fired Guns at the EnerPlex Kickr II Solar Panel… For Science

Solar panels! Guns! Jeeps!

EnerPlex sent us their Kickr II and Kickr IV solar panels to test. They specifically asked that we test their durability and even mentioned that the panels could be punctured and still work. So we did the only logical thing we could do in this situation: Shot one of them with guns and then ran it over with a Jeep. How did it hold up?

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Mythbusters “Build Team” Leaving the Show After 10 Years

I hope they regenerate.

Last night the season finale of Mythbusters aired, and it ended with a surprise message from hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. In the above video Savage and Hyneman announce that their "Build Team," comprised of Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, and Tory Belleci, are leaving the show. It's a bit of a surprise for fans.

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Now Computers Can Guess Your Emotional State With 87% Accuracy

Why does my computer keep asking me if everything's okay?

A paper titled "Identifying emotion by keystroke dynamics and text pattern analysis" published in the journal Behavior & Information Technology outlines software designed by A.F.M. Nazmul Haque Nahin and colleagues that can recognize the emotional state of a human user with up to 87% accuracy.

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Dumb Trope Holds Up, Traffic Lights Apparently Super Easy to Hack

Let's just hope the Gibson is as secure as ever!

It's a tense scene. The hero is trying to get across a crowded city during rush hour to stop the dastardly villain when suddenly type-type-type, the villain hacks the city's traffic lights and causes chaos. Nonsense, right? Nope. Turns out, that tired old trick is actually fairly easy to pull off. Hope you didn't have any villains to stop today.

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Batman’s Greatest Weakness Revealed in This Dorkly Comic

Yeah yeah yeah, Bats, you're the night. We get it.

We love Batman and everything, but the whole only-comes-out-at-night thing has a pretty obvious flaw. It's one that gets exploited by a common criminal in this great comic from Dorkly. You'll have to head over there to see how things play out for the Dark Knight and the bad guy.

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White Male Comedians Aren’t Funny

But there sure are a lot of them.

Are women funny? Are black comics funny? These are both questions I hear discussed fairly regularly, usually at comedy shows, usually by white male comics. It's kind of a topic I'm sick of hearing about, because it's stupid to make assumptions about someone's comedy based solely on gender or race—especially because white male comedians aren't funny.

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Learn the Science of Depression From AsapSCIENCE

At least the science as we know it now.

Depression is something we can all stand to know more about. It's a serious condition that affects millions of people directly, and even more indirectly. Knowing how something works is a great first step in being able to treat it, and our understanding of depression has changed a lot in recent years. This video from AsapSCIENCE explains how.

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Artist Creates Nude “Blood Robot Selfie” That Simultaneously Amazes and Creeps Us Out

Congratulations on now having the title of "Weirdest Selfie"

Have you ever wanted to see a nude self-portrait done in the artists' own blood with the help of a robot? Because Brooklyn-based artist Ted Lawson's piece "Ghost in the Machine (blood robot selfie)" is exactly that. You can see the process Lawson went through to create the work in this video (Probably best skip this one if you're squeamish.)

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Important Science: It Is Okay to Pee in the Ocean, Pools Still Off Limits

Thanks, science.

If you've ever been in the ocean, you've probably peed in the ocean. Deny it all you want, but if you're denying it out of shame, there's no need. This video from the American Chemical Society series Reactions explains why it's perfectly fine to pee in the ocean. You still shouldn't pee in the pool though, both for science and common courtesy.

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Tom Hanks’ App Wants to Turn Your iPad Into a Typewriter, and It’s Dominating the App Store

Yes. That Tom Hanks.

Hanx Writer is an app that turns your iPad into a typewriter, or at least it gives you the feel of using one. The app is free, but offers in-app purchases to unlock different typewriter skins. Are there really that many iPad users with fond memories of old typewriters? Apparently so. Hanx Writer is sitting at the top of the App Store after its first week.

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David Letterman Devotes 10 Minutes to His Friendship With Robin Williams

"It was just a pleasure to know the guy, and he was a gentleman and delightful."

The death of Robin Williams hit a lot of us pretty hard, but it no doubt affected those close to him even more. David Letterman knew Williams for 38 years, and last night on The Late Show he devoted a full ten minutes to recounting their friendship. It's a beautiful, moving dedication from one friend to another. You may cry watching this.

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Magicians Perform 13 Tricks in Two Minutes To Promote Wizard Wars

It's not a series about Harry Potter.

Wizard Wars is a reality show competition that puts magicians against each other to create tricks and illusions from everyday objects. They then have their performance judged by magic professionals like Penn and Teller. The show premieres tonight at 10:00PM on Syfy, and to promote it the show's creator Richard Lax and in-house wizard Justin Flom perform 13 tricks in two minutes.

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Don Pardo, the Voice of Saturday Night Live, Has Died at 96

Don Pardo, the announcer for Saturday Night Live since its first episode, has died. He was 96. Pardo's voice introduced decades worth of the biggest names in comedy, music, and more. Saturday night will never be the same without him.

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NASA Will Basically Play SimAnt With New “Swarmies” Robots

Filed under "Science" but come on, this is really "Gaming."

NASA engineers have built four robots nicknamed "Swarmies" to test whether a group of robots can autonomously and effectively scout an area for resources, and they've model the software design after how ants do the same thing. It's like a very complicated, expensive game of SimAnt.

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Chinese Hackers Steal 4.5 Million Hospital Patient Records From Community Health Services Network

Call Zero Cool on these chumps.

Community Health Systems is a network of 206 hospitals in 29 states, and today they've announced they were hacked. The hackers, working out of China, managed to get 4.5 million patient records including names, social security numbers, and addresses. CHS is now working with the FBI to identify and arrest the thieves.

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First-Ever Microscopic High-Speed Video of Jellyfish Anemone Stinger Injecting Venom

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

Do you need an excuse to never go to the beach again? Here's a great one: High-speed microscopic video of an anemone injecting venom. We all know creatures like anemones and jellyfish can sting us, but something about this video just makes the threat seem very real. Besides making me never want to swim again, the video is also the first of its kind.

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Perfect: The LEGO Female Scientists Have Their Own Twitter Account

This is an excellent use of Twitter.

We've been really excited about LEGO's all-female minifig "Research Institute" set for the obvious reason that it's great. Someone took things to the next level and has given the ladies of LEGO's Research Institute their own Twitter account. It's absolutely worth following. Don't believe us? Here are a few of our favorites:

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Monday Cute: Blanky the French Bulldog Is a Modern Day Sisyphus

The struggle (to get the ball off the couch) is real.

Meet Blanky the French Bulldog. Blanky really wants to play with his ball, but just can't reach it on the couch. Is this simply a cute dog video, or is it a metaphor? Are we Blanky the French Bulldog, constantly chasing something that will always be just a little bit out of reach because of our stubby little bulldog legs?

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