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Precursor Games Wants to Take Your Eternal Darkness Nostalgia All the Way to the Bank



Look, we’re fans of crowdfunding here at Geekosystem. We’re not opposed to tossing money at people in order to achieve really, really awesome things that we’d very much like to see come to fruition. The backlash is building, though, as more and more folks attempt to cash in on the craze. Perfect example: Denis Dyack and development studio Precursor Games will be starting up a crowdfunding campaign on May 6th to fund a “spiritual successor” to the acclaimed Eternal Darkness called Shadow of the Eternals.

In case you didn’t follow the Silicon Knights, developers of the original Eternal Darkness, drama, they had a giant legal kerfuffle with Epic Games over licensing of Unreal. It wasn’t pretty, and Silicon Knights was basically destroyed by the ruling against them. That’s when we learned about the development of a sequel to Eternal Darkness. Nothing came of it — until now.

IGN’s supposed to have the reveal on Monday, but leaked details meant they ran a little early. We’ll learn more about the whole thing when the weekend’s over, but we know they’re going to look for $1,500,000. Also, it’s supposed to come to Wii U and PC, so that sort of follows the Eternal Darkness methodology. So, yeah, they’re trying to cash in on everyone’s nostalgia.

As gross as this is, people are almost certainly going to give them money.

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