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DC Comics Finally Suspends Eddie Berganza for Sexual Harassment Allegations They’ve Known About for 7 Years


Though they've known about the sexual harassment allegations against Eddie Berganza since at least 2010, DC Comics has finally suspended him after a 2017 Buzzfeed News report. Progress?

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Justice League Trailer Highlights Wonder Woman and the Amazons, Because DC Finally Knows What’s Up

There's a whole lotta Diana and some warring Amazons in the latest Justice League sneak peak. I'm liking your priorities, DC.

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If Hollywood Reads Too Much Into Wonder Woman‘s Box Office Projections, So Help Me I Will Torch This Planet

The first box office predictions for Wonder Woman are in, and they're on par with Logan or Doctor Strange - but that may not be good enough for ol' Hollywood.

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The New Justice League Trailer Has Aquaman Surfing on the Batmobile, Mera, and Amazons

Shall we?

The first official Justice League trailer has arrived, and not only does it have Aquaman car-surfing the Batmobile, but it also features jokes, Mera, and the Amazons! DC, are you going to surprise me?

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Matt Reeves, Director of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Will Reportedly Direct The Batman

According to Variety, Cloverfield and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves "has already committed" to directing DC and Warner Brothers' The Batman.

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Interview: Danny Pudi and Ron Funches Geek Out Over Superheroes and Gadgets on NBC’s Powerless

My parade of roundtable interviews from the set of Powerless continues with a chat with two of the funniest men on the planet. I'm talking about the incomparable Danny Pudi, and the made-me-laugh-so-hard-when-I-saw-him-do-stand-up-that-I-had-a-headache-the-rest-of-the-night (that he does not even feel that bad about!) Ron Funches!

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Interview: Vanessa Hudgens and Christina Kirk Talk Powerless‘ Comedic Take On Superheroes

The set of Powerless is alive with the sound of Vanessa Hudgens gorgeous singing voice floating through the air between takes. At least, that was the case when I had the pleasure of visiting the set of NBC's upcoming comedy, Powerless, on the Warner Bros. studio lot. The cast and crew are currently hard at work delivering a hilarious season. Thankfully, the cast and creative team found time to talk with us and give us some insight into the new show.

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Ben Affleck Won’t Direct The Batman. He’ll Still Star, Obviously

After the disappointing box-office return on Live By Night, the period gangster film that Ben Affleck directed and also wrote (or, at least, adapted from the original book by Dennis Lehane), it seems like ol' Batfleck has decided to change gears.

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Check Out This First Glimpse of the Cast of Ocean’s Eight In All Their Stylish Badassery

There are few film genres that are both as exciting and as nuanced as the Heist Movie, as it provides both action and the possibility for in-depth character work from an ensemble cast working together toward a common goal. Which is why it's so exciting that an all-female cast is getting the opportunity to play with those elements in the upcoming film, Ocean's Eight.

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Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders Clip Shows Off the Best of All the Batmobiles

In my opinion, the 1960s Batmobile's sleek design (and the red and black color scheme!) trumps the overblown, increasingly bulky Batmobiles of the modern films any day! So, I was thrilled to see this clip from the new animated film, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, feature our heroes jumping into that car! Check it out after the jump!

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[VIDEO] Explore Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman at the WB Studio Tour’s “DC Universe: The Exhibit”

If you love the DC Universe and you're in, or planning a trip to Los Angeles, there's no better place to delve into your fandom than at the Warner Bros. Studio lot in Burbank. No trip to L.A. is complete without doing at least one studio tour, and the WB Studio Tour Hollywood is one of the best. Not to mention one of the most geek-friendly.

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Supergirl Gets to Keep Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant as Filming Moves to Vancouver

Though Supergirl fans were thrilled that the show found new life in a move from CBS to The CW, one thing that stood out as the largest concern was the possible departure of cast member Calista Flockhart. Thankfully, National City won't have to go without the Founder and CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media.

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Dante’s Inferno Will Be A Movie, With “Franchise Potential”

A few hundred years after the release of Dante's Inferno, the first in Dante Alighieri's smash-hit Divine Comedy trilogy, Warner Brothers has finally decided to turn it into a movie. Heh. Okay.

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