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Trump Supporters Are Really Mad Over The Man In the High Castle‘s Fake Anti-Nazi Radio Program

If you take criticism of ACTUAL NAZIS personally, please take a look at your choices.

Amazon created the #ResistanceRadio program as a promotion for The Man in the High Castle, but a bunch of Trump supporters thought it was real, and boy are they mad.

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The Handmaid’s Tale Invades SXSW, and Margaret Atwood Reflects on Its Meaning Under Trump

Ahead of the TV adaptation's premiere on April 26, Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale is stirring up plenty of news. Atwood recently did a Reddit AMA and wrote a New York Times reflection on the novel, while SXSW attendees report that dozens of handmaids are wandering around Austin as part of a creepy promotion for the Hulu TV show.

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Things We Saw Today: Riverdale Has Already Been Renewed for a Second Season

If you've been following our recaps here at The Mary Sue, you know that we're big fans of the CW's Riverdale.

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SXSW Interview: Actor Wyatt Russell on Everybody Wants Some

After hockey career-ending injuries, Russell decided dip his toe into the family business; his mother is Goldie Hawn and his father Kurt Russell. The back-up plans seems to have worked out with his starring role as Willoughby in Everybody Wants Some. We spoke the day after the premiere at SXSW about the film and if the sports comedy will feel authentic to a former athlete.

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SXSW Interview: Teenage Cocktail‘s Fabianne Therese and Nichole Bloom

One of the most surprising films at SXSW was the comedy/thriller, coming-of-age love story Teenage Cocktail. Fabianne Therese and Nichole Bloom are both fantastic in the fresh and exhilarating film, balancing romance, genre thrills, humor, and pathos with considerable skill, and I spoke with the stars about their new movie at the SXSW film festival.

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SXSW Interview: Actress Alia Shawkat on Pee-wee, Search Party, and Hipster Humor

We caught up with the Alia Shawkat at SXSW, where she had two projects to share with audiences: the pilot episode of Search Party (which just got picked up to series) and Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, the delightful Netflix original film. Shawkat talked about her new projects, returning to TV, and making a childhood dream come true.

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SXSW Makes Progress With Anti-Harassment Summit, but There’s Still Room for Improvement

In the ye olde age of 2015, SXSW got in some hot water for their decision to cancel two panels related to online harassment and gaming culture after they received violent threats from people who were very HOW DARE about... umm... people saying "hey, maybe we should talk about these violent threats happening on the Internet."

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SXSW: My Blind Brother Cast and Crew on Their Gamechanger Award Winning Movie

Every year, Gamechanger Films awards one SXSW feature directed by a woman with their prize, which includes $2,500 cash. Although there were many films directed by women this year, the honor went to Sophie Goodhart’s comedy, My Blind Brother, starring Nick Kroll, Adam Scott, Jenny Slate, Zoe Kazan, and Charlie Hewson.

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6 Reasons Why Preacher Will Be Must Watch TV (SXSW Pilot Preview)

Monday, SXSW premiered the first episode of Preacher, the new 10-episode series airing on AMC later this year. Starring Dominic Cooper as the title character, Jesse Custer, and Ruth Negga and Joe Gilgun as Tulip and Cassidy, the show clearly pleased audiences with its action-packed hour.

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SXSW Apologizes for Asking Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad to Remove Hijab

This summer, Ibtihaj Muhammad will become the first-ever American athlete to compete in the Olympics in a hijab. But before the champion fencer makes her Olympic debut in Rio, she's spending some time at SXSW, where she spoke on the Saturday evening panel The New Church: Sport as Currency of American Life.

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Things We Saw Today: Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Reveal Extended Civil War Trailer

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. revealed an exclusive Captain America: Civil War trailer at the Kids' Choice Awards, which contains more action sequences between Cap, Black Panther and Falcon!

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Things We Saw Today: Sebastian Stan Said Civil War Left Him Speechless and “In Pain”

Oh, Sebastian Stan. There, there. Everything will be okay.

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Tumblr to Host Feminism-Focused SXSW Event, Featuring Crystal Castles, Jhene Aiko, and More

Apparently at last year's SXSW Music, Tumblr made quite the impact with its massive, multi-day party. Now, they're returning to the festival, and this year's governing focus is on feminism.

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Things We Saw Today: A Super-Realistic Pizza Night Light

Steph Mantis, a Brooklyn-based designer, has crafted this pizza night light for those of you who want to dream of cheesy slices right before you drift off to sleep.

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SXSW Removed That Gamergate-Affiliated Panel From Their Anti-Harassment Summit—But It’s Still on the Schedule

It's all about ethics in panel programming.

SXSW Interactive has faced a lot of criticism about their decision to cancel an anti-harassment panel in the wake of violent threats (as well as their decision to simultaneously cancel a panel featuring multiple Gamergate-affiliated speakers) -- and so the conference has since decided to host an all-day anti-harassment summit.

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SXSW Considers All-Day Forum On Internet Harassment

After SXSW saw the response to their decision to cancel a panel about online harassment due to the barrage of threats they received, SXSW Interactive Director Hugh Forrest posted an update last night saying the conference was "working with local law enforcement to assess the various threats" and "evaluating several programming solutions."

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[UPDATED] SXSW Interactive Cancels Gaming Harassment Panel Due to “Threats of Violence,” Fails to See Irony

Last night, two sets of panelists scheduled to take part in discussions at SXSW 2016 learned that both of their panels had been cancelled: "SavePoint - A Discussion on the Gaming Community" and "Level Up: Overcoming Harassment in Games." In both cases, the panelists were informed that their panels had been removed from the schedule due to SXSW's concerns about the public response to the panels and the resources that hosting them would require from SXSW's staff.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Gamechanger’s Mynette Louie on Changing Hollywood from the Inside Out

"There are all these white guy directors who have a whole bunch of mini-mes they can look out for and advocate for. But there aren’t enough women in power and female directors who can mentor women like them."

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Yahoo Getting Rid of All Those Pesky Passwords With New Authentication System

But what will we do with all of our capital letters and numbers?

Your extra capital letters, numbers, and special characters may have to find a new home soon, because Yahoo has a new system to get rid of all those annoying passwords. You know, because you totally don't just use the same one for everything. That would be irresponsible.

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The Gender Avenger App Lets You Call Out SXSW Panels With No Women

Sick of seeing panels at conventions and conferences made up entirely of white men? So are the people at online gender discrimination watchdog Gender Avenger, and they've created an app for SXSW that will let you name and shame the panels that didn't bother to give women a voice.

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