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Feminism Around the World: Malaysian Rapists Marry Child Brides to Escape Prosecution

There are two things that are very wrong in Malaysia right now. First, rape in a marriage is not illegal. So, once you get hitched, rape "ceases to exist." Second, adult men can legally marry children. These two things working in tandem make life as a young girl in Malaysia particularly difficult.

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Things We Saw Today: Luke Skywalker’s Movie Kill Count Surprisingly High for a Do-Gooding Jedi

Sure, Luke has historically fought the Dark Side of the Force, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't kill a fuckton of people to do it. Check out Mr. Sunday Movies' Movie Kill Count for Luke Skywalker!

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[UPDATED] Introducing the All-Female Team of Scientists Who Discovered Homo Naledi

The exploration of the Rising Star cave in South Africa led to the discovery of skeletons belonging to a new entrant in humanity's ancestry named Homo naledi, and this task required spelunkers of unusual size in order to explore its very narrow passageways. The size requirement attached to the job led to the selection of an all-female team of scientists, each with both the necessary caving experience and the small stature required.

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Bic Flubs Again, Releases Ad Telling Women to “Look Like a Girl… Think Like a Man”

What fresh hell...

The ad, pictured above, recommends that women "Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, and work like a boss." Yeah. Okay. Sure. What the hell?

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Monday Cute: Did You Ever Think You’d See a Heron Surfing on a Hippo?

Talk about surfin' safari!

Filmed at the Kruger National Park in South Africa, this heron is having a grand old time. We can't be sure, but we think the hippo was having a bit of fun too. If you want to have some fun, try starting the video below first and playing both at the same time.

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A New Plant Has Been Discovered And It’s Basically Mystique

Except green instead of blue. Because it's a plant.

Jennifer Lawrence isn't the only game in town when it comes to genetic mutants who can change their shape to copy whomeever they want (I mean X-Men JLaw, not IRL JLaw, probably). A new South American plant has been discovered with all of Mystique's shape-changey powers, and it's pretty rad.

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Screaming, Walk-In Vagina Art Installation Brought to Johannesburg Women’s Prison [NSFW]

Huh. Mine doesn't do that.

Johannesburg's prison system has a complicated, controversial history -- particularly in the case of the women's facility that held Winnie Mandala on several occasions. You know what would be a fitting tribute to the many unjustly incarcerated women of this prison's past? Did you answer "a giant screaming vagina that you can walk around in?" Well, it's your lucky day!

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Pygmy Mole Crickets Can Jump From Water’s Surface, Can’t Turn It Into Wine

While they certainly aren't capable of curing lepers of their grievous affliction, restoring the sight of the blind, or other supernatural deeds -- insects just don't make ideal religious messiahs -- pygmy mole crickets might as well be some creature of the divine since the little buggers can actually jump from the surface of the water just as adeptly as if they were on dry land. While pond skaters are hoarding all the recognition due to their being more universally recognizable, pygmy mole crickets may soon change all that once they take aquatic insect locomotion to the extreme!

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Scientists Discover the Fabled ‘Vampire Dwarf’… Dinosaur!?

A new report out of the University of Chicago provides the first insight on a new species of Dinosaur that sounds like the coolest, most terrifying creature to ever roam the face of this planet. The Pegomastax africanus was about the size of your average house cat, was covered in pointy spines, and had a pair of Dracula-esque giant canine teeth. I like to call to call it "Vampire-Dwarfosaurus".

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Evidence of Modern Human Behavior Found From 44,000 Years Ago

We already knew and accepted that humans have been using tools for a long time. The question, however, has been when the modern use of tools with organics arrived. A group of researchers have now traced a series of tools found in Border Cave, South Africa, which are remarkably similar to those still in use today by the African San culture, to 44,000 years ago. That predates what many had come to conclude was the true start of modern human behavior by over 20,000 years.

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World's Oldest Human Beds Found In South Africa

What are thought to be the world's oldest human beds were recently found in a cave in South Africa. Considering how primitive they were, perhaps the better term would be "sleeping mats," but in either case, these are the oldest beds or sleeping mats that have ever been found. Previous sleeping mats dated back 20,000 or 30,000 years, but these new ones -- or rather, these old ones -- are more squarely in a 50,000 to 70,000 year old ballpark.

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Skull Made Out of Keyboard Keys Is Awesome, Not a Functional Keyboard

South African artist Maurice Mbikayi fashioned this awesome looking yet eerie sculpture of a skull out of keyboard keys. He calls it "Anti-social Network." No points for figuring out how he must feels about Facebook. He is quoted by Laughing Squid as saying,
This work symbolizes the internet addiction and consequences that occur nowadays. It also emphasizes negative effects of being reliant to the new technology and internet.Sadly the more we experience it the more we are reliant to it.
It does not, apparently, commemorate the countless thousands pwned to death on the battlefields of Modern Warfare 2, as I initially assumed. Still, pretty haunting. Especially considering these times in which we live. Check out a side-view of a similar black skull after the jump.

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Lioness Steals Camera, Which Happens to Record the Heist and Getaway [Video]

While taking pictures for a book about endangered African lions, wildlife photographer Roger de la Harpe came across three lionesses while in South Africa's Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve. He placed a digital camera on the path up ahead to see if he could record the lionesses as they hopefully passed by. Harpe got more than a quick pass, as one of the lionesses stopped at the camera, inspected it, then picked it up in her mouth and trotted off with it. Luckily, she didn't damage the camera, and it managed to record the heist from the point of view of the lioness' mouth. Since the camera's lens was unobstructed and inside the lioness' mouth, one can liken the view to what a lioness' prey sees as it hangs from her mouth. After a few minutes, the lioness dropped the stolen item and Harpe was able to retrieve the camera with the lionesses around only 75 meters away.

(The Telegraph via Technabob)

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18 Awesome 2010 World Cup Promotions

The 2010 World Cup officially begins this morning, with Mexico's match against South Africa kicking off at 10:00am EDT. But the road to the tournament has been long: Not only have the players been going through rigorous training and conditioning for months, but teams, countries, and companies have held some pretty out-there promotions, encompassing tech, design, and adorable soccer-playing animals. After the jump, 18 of the 2010 World Cup's coolest promotions:

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Google’s Nifty World Cup Easter Egg

The 2010 FIFA World Cup doesn't officially kick off until Friday, June 11th, but it looks like Google is already ramping up for the games. If you search for the phrase 'world cup' on Google, in addition to returning a schedule of upcoming mascots and a notice as to which teams are playing in which groups, the usual "Goooooooooogle" at the bottom of the page is replaced with a more soccer-friendly "Gooooooooooal!" But 'World cup' isn't the only search that reveals this small Easter egg:

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Internet Porn: Here Today (In China), Gone Tomorrow (In South Africa)

It looks like porn may be back online for Chinese web-surfers. Up until now, China has officially banned internet porn outright, blocking it from its nation's people via the country's formidable "great firewall." Now, according to CNN International's report on a Telegraph blog post by Malcome Moore, these pornographic sites are once again accessible by the Chinese public. But YouTube is still blocked. You can't win 'em all.

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Hyundai’s Grassy World Cup Car Puts Swamp Thing to Shame

Hyundai is the official auto sponsor of FIFA, and in honor of this year's World Cup in South Africa, they've whipped up two special-edition i10s, covered with turf and sporting gigantic soccer balls on top and on the wheels. Not sure about how we feel about the roof soccer ball, but the grassy exterior is pretty cool. The cars will be touring South Africa when the World Cup events kick off on June 11th. More pics below:

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The 82nd Academy Awards: Geek Dominated, but Ultimately Disappointing

After seeming to show so much promise in the nominations, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has not followed through on its promise "to recognize and include some of the fantastic movies that often show up in the other Oscar categories, but have been squeezed out of the race for the top prize."

What this statement meant, when you strip out all the language designed not to offend, is this: to recognize and include genre movies, that is, science fiction, fantasy, action, and animation (yes, I know animation is a medium and not a genre, but Hollywood hasn't figured that out yet).

Much to my should-not-have-been-surprise, when the last award was announced, despite multiple nominations in more than ten categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, and both Screenplay awards, genre movies were snubbed in almost every award except the technical ones. 

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