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Skull Made Out of Keyboard Keys Is Awesome, Not a Functional Keyboard

South African artist Maurice Mbikayi fashioned this awesome looking yet eerie sculpture of a skull out of keyboard keys. He calls it “Anti-social Network.” No points for figuring out how he must feels about Facebook. He is quoted by Laughing Squid as saying,

This work symbolizes the internet addiction and consequences that occur nowadays. It also emphasizes negative effects of being reliant to the new technology and internet.Sadly the more we experience it the more we are reliant to it.

It does not, apparently, commemorate the countless thousands pwned to death on the battlefields of Modern Warfare 2, as I initially assumed. Still, pretty haunting. Especially considering these times in which we live.

Check out a side-view of a similar black skull below.

(via Laughing Squid)

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