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Sophie Turner Says X-Men: Dark Phoenix Will Be a “Whole New Genre of Superhero Movie”

"We wanted to create a whole new genre of superhero movie," star Sophie Turner said of X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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“There’s a Lot of Sacrifice and a Lot of Suffering”: First Look at Sophie Turner as The Phoenix

While rumors have been swirling saying that Fox and Disney will be working on a deal, that doesn't stop the X-Men franchise from moving forward with its next film X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Entertainment Weekly released this firey cover and some exclusive first looks at the latest attempt to adapt the classic Chris Claremont story.

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Things We Saw Today: This Weather Report Got Sidelined By a 420-Friendly Sasquatch

That's why they call it Grassachusetts, folks.

More like Grassquatch.

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Wolverine, Iron Man, and Hollywood’s Infinite Chances for Middle-Aged Male Superheroes

Hugh Jackman is 47 and Robert Downey Jr is 51. They're certainly not the only middle-aged superhero actors, either. Mark Ruffalo's 48, Jeremy Renner's 45, and Paul Bettany is also 45, yet no one seems to find it strange that they're chumming around with heroines who are decades their junior (Scarlett Johansson's 31; Elizabeth Olsen is 27).

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Did Sophie Turner Confirm That Taylor Swift is Playing Dazzler in X-Men: Apocalypse? Or is This Just Wishful Thinking?

Yesterday, X-Men: Apocalypse's Sophie Turner may have fanned all the fandom flames in one tweet.

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Famke Janssen Makes an Interesting Point About Older Female Characters in the X-Men Franchise

Earlier this week Famke Janssen, who originated the role of Jean Grey in 2000's X-Men, made an appearance on Entertainment Weekly Radio.

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Things We Saw Today: Sophie Turner Does an Electrifying Storm Impression

Also, Tom Hiddleston being like "you eat that cake, girl."

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See All Your Baby Mutants in New High-Definition X-Men: Apocalypse Stills

My kingdom for a Comic-Con trailer.

Fox has released some high-definition stills from X-Men: Apocalypse, and the gang sure looks good! What do you think of everyone's vibes so far?

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Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey Is Getting Archery Lessons on the Set of X-Men: Apocalypse

Director Bryan Singer has been giving fans small glimpses of the new X-Men film production and the latest features Sophie Turner learning archery... for some reason.

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We Will No Longer Be Promoting HBO’s Game of Thrones

The Mary Sue has decided we will no longer be actively promoting the HBO series Game of Thrones. Allow us to explain.

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Brienne & Sansa Are Deep in Thought in the Latest Game Of Thrones Episode Photos

Plotting the demise of evil people. Just another day in Westeros!

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Bryan Singer Releases Photo of Sophie Turner & Lana Condor As Jean Grey & Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse

It's a Jean Grey Jubilee!

I can't even handle how great they look as these characters! Bryan Singer posted this photo from the set of X-Men: Apocalypse on his Instagram (which is a much better look than we got the other day), featuring Lana Condor in costume as Jubilee, and Sophie Turner in costume as Jean Grey.

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Game of Thrones Producers on Why Sansa’s Storyline Is Deviating From the Books

Ughhhhhhh nooooooooooo.

If you're a fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire books and you're watching the latest season of Game of Thrones, you may have noticed that Sansa's storyline is deviating ever so slightly from the source material. Executive Producer David Benioff has some reasons for that—but if you haven't read the books, there are spoilers beyond this Sansa GIF, so beware.

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Costumed Jubilee, Sophie Turner/Jean Grey, and More in New X-Men: Apocalypse Set Photos!

After yesterday's painfully brief glimpse at X-Men: Apocalypse's Nightcrawler, images of some of the other mutants we were excited to see in the movie have popped up—albeit in unofficial photos from the set. But we'll take what we can get when it comes to our first look at Lana Condor as Jubilee and SANSA!JEAN GREY.

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Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner Play Badass Special Ops Agents in Barely Lethal

"She better bring fire, she better bring thunder, and she better bring hell!"

Agent 83's (played by True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld) mission is to take down an arms dealer (Jessica Alba), but all she wants is to get out of the special ops game and be regular high school student. (Sounds like most of our childhoods, right?) But she won't if her handler (Samuel L. Jackson) or competition (Sophie Turner) have anything to say about it. Check out the trailer for the upcoming high school spy comedy (is that a genre?), Barely Lethal.

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Sophie Turner Writes Her Own Sansa/Margaery/Daenerys Slash Fic

"Winter may be coming but I'm still hella hot."

Vanity Fair asked Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner to describe what The Real Housewives of Westeros would look like - and what she improvs is more than worthy of its own AU fic page on AO3. "You do not bring your dragons in on my chick!"

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Hailee Steinfeld & Sophie Turner Kick Butt For Samuel L. Jackson in the Barely Lethal Trailer

Remember when we told you Hailee Steinfeld and Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner were going to star in a film about teenage assassins? We were cautiously optimistic, but this first trailer may have just won me over. What do you think?

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Sophie Turner Says Game of Thrones Season 5 Moments May Be “More Shocking Than the Red Wedding”

We're highly anticipating Sophie Turner's turn as Young Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse but we're equally excited about her return in Game of Thrones Season 5. Hear what she had to say about Joffrey, Littlefinger,  and who's on her death list.

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Game of Thrones’ Dark Sansa May Have Helped Sophie Turner Land the X-Men Role

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner was as happily surprised as we were to find out she landed the role of young Jean Grey in X-Men Apocalypse. She has an inkling why that might have happened.

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Things We Saw Today: Sophie Turner as Jean Grey Fanart Is Coming

*Heavy breathing*

I didn't think it was possible for us to be more excited about Sansa Grey, but clearly I was wrong.

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