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Independence Day: Resurgence Is a Step Backwards for the Franchise, and a Missed Opportunity for Representation

2 out of 5 stars.

There's a good movie buried somewhere in Independence Day: Resurgence. Amidst the clunky exposition and embarrassing callbacks to the first film and disheartening one-liners delivered by Liam Hemsworth—who looks profoundly embarrassed and exhausted throughout—there may have even been a better movie than the first Independence Day.

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Roland Emmerich Thinks Superhero Movies Are Silly (Pot, Meet Kettle); Is Still Whitewashing the Stonewall Riots

In an interview with The Guardian earlier this week, director Roland Emmerich provided some revealing insight into his filmmaking ethos, and had an infuriating response to criticism of Stonewall.

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Dean Devlin Explains Why Stargate Needs To “Start the Story All Over Again”

Co-creator Dean Devlin recently spoke to Variety about Stargate's original conception as a trilogy and developing the new film as a complete do-over.

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Roland Emmerich Describes the Post-War World of Independence Day: Resurgence

The events of Independence Day: Resurgence take place 20 years after the end of Independence Day -- which makes sense, given that two decades have passed between the making of the two movies. Here's Roland Emmerich's description of the post-war recovery process for our heroes.

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Roland Emmerich and Stonewall: Being LGBTQ+ Does Not Immunize Against Ignorance

It turns out that you don't have to see Stonewall this weekend to have negative feelings about it - you can just keep listening to director Roland Emmerich talk about it.

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Stonewall Parody Trailer More Honest and Accurate Than the Actual Trailer

The following preview has been approved for white, middle-class audiences.

You already know our feelings about the upcoming Stonewall film, and you know what the creative team and lead, as well as some of the protesters organizing a boycott of the film have to say about things. Now, filmmakers Yeni Sleidi, Taylor Grode, and Ben Dwork and writer Heather Dockray have brought us a Stonewall trailer that's more accurate than the actual trailer.

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[UPDATED] Stonewall Star and Director Address Whitewashing and Trans Erasure Concerns; Critics Less Than Satisfied

[Editor's Note: 8/10/15 - 12:40PM] - With regard to Stonewall star, Jeremy Irvine's use of the word trans***ite in his statement below, as we've had several people bring it to our attention and wonder why it wasn't mentioned/corrected in the piece...

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First Trailer for Stonewall Shows More Diverse View of Historic Riots

But sadly, the trans erasure continues.

Check out the first trailer for Roland Emmerich's film, Stonewall, which was released today!

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Stonewall: A Film About a Historic Moment of Resistance…That Erases the People Who Were There

Where are my trans women of color?

In light of the historic advancements we've made recently in the LGBTQ+ community, it makes sense that a film like Stonewall comes out to acknowledge the movement's history. There's only one problem - the film doesn't seem to include many of the people actually involved in that history.

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Independence Day Sequel Gets First Photos and a Title: Independence Day: Resurgence

Is it also a sequel to Divergent?

20th Century Fox held a Q&A for the newly dubbed Independence Day: Resurgence last night with the cast and director Roland Emmerich to finally share news about the long-awaited sequel with its adoring public. Most importantly, we FINALLY know its abbreviation. IDR—that doesn't sound confusingly close to ID4 or anything.

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Bill Pullman Will Once Again Be Fighting For Your Freedom In The Independence Day Sequel

They're launching the biggest aerial attack on nostalgia in the history of mankind.

On Friday morning, Independence Day director Roland Emmerich, announced on Twitter that Bill Pullman is officially on board to star in the movie's sequel, ID Forever Part I. Perhaps even more stunning is that Judd Hirsch is also returning to the cast, cause somebody's got to carry the victory dance cigars, right?

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Star Trek’s Brent Spiner to Return For More Alien Puppetry in Independence Day 2

Hey... wait a minute...

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She Coulda Been at a Barbecue: Vivica A. Fox Joins Independence Day 2

Nothing will be as exciting as the fact that Jeff Goldblum will be returning for ID Forever, but we're still pretty stoked that Vivica A. Fox will be reprising her role as the dolphin- and butt-kicking-loving Jasmine.

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Jeff Goldblum Officially Returns In Independence Day Sequel, Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher Also Join Cast

That sound you hear is Sam Maggs gleefully shrieking.

Start placing bets on what Roland Emmerich gonna blow up this time. Personally, my money's on the Great Wall of China. Has he done that one yet? It's so hard to keep track.

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Stargate Reboot Trilogy Still Tragically Happening, Has Writers Now

"What the show needs is a sexy female alien!"

I keep thinking that if I just close my eyes and sing the Stargate SG-1 theme song loud enough, news of the franchise being rebooted by original movie director Roland Emmerich will just cease to exist. Sadly, I've traveled through a Quantum Mirror into the worst timeline and now the reboot even has writers attached. Where is General Hammond to protect the sanctity of the Stargate program when you need him?

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Japan Celebrates Opening Of Hollywood Godzilla With Gold And To-Scale Statues

What did America have? A Fiat ad?

In honor of Godzilla's 60th anniversary and the Japanese release of the Hollywood reboot, the people of Tokyo have erected several statues in honor of the lizard, including a 1/7 scale Gojira in a public park and a ten-inch tall, 33 pound, solid gold figure that could be yours for "just" $1.47 million.

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Confirmed: New Stargate Trilogy Will Start The Story Over

Why, Ra? Why?

Confused about how the planned Stargate reboot could build on the 1994 film? Turns out it won't... kind of. Dean Devlin, co-writer of the original movie, told The Portland Business Journal that the new trilogy will be millions of light years away from the original. Sorry, Sha'uri: guess you're stuck with him.

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Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin Confirm New Stargate Trilogy

Welcome to Earth! Wait, which remake?

After years of rumors, MGM and Warner Bros. announced yesterday that they will be partnering on a trilogy "re-imagining" 1994's Stargate. Co-writers on the original film, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, will return for the new franchise with Emmerich directing and Devlin producing.

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MGM Launches Rebooted Stargate Trilogy With Original Director and Writer

It Belongs in a Museum!

Ahh, 1994's Stargate, one of the most endearing, earnestly optimistic and ambitious science fiction films to ever be founded on the idea that it's so impossible for brown people to have built the pyramids that it must have been aliens. Bask in the glory of James Spader's awkward academic phase, or at least the awkward academic as interpreted by mid-nineties cinema. Statistically, 70% of these roles were played by Jeff Goldblum, but you might get to see another actor in that role real soon.

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Stargate Is The Latest 90s Sci-Fi Classic That Might Be Getting a Reboot

Once More With Feeling

I have a confession to make: I didn't watch Stargate until around 16 hours ago. Maybe if I'd spent less of my childhood summers watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and Clue on VHS, rewinding them, and watching them again right away, I wouldn't have missed out on James Spader The Adorable Floppy-Haired Scientist And His Adventures In Outer-Space Egypt (Featuring Holy Crap Is That Djimon Hounsou?). Alas, I was behind the times on that one. But I have watched it now! And just in time for director Roland Emmerich to announce his plans to it as a movie trilogy.

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