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Stonewall Parody Trailer More Honest and Accurate Than the Actual Trailer

The following preview has been approved for white, middle-class audiences.

You already know our feelings about the upcoming Stonewall film, and you know what the creative team and lead, as well as some of the protesters organizing a boycott of the film have to say about things. Now, filmmakers Yeni Sleidi, Taylor Grode, and Ben Dwork and writer Heather Dockray have brought us a Stonewall trailer that’s more accurate than the actual trailer.

This parody trailer incorporates footage from Roland Emmerich’s other films to fantastic effect, and the “critic blurbs” used throughout pretty much say what we’re all thinking. In an interview with The Daily D, Dockray talked about why they were inspired to create this:

It’s one thing for a movie to be bad—have bad dialogue, dumb actors. But it’s another thing entirely for it to be grossly inaccurate, and whitewash and ciswash a history that’s already been whitewashed and ciswashed to death.

We couldn’t agree with you more. This could be the most well-acted, well-executed film in the History of Ever, but the fact that they’ve already gotten so much of their approach to the story wrong means that they’ve already, on some level, failed.

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