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Ezra Miller Was Told Coming Out Was “Silly” & “A Mistake”

Justice League star and Fenty customer, Ezra Miller is one of Hollywood's most successful openly queer actors in Hollywood today, but that did not come without a lot of people doubting his ability to make it.

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Things We Saw Today: Rose McGowan Releasing a Memoir Called ‘Brave’ & We Can Not F-ing Wait!

Rose McGowan releasing a new book, Krypton casts a major villain, and the Academy is deciding if Casey Affleck will present Best Actress at the Oscars.

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A Bunch of New Justice League Clips Give the Team a Bit More Character

Justice League arrives in theaters just next week, and the final marketing push is in full swing. Over the weekend, a new batch of clips was released that showcases a little bit more personality for some members of the team.

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Henry Cavill Admits What We All Already Knew—The DCEU Has Screwed Up

With the critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman and an upcoming Justice League on track to have a very large opening, this is the time for the DCEU redemption song to play.

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First Extended Look at Wonder Woman in Justice League Is a Beautiful Gift

A glorious minute and a half devoted to showcasing our lady Diana and her role in Justice League. (I've broken it down in case you can't watch video right now.) Plus, a movie new poster!

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Gal Gadot Says What We All Knew: Her Batman v Superman Backstory Just Didn’t Fit Her Character

Why would Diana 'walk away from mankind?' She wouldn't.

Gal Gadot clearly has no problem speaking up when she doesn't agree with the way Wonder Woman is depicted. And when it comes to how she was introduced in 'Batman v Superman,' she definitely doesn't agree. After leaving Themyscira and saving humanity in WWI, why would she have then, "walked away from mankind?" Short answer: she wouldn't.

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What Do You Think of This New Justice League Poster?

A new Justice League poster is born and I have Many Thoughts.

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Things We Saw Today: Trump Gets Subpoenaed Over Sexual Assault Allegations

As part of her defamation suit against Trump, Summer Zervos filed a subpoena asking for "all documents" that pertain to his other alleged victims.

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5 Ladies We Want To See In Justice League 2

Because it's gonna happen.

The newest Justice League trailer is out and despite all my desire to scowl at the whole thing, seeing the team act like a team made me smile. I love DC comics and I love the Justice League, so I'm going to close my eyes and pray to Hera that it'll be good. However, there is something that I hope will be improved upon next time (because there will be a next time): more ladies in the League.

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Things We Saw Today: Wonder Woman Tells The Justice League to Follow Her Lead, As They Should

Wonder Woman to the Justice League: "On my lead." Aquaman: "All right."

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An Artist Answered Our Call to Draw a Male Superhero Like Wonder Woman

In examining the cinematic variant covers put out for DC's Justice League, I had some qualms with how Wonder Woman was depicted, arguing that we'd never see a male superhero assume such a pose.

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Things We Saw Today: Emperor Palpatine Is Keeping Secrets In This Scene From Star Wars Battlefront II

In the latest cutscene from Star Wars Battlefront II, we see the game's protagonist, Iden Versio, receive Emperor Palpatine's final orders for how to crush the Rebellion.

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Justice League Variant Covers Show Us Wonder Woman and The Flash in Action, but Did They Have to Draw Diana Like That?

In November, DC Comics will begin publishing cinematic variant covers attached to existing titles, in the hopes that fans will want to collect 'em all. Now they've released two featuring battle-ready Diana Prince and Barry Allen. We have some compliments and some concerns.

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A Cut of Justice League Was Secretly Screened for Fans

According to reports, Warner Bros./DC held a special early screening of Justice League for a lucky few. However, approach any eyewitness reactions you see on social media with a skeptically raised Spock eyebrow.

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Patty Jenkins Wishes She Didn’t Have to Cut So Much From Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman will soon be available for viewing in the comfort of our own homes, and we can't wait! But no matter how good a film is, things usually get cut or go unused due to length or other outside forces, and Wonder Woman was no exception. As Wonder Woman arrives on Digital HD (with a Blu-ray release soon thereafter), Patty Jenkins talks about what she wishes could've stayed in the film.

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These 3 Wonder Woman Movie and TV Projects (Thankfully) Failed

Merciful Minerva!

Although I'd be perfectly happy with a 24-hour live broadcast of director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot's interpretation of Wonder Woman, I have to say I'm pretty glad these projects never saw the light of day. They might've cursed Diana into the realms of mediocrity and not let the wondrous vision we saw this summer take shape.

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Justache League: Just Give Everyone a Mustache Instead of Removing Superman’s, Okay?

Justice League reshoots are fouling up shooting schedules for other films, and have also required the post-production team to digitally remove Henry Cavill's mustache, which he needs in the Mission: Impossible sequel.

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Things We Saw Today: Princeless Has Been Optioned for A Movie!

Sony has optioned the movie rights to Eisner-nominated comic Princeless, and I can't wait to take all my nieces and nephews.

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Justice League Trailer Highlights Wonder Woman and the Amazons, Because DC Finally Knows What’s Up

There's a whole lotta Diana and some warring Amazons in the latest Justice League sneak peak. I'm liking your priorities, DC.

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Looks Like Ben Affleck Won’t Be the DCEU’s Movie Batman Much Longer

Batfleck no more!

Well that was over quickly. For all the furor over the "Batfleck" in the first place, it seems that Ben Affleck isn't going to be in the role of the caped crusader much longer. That probably has those who were never thrilled with the idea in the first place feeling pretty relieved, but what does it mean for the future of Batman in the DCEU?

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