Oh God, the Snyder Cut Ends on a Cliffhanger
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Things We Saw Today: Oh God, the Snyder Cut Ends on a Cliffhanger

It will never end

Warner Bros' movie Justice League

The release of the mythical Snyder Cut of Justice League on HBO Max is just over two weeks away. While fans are excited to finally see Snyder’s vision of Justice League rather than the widely panned movie we saw courtesy of Joss Whedon, the long Snyder saga may not be over. Because guess what: according to Zack Snyder himself, Justice League ends on a cliffhanger.

*Insert clip of Ben Affleck staring into space as “The Sound of Silence” begins to play.*

Yes, as part of a panel about the forthcoming Snyder Cut at last weekend’s online IGN Fan Fest, Snyder revealed quite clearly that the movie would leave fans wanting more. “It is a cliffhanger,” he said. “The movie ends in a massive cliffhanger, yeah.” And honestly, I know that big superhero movies love to end in ways that set up another superhero movie but … isn’t this done? Aren’t we done here? Can’t we rest?

The reshot ending is also supposed to include “a hero cameo that will blow hard-core fans’ minds,” according to Vanity Fair, and I can only assume these two things are related. Maybe it will be a hero we know and somehow this will play into the Flash movie or the DC multiverse or maybe it will just be Dick Van Dyke.

Remember though, you’ll need to wait through four hours of Justice League to find out. Or I guess you can check social media the minute after it drops because that’s the shelf life of spoilers nowadays.

(via /film, image: Warner Brothers)

Here are a few other things we saw today:

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