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Leslie Jones Live-Tweeted the Justice League Snyder Cut and It’s Perfect

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So Leslie Jones decided to watch all four hours of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and live-tweet it. If you know anything about Leslie Jones, she does live-tweets from time to time of whatever she’s watching—which, sure, so do a lot of people, but Jones’ commentary is truly a next-level fun time.

Often yelling about the fictional characters or asking hilarious questions about the plot, she’s always pretty spot-on with how we’re all feeling while also bringing an added bit of fun to watching the movie. And when you add in a four-hour long movie, Jones is bound to have a time.

It started simple enough. Just Jones sharing clips while asking genuine questions because it is a bit complicated where this movie fits in with everything if you’re not well-versed in the circumstances surrounding the release of the Snyder Cut.

These don’t have you convinced yet? Just listen to her commentary as Wonder Woman blocks all the bullets from the kids.

Then Jones went on to just cheer on the Amazons or yell out about whatever storyline was happening onscreen, and it’s just a fun time.

And she finally got to the end.

I highly suggest heading over to Leslie Jones’ Twitter account and just watching all of her videos. She goes through the entire movie and complains about how long it is with the hashtag #longassmovie, but it is absolutely hilarious to hear her yelling about the Justice League while asking genuine questions so she can understand what’s going on.

Would I watch Leslie Jones live-tweeting every movie? Yes, yes I would.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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