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Place Your Bets! Folks Are Already Betting on Next Actor to Play James Bond

What are the odds of them casting Harrison Ford? That's right. 3,720 to 1.

Relax, Daniel Craig fans. You haven't missed something. Despite some off-again/on-again rumors that Craig is leaving the franchise, it doesn't look like he's going anywhere for at least two more movies. He's got to go sometime, though, right? In fact, betting's already open on who will fill his tuxedo when he does.

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You Can Gamble Online as Long as You Live in New Jersey [Updating]

Glen lives in New Jersey, so guess what Glen's been doing today?

Today New Jersey has allowed six casinos and their online partners to launch online casinos. The catch is you have to be in New Jersey to play. Senior Editor Glen Tickle lives in the great Garden State and has taken it upon himself to spend the morning gambling. You know... for journalism.

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Online Casinos Are Morally Wrong, Says Guy Who Owns Actual Casino

Far be it for us to accuse, but is there just a chance that Mr. Adelson is laboring under a bias of some sort here?

As online gambling with real money continues to make small but real inroads across the United States, people are starting to look more closely at the implications of playing online poker with real life cash. Yesterday afternoon, Bloomberg Television interviewed something of an expert in the field in business magnate Sheldon Adelson, who had a lot to say about the rise of online gambling -- specifically, that he was morally opposed to its existence. What's so interesting about that, you ask? Nothing really, except that Adelson made most of his considerable fortune from -- you guessed it -- owning a bunch of brick-and-mortar casinos around the world. Not that this would affect how he feels about online casinos or anything. Heaven forbid.

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Good News, Poker Fans! You Can Play Real Poker Online in the U.S. Again

Remember when you could stay home and lose all your money online instead of having to physically go somewhere to lose it? Well that golden age of online gambling could be making a comeback. Ultimate Gaming just launched the first legal real money poker site in the U.S. since 2006. The catch? You need a Nevada address to play.

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Man Loses Life Savings Playing Carnival Game, Has Giant Stuffed Banana to Show for It

It takes a very special sort of mark -- a once-in-a-lifetime pigeon -- to lose their entire life savings on a carnival game. And 30-year-old Henry Gribbohm is exactly that sort of mark, losing $2,600 playing the ball toss game Tubs of Fun at a New England carnival and putting that coveted World's Biggest Rube trophy pretty much out of reach for the rest of humanity.

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Bookies Take Bets in Next Round of Console War

With Sony's big Playstation 4 event yesterday, and details continually being rumored about the next Xbox it looks like the next round of console wars is heating up. Sure, it doesn't actually matter whether Sony or Microsoft come out on top, but it's still something people love to speculate on. Now you can get a little skin in the game by betting cash money on which console is going to come out ahead.

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Borgata Casino Introduces TV-Based Gambling, Leaving Your Hotel Room Now Completely Unnecessary

After years of grueling study, management at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City reached the mind-boggling conclusion that gambling in their casino was not easy enough. Always on the lookout for the best interests of their patrons, the hotel has taken an unprecedented step to make it even easier for guests to fork over piles of cash by offering an amenity available nowhere else in the United States -- gambling through the TV in your hotel room. Starting later this month, Borgata guests will be able to wager up to $2,500 a day on digital slots and video poker without even leaving the comfort of their beds.

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Antigua Strikes Back: Country Wants to Launch Piracy Website to Punish America

In retaliation for the United States repeatedly blocking Antigua from hosting online gambling, the country now plans to launch a website that will sell music, movies, and software from U.S. content-makers without paying royalties to the content's U.S. copyright holders. It's not surprising that the Antinguan government denies that the site qualifies as "privacy," and it's even less surprising that the U.S. isn't happy about the site and will try to stop it.

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Lottery Tickets for Christmas Could Turn Kids Into Degenerate Gamblers for Life

The lottery -- or as you may know it, "taxes for people who don't think they pay enough taxes yet" -- is a fun game, and an only slightly less effective means of losing money than, say, setting it ablaze in a large pile or just flushing it directly down the toilet. It's also easier on your ventilation and sewage systems than those options, which concludes our thorough summary of all of the virtues of playing the lottery. Oh, wait, there's one more -- lottery tickets make fun holiday gifts for children that you have forgotten to buy holiday gifts for, and only might doom them to a lifetime of shattered dreams, broken promises, and horses who just couldn't quite keep it going down the stretch. According to a report issued today by the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University, getting lottery tickets as holiday gifts can be a gateway into problem gambling for children. Even if it doesn't, though, best case scenario, it's teaching that kid to do a staggeringly stupid thing, as in play the lottery, so maybe don't do that, just on principle.

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A Brand New Bad Habit: Real Money Gambling Comes to Facebook

Plenty of us waste good chunks of our days whiling away the precious hours of our lives on Facebook. Sometimes, seeing how fat your ex has gotten and wishing a guy you knew for like ten minutes in college happy birthday doesn't feel like a fulfilling way to spend your day. Sometimes, you want to do that stuff while you're also shoveling piles of cash into a deep hole. The sage folks at Facebook are aware of this, and in a stroke of genius, have given the go-ahead the to the app Bingo Friendzy -- Facebook's first toe into the chilly ocean of real money gambling.

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Stephen Hawking: CERN Discovery Will Win Higgs Nobel Prize, Lost Me $100

Yesterday's announcement that CERN discovered a "Higgs-like" particle will surely be one of the most talked about scientific discoveries of the age. For most physicists, it means exploring a new channel of particle physics. However, for famed scientists Stephen Hawking, it meant something far more personal: Losing a $100 bet with University of Michigan physicist Godon Kane.

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Service Lets College Kids Place Bets on What Grades They’ll Get

Hot on the heels of news that the amount of student loan debt in America is now higher than the amount of credit card debt, comes oddly named website (or game?) Ultrinsic, which allows college students to gamble on their own performance. From Fast Company:

The idea came from one of the site's founders, Jeremy Gelbart, who, as a student, made a wager with his friend Steven Wolf, now CEO of Ultrinsic. If Jeremy got an A, Steven would give him $100. If he didn't, Jeremy had to hand over $20 to Steven.
We must admit, the image of a couple of college age kids having that conversation does not inspire confidence in any business plan based thereupon.

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