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Place Your Bets! Folks Are Already Betting on Next Actor to Play James Bond

What are the odds of them casting Harrison Ford? That's right. 3,720 to 1.

Next James Bond Actor

Relax, Daniel Craig fans. You haven’t missed something. Despite some off-again/on-again rumors that Craig is leaving the franchise, it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere for at least two more movies. He’s got to go sometime, though, right? In fact, betting’s already open on who will fill his tuxedo when he does.

The current frontrunner is Tom Hardy followed closely by Michael Fassbender, but the two that have us most interested are Geekosytem favorite Idris Elba in third (Ed. note: Third?! For shame, gamblers), and Arrow star Stephen Amell, whom we find ourselves fascinated with lately due to his excellent Instagram account and proclivity for Nutella. Oh, also because he’s really great on Arrow. He’s a little further down the list, but still in the general vicinity of frontrunner-status. Would they let a Canadian play Bond?

Of course, this has nothing to do with the actual casting process, and who knows, maybe Craig will never leave and continue to play Bond well into his 50’s or 60’s. Though with Skyfall’s “getting too old for this shit” theme, that would be pretty surprising. Bond writer John Logan has said that the next two installments will build on Skyfall, so maybe by Bond 25, 007 will just be saying “really for seriously this time guys I’m getting too old for this shit.”

As you go further down the list the payouts and increase as the likelihood that the actors will actually get the part goes down.

Unlikely James Bond Actors

We highlighted Will Smith in the field of less-than-likely candidates because of some rumors that popped up towards the end of last year that he was in talks for the role.

( via Stephen Amell, image via screen grab, featured image via Pacific Rim)

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