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Golden Globes 2017: Moonlight and La La Land Take Best Picture, But No Love for Genre Faves Stranger Things, Deadpool or Westworld

Genre fiction still seems to have a tough time taking home awards, if this year's Golden Globes serve as any indication.

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Hugh Jackman Hopes Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds Win the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the Writers Guild Awards

Hugh Jackman may not be able to fulfill his friend Ryan Reynolds' greatest wish, which is for a Deadpool/Wolverine buddy movie. But Jackman is still doing his best to ensure Deadpool gets plenty of awards.

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The Mary Sue Deadpool Hoodie Giveaway!

2016 was the year of Deadpool ... getting pirated rampantly apparently, but that's probably only because his long-awaited feature film debut went so well! (No, we're still not counting his appearance in the X-Men franchise, thank you very much.) To keep that good feeling going while we wait impatiently for a sequel, we've got a Deadpool hoodie giveaway for everyone!

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The 2017 Writers Guild Nominations Give Our Faves Their Due: Stranger Things, Hidden Figures, Arrival, Deadpool & More

The Writers Guild Awards have just announced their 2017 nominations, and there's more than a few of our favorites on the list, including an unexpected nod for Deadpool.

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Hugh Jackman Weighs in on That Deadpool/Wolverine Standalone Film

Logan marks Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine after 17 years and nine films with the beloved character. While Jackman is pretty set on hanging up his claws for good, there's one thing that might make him think twice about saying goodbye—Deadpool.

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Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool to Get a Boyfriend… But Not While Vanessa Is Still Around

Remember back in February of last year, when Ryan Reynolds said in passing that he thought it would be "nice" if Deadpool ended up having a boyfriend in a future movie? He still thinks so. Here are some more details about that.

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To Little Surprise, Superhero Films Were the Most Pirated Movies of 2016

TorrentFreak took a look at the most downloaded movies of 2016 on BitTorrent and found that superhero movies dominated the list by far, with Deadpool taking the top slot.

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Ryan Reynolds Breaks Our Hearts, Keeps Saying Deadpool Will Absolutely Not Be in Logan

Why won't the powers that be just let Deadpool and Wolverine be together?

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Deadpool Is Rumored to Appear in Logan! Here’s the Comic Book Storyline I Hope They Use to Explain It

Ryan Reynolds has been hard at work on Deadpool 2 and/or an X-Force movie, and he's got one very special wish for the franchise: he just wants his beloved frenemy Hugh Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine, and come back to share the screen with him. Perhaps Logan will grant that wish...

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Hugh Jackman’s Joke Response to Ryan Reynolds’ Call for a Wolverine Cameo in Deadpool 2

If Ryan Reynolds wants Hugh Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine for the Deadpool franchise, then this prank war between them must end! (Or, uh, maybe it needs to continue? On-screen? That works.)

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Full 2017 Golden Globe Nominee List: Deadpool, Stranger Things, and More

The nominees for the 2017 Golden Globes are in! Check inside for the full list, including surprises both exciting and disappointing! (Deadpool's inclusion/Taraji P. Henson's exclusion, to name a few.) The 74th Golden Globe Awards ceremony will be held on January 8, 2017, at 8:00PM EST, with Jimmy Fallon taking up hosting duties.

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Sources Say Tim Miller Left Deadpool 2 Because He Didn’t Like Ryan Reynolds’ “Scrappy” Take

The first Deadpool movie had a scrappy, low-budget feel because it had no other option. But Deadpool 2 could be a high-budget, mainstream superhero movie... if it wanted to be. But that isn't what Ryan Reynolds wants.

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Reservoir Mercenary: Fans Petition Quentin Tarantino to Direct Deadpool 2

In the directorial vacuum that's emerged since Tim Miller dropped out of directing Deadpool 2, a fan-backed contender could soon emerge.

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Director Tim Miller Parts Ways With Ryan Reynolds Over Deadpool 2

Not all parting of the ways are unpleasant; Miller's split from the project was reportedly amicable. While Miller hadn't officially inked a deal, he had been working on the script and the expectation had been that he would return to direct the 2018 film.

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Things We Saw Today: Spider-Man: Homecoming Has Officially Wrapped

Tom Holland and other cast members say bye-bye to Atlanta.

See you soon Atlanta. It's been real 👊🏻 #spidermanhomecoming A photo posted by ✌️ (@tomholland2013) on Sep 23, 2016 at 4:54am PDT Spider-Man: Homecoming has officially wrapped filming! While we still have to wait until July 2017 to see the film, several actors said their farewells to Atlanta yesterday (where the movie had been in […]

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This Captain America: Civil War Mash-Up of Spider-Man and Deadpool is the Perfect Precursor to the Weekend

Spin-off movie, anyone?

Zach Ace uploaded a 44-second video which answers the question, “What if Deadpool appeared Captain America: Civil War?”

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Diverse Characters Need Diverse Writers: Why Brian Michael Bendis Needs to Let Other Kids Play With His Toys

Sharing is caring.

Bendis has a good inclination toward creating new female, POC, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ characters for the Marvel Universe, but then has a bad habit of being the only writer who advances their stories in a meaningful way. Or he hands them over to another straight white male instead of someone who can draw on lived experience to write the character. That can have devastating effects for representation on and off the page, and it needs to change.

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Suicide Squad Has High Premiere Turnout From Women, Which Shouldn’t Be Surprising

Because women like superhero movies too!

Suicide Squad premiered just prior to the weekend--and in spite of the underlying conflict that could be titled Critics V. Fans: Dawn of Reviews, the film appears to be doing well in terms of the Friday-into-weekend box office, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Things We Saw Today: Idris Elba Spotted as the Gunslinger on The Dark Tower Set

IDRISSSS. The actor was spotted in New York City filming shortly after photos were revealed of Matthew McConaughey as Randall Flagg (although I'm not the only one who noticed a slight Zoolander resemblance, am I?). Director Ron Howard tweeted the above image from the set.

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Olivia Munn is Down To Do an X-Force Movie With Pal Ryan Reynolds

An X-Force movie would be the latest addition to the universes that have already done superhero team-up films--Marvel gave us the Avengers, DC is going to be giving us the Justice League and the Suicide Squad--so really, at this point it makes sense. All these stories become so intertwined that you can't confine them to their own films forever--eventually, everyone has to come together.

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