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Ryan Reynolds ‘Leaks’ ‘Deadpool 3’ in the Most Ryan Reynolds Way

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool wearing a Hugh Jackman Mask

I, like many others, like to enjoy movies without constantly being spoiled by them. But then the internet has to butt in. They want to know everything they possibly can. Luckily, we have Ryan Reynolds here to make fun of them all.

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Currently, the movie that everyone wants to spoil for us all is Deadpool 3. Why? Well, because Hugh Jackman is in it as Wolverine again, and if anyone is going to cause people to want to ruin lives, it’s Logan. In the midst all the Marvel news in the world, people just can’t stop telling me things about this movie that I don’t want to know because they want to spoil everything. One of those people is Ryan Reynolds.

I am, of course, kidding. What Reynolds is doing is making fun of the people who can’t seem to shut the f**k up, as Wade Wilson would say. Taking to social media, Reynolds decided to pay homage to how his take on Deadpool got its start (with a leak) and post some “leaks” of his own. Like … the Predator being in the movie.

Really makes sense when you think about it. Who else could defeat Predator other than Deadpool, Logan, and Naru? The thread included Mickey Mouse showing up with bundles of money to hand to the film and more, but it is making a very important point in the most Ryan Reynolds of ways: enough is enough.

To be fair to the leaks of the world, what I have seen of this movie hasn’t really given the most away because I still don’t know that much about Deadpool 3. But the spoilers still aren’t fun for me as someone who loves these movies.

Let us enjoy the movie when it comes out

Look, I’m a journalist and I do get that sometimes you need to get that sweet sweet hit from a “scoop” or a leak. However, I hate that we can’t enjoy anything without having it spoiled because some leaker out there wants to figure out everything about a movie and be the one to tell the world—especially when it comes to superhero movies. Now, to be fair to the world of Deadpool, that culture did start because Reynolds “maybe” leaked part of the first movie so that fans would get excited enough that the studio actually released the movie.

All that being said, I’m so exhausted by the nearly non-stop news about this movie. Let me have a break. I want to forget about it for a moment, so when a trailer drops, I can be like “Oh sh*t! Right! Deadpool 3, let’s go!” again. Instead, I have a news cycle always on Wade.

This isn’t what Wade Wilson would want, and this isn’t what I want. So, in honor of the boy, let’s let them finish filming Deadpool 3 in peace—mainly so I can watch it and be excited and also not have the entire movie spoiled for me by “LeakersOfTheCinema” on X or what have you. Okay? Sound good?

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