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According to Marvel Comics, Deadpool and Wolverine’s Relationship Will Be … Interesting

A match made in Heaven!

Wolverine and Deadpool in Marvel Comics

The internet has been ablaze since the surprising confirmation that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will officially meet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Deadpool 3. The crossover has been a long-held dream of fans of Marvel’s grittier side. However, it was a dream seemingly crushed by Jackman’s retirement as Wolverine. Jackman announced he was done with Wolverine following the release of Logan in 2017.

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However, shortly after Logan‘s release, Disney acquired the film rights to the likes of Deadpool, Wolverine, and the X-Men, which had previously been owned by 20th Century Fox. This occurred after two highly successful and popular Deadpool films had been a released, with a third in the middle of being planned. With the switch in film rights, Deadpool 3 needs to integrate Deadpool into the MCU. While Deadpool 3 was confirmed to be in development, few updates have been given over the course of 3 years.

That is, until Reynolds took to Twitter to nonchalantly confirm that Jackman was returning as Wolverine after a 5-year hiatus, and officially entering the MCU with Reynolds in Deadpool 3. Of course, this leaves us with a lot of questions that Reynolds and Jackman haven’t exactly been cooperative about answering. However, we may be able to get an idea of what Reynolds and Jackman’s long-awaited meeting on the MCU big screen will be like, judging from from the two characters’ relationship in Marvel comics.

Deadpool and Wolverine in Marvel comics

Two comics panels showing Wolverine fist-bumping Deadpool, then putting his claws through Deadpool's knuckles.
(Marvel Comics)

Deadpool and Wolverine have always been connected in Marvel comics, even before they officially crossed paths. This is because both of them were subjects of the Weapon X Program. The Program enhanced Wolverine’s strength by coating his bones in Adamantium, and then attempted to duplicate his healing factor. Later, as a test subject of the Weapon X Program, Wade Wilson was implanted with a derivative of Wolverine’s healing factor in an attempt to cure his cancer. His cancer was kept at bay, but his disfigurement from the experimentation remained. This led to him becoming the mercenary known as Deadpool.

Despite this connection, the two have not gotten along well in Marvel comics. The two met by chance when Deadpool was seeking out Kane and Copy Cat, who happened to be accompanied by Wolverine. Deadpool had intended to kill Kane, but Wolverine intervened. The subsequent fight between Deadpool and Wolverine was so brutal that Wolverine was nearly killed. Of course, his healing factor kicked in to save him, but it was certainly a rocky start to their relationship. Later, Deadpool specifically sought Wolverine out so the two could fight.

Deadpool had become convinced that, to aid his mental state, he needed to get into a big fight with another superpowered individual. Because he wanted a fair fight, he sought out Wolverine. Of course, Wolverine wasn’t interesting in brawling it out with Deadpool for no reason. However, Deadpool eventually antagonized him enough to spark a fight and, this time, Wolverine came out on top. Over the years, the two fought some more, but ultimately built up a grudging respect for one another.

The Uncanny X-Force

Deadpool, Domino, Bedlam and more in Deadpool 2
(20th Century Fox)

In addition to various fights, Deadpool and Wolverine mostly came in contact with each other through the X-Men and later through Wolverine’s uncanny X-Force. Though not a mutant, Deadpool did sometimes manage to insert himself into the X-Men. The two worked together more intimately, though, in Wolverine’s X-Force. This was a new, secret X-Force that Wolverine formed after his previous X-Force team had been shut down by Cyclops. The new team consisted of Wolverine, Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex, and Deadpool. It was Archangel that recruited Deadpool, though, not Wolverine.

Although they still rarely saw eye-to-eye, the team was pretty effective. After all, they were all individuals with dark pasts who had comprised their morals and, thus, were prepared to make the difficult choices that come with being a hero. Surprisingly, it was Deadpool who became disillusioned with the X-Force for their cold and crude actions, after they killed the evil mutant Apocalypse, when he was in the form of a child.

Wolverine and Deadpool finally reached a more peaceful relationship in Marvel comics’ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The comic features an odd team-up of Deadpool, Wolverine, and Captain America. Deadpool sought out Wolverine’s and Captain America’s help when he started being harassed by Bartol Utler, a Weapon X scientist. Both initially refused, but the three were forced together when Utler imprisoned them all. During their imprisonment, Wolverine actually expressed some sympathy as tragic details of Deadpool’s past rose up. The three eventually worked together to kill Utler and free the rest of his prisoners.

Wolverine and Deadpool in the MCU

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool wearing a Hugh Jackman Mask
(20th Century Fox)

Ultimately, Deadpool and Wolverine don’t really have an extensive comic book history together. However, there is a pretty noticeable pattern to their relationship. Basically, they meet and hate each other, but eventually are forced to work together. As time goes on, they start to exhibit some respect and understanding for one another. The two are certainly never friends, but they’re usually not enemies, either.

It is very likely that the MCU will capitalize on the animosity between the two. This will provide quite a lot of opportunity for humor and gore, both of which are central to the Deadpool film series. However, what remains to be seen is if they’ll follow the comic book arc and refrain from things getting too emotional between Deadpool and Wolverine. Deadpool and Wolverine never have more than a smidgen of sympathy and respect for one another in comics. It might be more appealing to fans for the two to develop some kind of more complicated relationship or connection in Deadpool 3, though.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Deadpool and Wolverine, there’s a lot of room for complications, especially considering how the two were both impacted significantly by Weapon X. The comic books rarely touched on something that many readers questioned, which is whether Deadpool ever resented Wolverine, since it was Wolverine’s healing factor that contributed to his misery. Deadpool 3 could get interesting if it does choose to explore the complicated and tragic underlying connection between Deadpool and Wolverine.

(featured image: Marvel Comics)

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