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Magneto Could Be Joining Professor X in ‘Deadpool 3’

'Deadpool 3' is making dreams come true.

Ian McKellan as Magneto

A long time ago, in the distant past (the year 2000), the first X-Men movie debuted. The X-Men are my favorite Marvel team, hands down. I’ve been obsessed since I saw the ’90s animated series and dove into the comic book series. The live-action movies may not have lived up to my (and many other fans’) expectations, but it seemed like many of the actors in the franchise were born to play their roles.

X-Men was the first time we saw Hugh Jackman as the iconic Logan/Wolverine. 23 years later, Jackman and Marvel confirmed he will reprise the role one last time (allegedly) for the upcoming Deadpool 3. This will mark the official entrance of Deadpool and Wolverine into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans are excited about other legendary actors possibly reprising their mutant roles from the original X-Men franchise, including Ian McKellen as Magneto.

Will Magneto be in Deadpool 3?

Magneto is one of my all-time favorite Marvel characters. Along with the original X-Men team, Magneto debuted in X-Men #1 in 1969. The team’s first villain was a powerful foe with the ability to control anything metal. Over the years, he has shifted into a complex character that is more of an anti-hero than a villain. The relationship between Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier is one that has kept the storyline of the mutant saga interesting. They are like best frenemies who love each other but have drastically different visions of what is best for mutant-kind.

Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen have both played Magneto in the live-action films and did a fantastic job. Something about McKellen’s performance in particular gelled perfectly with the character and cemented him as Magneto in our minds. Playing against his real-life friend Patrick Stewart as Professor X made the chemistry between the characters pop. When Stewart popped up as Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it disappointed me that McKellen’s Magneto wasn’t there, too.

However, with Deadpool 3 coming out in November 2024, my hopes have been rekindled. Prior to Disney’s acquisition of Fox, Deadpool existed in the same universe as the X-Men movies and the first two films featured cameos from some familiar X-Men characters. Now that Deadpool and the X-Men are at Disney with the rest of the MCU, anything feels possible.

In recent interviews, Stewart has all but confirmed he will appear in Deadpool 3 as Professor X and has hinted at McKellen’s return. Stewart told Entertainment Tonight that McKellen loved the Doctor Strange 2 cameo and would have done one himself. Then he added a cryptic hint about the future of Magneto and Professor X: “But we’re not done, Sir Ian and myself. We’re … we got plans.” That may not be a 100% confirmation, but it is giving me hope. If anyone can make it all come together, I think Deadpool is just the hero for the job. He loves the X-Men almost as much as I do.

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