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The AshPoopie Pooper-Scooper Turns Your Dog's Poop Into Sterile Ash

Revolutionizing the way people without a yard or people with a yard but don’t want to step in poop walk their dogs, the AshPoopie pooper-scooper not only scoops pooper, but uses a combination of what appears to be rotating paddles or blades and a replaceable cartridge, and with their powers combined, turns the dog poop into a sterile, odorless ash. Created by Oded Shoseyov of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in order to reduce the amount of poop-filled plastic bags generated when people walk their dogs, the AshPoopie will be unveiled by Paulee CleanTec in February of next year at the GlobalPet Expo in Orlando, Florida.

I’ll be the hero and be the guy to ask exactly what range of poop sizes does the AshPoopie handle, because dogs come in all sizes and no sidewalk or backyard should be left unclean, but we’ll just have to wait until February to find out. Until then, you can check out Shoseyov’s patent, and we can dream of world where a Jack Black and Ben Stiller movie is edging ever closer to nonfiction. If that isn’t your thing, or you already finished dreaming, you can check out a concept video of the AshPoopie below.

(via CNET)

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