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Monday Cute: The Story of Max and Quackers, a Friendship For the Ages

Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat said it best: Opposites attract. And just like that mixed-species pair, Max and Quackers have built a strong relationship despite seemingly not having anything in common.

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Study Finds “Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated” Signs Very Accurate

They're all good dogs. People? Not so much.

A new study deals a crushing blow to humans' place in the world, and honestly, we kind of had it coming. Have you seen what humans have been up to lately? As it turns out, all those "jokes" about people preferring their furry family members to actual humans are pretty serious: researchers found that human beings have more sympathy for dogs than for other people.

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Monday Cute: Penny the Dog Can Spell Her Own Name

She's basically a step away from writing the next great American novel.

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Listen to These Awesome Songs About Dogs & Help Dogs Affected by Hurricane Harvey

If you need me, I'll just be here crying over this song about Carrie Fisher and Gary, on repeat, forever.

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Come Watch Chris Evans Adorably Reuniting With His Dog

Chris Evans was separated from his dog for a whole 10 weeks, and their reunion will make you say, "Aaaww."

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Monday Cute: DM Doggo Is Best Doggo (Tied With All Doggos Ever, of Course)

They're all good doggos.

I mean, they're all good doggos, but I'm really feeling happy watching these doggos play through some lovely Dungeons & Dragons scenarios.

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Monday Cute: Stray Dog Joins Orchestra Mid-Performance, Is a Very Good Boy

The Vienna Chamber Orchestra was performing in the outdoors in Turkey when they had a surprise last-minute addition to their ranks.

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Forensic Dogs Might Be the Key to Finding Amelia Earhart’s Remains

A new expedition organized by the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) will fly to Nikumaroro with four forensic border collies on June 24th.

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Monday Cute: “Dog Ross” Is Here to Paint His Way Into Your Heart


Bob Ross was the big-haired, ever-calm creator and host of The Joy of Painting, a soothing instructional TV show that ran on PBS from 1983-1994. In recent years Ross and his show surged to Internet meme fame, and it was only a matter of time before the most adorable homage ever was created. Meet Crusoe the dachshund, who is here to teach you about painting squirrels.

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Monday Cute: Curmudgeonly Basset Hound Knows Exactly What He Wants, and He Will Whine and Moan to Get It

Can you believe that some dogs have people that actually stop petting them? I mean, can you believe it? Well, this basset hound is not having it. He's not having that at all.

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Monday Cute: WeRateDogs Has a Mobile Game Now and It’s H*cking Good

"It's a good game, Brent."

Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in a world where your dog is all that matters?

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Monday Cute: David Tennant Lent His Voice to Videos For Calming Stressed Cats and Dogs

Doctor Who's David Tennant has lent his voice to lots of projects, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and BBC pet shows, but did you know he's also voiced video to soothe cats and dogs when they're stressed?

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Monday Cute: This Dog’s Human Dressed as Her Favorite Toy, All Will Be Okay Now

Ben Mesches knew that his pupper loved the heck out of her Gumby toy, so it was just a wonderful moment in the making when he tossed on a Gumby costume and walked into the living room.

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These Dogs Recreating Mean Girls Wish You a Happy Mean Girls Day

DogVacay, a dogsitting finder service, decided to ring in Mean Girls Day their own way by recreating classic scenes from the movie with puppies.

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Monday Cute: Strong in the Force Your Pupper Is, Hmm? So Buy These Yoda Ears For Them You Must!

Here's a brand new toy for you Star Wars fans who just so happen to own the best most perfect doggo in the world (which is every doggo, let's be honest).

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Things We Saw Today: Jack Russell Pops Balloons in Real-Life Pac-Man Course

HelloDenizen shared this video of a Twinkie, the Jack Russell who holds the USA record for balloon bursting, chasing balloons in a real-life Pac-Man course.

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It’s Women’s Equality Day! It’s also National Dog Day. Let’s Celebrate?

How did anyone even find out about national holidays before social media?

President Barack Obama has just proclaimed today to be Women's Equality Day, as every US president has done every year on this day since 1972. Why August 26th in particular? Well, back in 1920, that was the day that women were granted the right to vote in the United States ... sort of.

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Things We Saw Today: IRL Star Wars Speeder Bike is Only Missing The Forests of Endor

This real-life speeder bike has been recreated by Vintage Works, a custom bike shop in Wisconsin. Not only is it officially road-ready, but it even recreates the speeder bike sounds from Return of the Jedi. It technically doesn't have the power to float off the ground, but it does allow you to get your Star Wars geek on.

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Monday Cute: This Pug Is Really Into Wham!

This pug doesn't believe in "guilty pleasures." This dog is all about appreciating the music it likes unabashedly. This dog is a Wham! fan, and it doesn't care who knows it!

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Things We Saw Today: Your Favorite Action Stars, Now With Selfie Sticks Instead of Guns

"Stop taking pictures of her, you bitch" - Ellen Ripley. Probably.

Somewhere, there is an alternate universe where what defines a badass action star is not violence, or their weapons, but their ability to take a quality self-portrait on their phones mid-battle. Check out The WOW Report, where they have a bunch of classic action stars wielding selfie sticks instead of guns. Because no alien attack should get in the way of a good photo.

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