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Finally, a Toilet Motorcycle

Japanese toilet maker TOTO has finally found the solution for when you want to look cool forever, instead of look cool right up until you have to step off your hog, take off your leather jacket, and use the bathroom: The toilet motorcycle. The toiletcycle hybrid is designed to run entirely on human waste, so if riders choose to wear underwear with the flap in the back and drink a ton of coffee while riding, they’ll enable Easy Rider status forever. Sadly, TOTO didn’t choose to call the bike “the toiletcycle,” and instead named it “Toilet Bike Neo,” making it an anime series or video game sequel.

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Along with consuming your waste and turning it into making you cool since you now ride a motorcycle, the toiletcycle uses residual light imagery to write messages in the air as you ride, as well as plays music to “entertain spectators.” Why anyone would spectate someone powering a motorcycle by using its toilet is beyond me. The toiletcycle is going on a one month journey across Japan starting tomorrow, starting in Kyushu and ending in Tokyo. Similarly, you can start your one click journey past the jump to see another picture of the toiletcycle.

(via Topless Robot)

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