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  1. Thousands Of Gamers Are Playing Pokémon Red/Blue Co-Op Live On Twitch Right Now

    I choose you, Not Doing Anything But Watching This For The Rest Of The Day!

    Pokémon Red and Blue are amazing. Sure, subsequent generations of Pokémon games have gotten more complex and interesting, but the classic-gaming nostalgia you get when you fire up your old Game Boy Color is the very best. But if you've lost yours, don't worry; thousands of people are playing Pokémon co-op together on Twitch right now.

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  2. WTF is AMC’s Yeah! Service? We Found Out at New York Comic Con, and It’s Pretty Interesting

    Look how happy it makes Kevin Smith.

    We'll admit to going into our demo of AMC's new Yeah! movie rental service at New York Comic Con a little skeptical. There's no shortage of ways to watch movies online. Do we need another one? Turns out -- yes. We do. Yeah! is actually pretty great if you really want to learn more about the movies you love.

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  3. Netflix Loses “Instant Queue” for “My List” Feature

    You'll watch what Netflix tells you you want to watch and you'll damn well like it.

    Currently there are 133 titles in my Netflix Instant Queue. They're all things I genuinely want to watch, but haven't gotten around to, because I basically just watch Cheers. To help folks like me, Netflix is changing the Instant Queue to "My List" and ranking it by what it thinks you want to watch most. Thanks, Netflix. You really get me.

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  4. The UK Will Get New Breaking Bad Episodes on Netflix Immediately After They Air

    Hey, wait, what about Netflix in the U.S.? We'd like immediate Breaking Bad streaming too!

    Netflix is great at catching up on old seasons of shows you may have missed, but it's lacking when it comes to getting new shows on quickly -- at least in the U.S. The U.K., however, is going to be getting the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix immediately after they air. That's even faster than I can get them on iTunes.

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  5. Netflix Gets 14 Emmy Nods for House of Cards, Arrested Development, and Hemlock Grove

    If anyone on the planet hadn't gotten the memo that some of the best TV being done today isn't on TV, this should drive that message home.

    Those of you who are up early watching the Emmy nominations roll in this morning -- as well as, y'know, those of you who know where Twitter is -- have no doubt already heard, but it's worth mentioning that Kevin Spacey just landed a well-deserved Emmy nomination for Best Actor for his work in the Netflix original series House of Cards. That will come as no surprise to anyone who watched the excellent political thriller produced by Netflix this year, but considering it's the first Emmy nomination for a show that was never actually on TV, it's a noteworthy, if not entirely unexpected, achievement. That it's one of a dozen Emmy nominations for original content on the streaming service says a good deal more.

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  6. Google Reportedly Wants to Start Streaming Traditional TV Programming

    Is Google feeling lucky?

    Because Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu don't offer us enough ways to procrastinate, Google may soon join their ranks. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has begun approaching various media companies in an attempt to license their content to stream traditional television shows online.

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  7. Netflix, Arrested Development, and the Growing Prevalence of Binge-Watching

    In a lot of ways, Netflix is changing television.

    The concept of watching a bunch of episodes of a TV show at once is either called 'binge-watching' or 'marathoning' the show. Those terms describe two ways of looking at something that's becoming increasingly common thanks to DVDs, DVRs, and online streaming. Is it a binge? An ugly, messy, yet addictive experience in consumption? Or is it a marathon? A long, arduous undertaking that you're proud of afterward? Netflix arguably shifted things further towards marathoning with the release of Arrested Development.

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  8. DreamWorks Partners With Netflix to Deliver Original Content

    Netflix pretty much wants to own streaming original content.

    DreamWorks has made a deal with Netflix to provide the streaming service with 300 hours of original TV series. A spin-off series to the upcoming animated movie Turbo has been confirmed, and other Netflix-original shows based on DreamWorks characters are to follow. Yeah, this is real life.

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  9. Would You Like To Stream Some Daft Punk With Your Internet Today? Because You Can

    Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories drops next week, or you can just listen to it now. It's leaked online, and you can even stream it through iTunes. A few short clips and fake files have been floating around the Internet for weeks now, but this one is iTunes official, so it's probably legit.

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  10. The Streampocalypse is Upon Us: Netflix Loses Nearly 1,800 Instant Watch Titles Today

    I hope you weren't planning on watching Goldfinger anytime soon. The Bond classic is just one of a mind-boggling 1,794 titles vanishing from Netflix Instant Watch as of today. I mean, you probably could watch it somewhere else, but considering how much of my own media consumption is Netflix-based, I don't even know where you'd start looking to watch a thing somewhere else. Do they still make DVDs? Are those still a thing?

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