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  1. Ingress Diaries: In the Cemetery, At Midnight, with the Flashlight

    How Agent ArielSkye Got Over Her Fear of Werecoyotes Eating Her Face Off (kind of)

    I startle easily, and I have a vivid imagination. So when I'm parked in a cemetery at midnight and the wind makes a tree rustle and drop acorns on the ground, I imagine that I'm being surrounded by a pack of werecoyotes bent on slowly eating my face off. What am I doing parked in a creepy cemetery at midnight, gripping my cell phone in one hand and one of those giant flashlights that doubles as a bludgeoning tool in the other? Well... I'm playing a game called Ingress.

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  2. Study Finds That Online Gaming Is Actually Good For Your Social Life, Mom

    It's like going out to socialize, except less pants.

    Online gaming is not solely the refuge of lonely, anti-social nerd bros like Warcraft guy from that episode of South Park. A new study, surprising no one who actually plays games online, shows that gaming online actually expands players' social lives, instead of limiting them. Almost like you're playing with real people online. Because you are.

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  3. Blizzard Scraps Development Team On ‘Titan’ MMO

    I don't know if it's possible for an unannounced project to become more unannounced, but if it is, that just happened.

    Blizzard's upcoming MMO project -- known only by its codename 'Titan' -- has been the subject of plenty of speculation and anticipation. Gamers may want to tamp down their anticipation, though, as it looks like we have one more hard fact to go on about the project today, and it's not an encouraging one. According to VentureBeat, Blizzard has scrapped the all-star, 100-person-strong development team that developing the game, reassigning more than 70 staff members to other projects while the remaining staff reboots 'Titan' from scratch.

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  4. Google Takes Over the World With Augmented Reality MMORPG for Android

    Google is launching an augmented reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game on its Android operating system. The game is called Ingress, which is a word that essentially mean "an entrance," and looks to be played by using a phone to interact with the game and the real world around the player at the same time. It gets even weirder, though.

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  5. Final Fantasy XIV Ends With an Epic Final Cutscene

    Final Fantasy XIV has had a tough life. Panned by critics and released at a time when the traditional subscription-based MMO is on the decline, Square Enix's second online adaptation of the classic RPG franchise undeniably fell flat, even by the relatively low standard set by cult classic Final Fantasy XI. This weekend is the game's so-called "grand finale," where loyal players can sign on and take giant, high-level boss battles before the servers shut down tonight at midnight, Pacific time. In honor of the game's "ending," Square Enix has released an extended cutscene to serve as the game's cinematic climax.

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  6. Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Going Free-To-Play Next Week

    We knew it was coming, but now we know when. BioWare's attempt at a Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be going free-to-play starting next week, Thursday, November 15. The game released on December 20 of last year, and a little less than one year later, is making the move to a free-to-play model, like most of the rest of the MMO market. Makes you wonder why any MMO developers think their game can launch without a free-t0-play option nowadays.

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  7. MMO RIFT Successfully Set That Guinness World Record for In-Game Marriages

    MMO RIFT announced that they were attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the most in-game marriages in a 24 hour period. Those wondering where one could go to find a virtual spouse will be happy to know RIFT did indeed set that record. Between 9 am PST on February 14 to 9am PST on February 15, 21,879 virtual marriages were confirmed.

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  8. MMO RIFT Attempts to Set Guinness World Record for Most Virtual Marriages in 24-Hour Period

    In this day and age of MMOverflow (I just made that up!), MMOs need a way to stand apart from one another, especially since most MMOs (EVE Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online excluded) and  get stuck in the same routine of killing or collecting X of Y, leveling to the max level, then killing bosses that drop good equipment, so you can harder kill bosses that drop better equipment, so you can kill even harder bosses that drop even better equipment. Trion Worlds is looking to separate their MMO RIFT from the rest of the pack, not with gameplay mechanics, but by attempting to set a Guinness World Record. Which one, you ask? The most virtual marriages in a 24-hour period, of course!

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  9. Hilarious Bug in Star Wars: The Old Republic Prevents Damage When You Dance

    Yes, every single MMO nowadays has an array of dancing animations, but BioWare's venture into the kill-ten-rats arena, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is the only MMO where that simple, intended-to-be-benign dancing animation prevents a whole bunch of damage by consistently interrupting an enemy's casting. Not working as intended, as you may have guessed, and BioWare was rumored to be handing out bans for those caught abusing the exploit, but BioWare has responded to those claims saying that no, they aren't banning anyone.

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  10. Server Failure Permanently Ends Japanese MMORPG

    The bummer about MMORPGs is that, eventually, they end. Star Wars Galaxies will be undergoing a galaxy-ending disaster in only a month or so. The Matrix Online and Tabula Rasa also had big, planned events to give their players some semblance of closure and a goodbye to remember. Players of the Japanese MMORPG M2, however, got no fond adieu when the game was taken down out of the blue, permanently, due to a simple server malfunction.

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  11. Power Rangers Gets Its Own MMO, Power Rangers Online

    Korean developer Ntreev is bringing the world a Power Rangers MMO, with its first closed beta only a few days away on November 3. The beta will be Korean only, however, and will last until November 9, hosting 5,000 players. Designed as a side-scroller, the MMO is based on the Mystic Force series, a series that began only five years ago in 2006, long after we were young enough to enjoy Power Rangers. Players will make their own character, as is the MMO M.O., choosing the class cleverly disguised as a "color," the iconic Power Ranger differentiations. As players level up, they'll be able to divert from the standard tight-bodysuit-and-biker-helmet motif, and gather other equipment that is probably as funny-looking.

    The beta currently sports two acts with fourteen stages, and tells the story via comic book style scenes. Head on past the break for some mighty morphin' screenshots and a trailer that hosts some pretty generic guitar solos.

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  12. Glitch Goes Live, You Should Check It Out

    Glitch went live today at 1pm EST, and having played the beta, I'm going to say that you should check it out. What is Glitch you ask? Well, if you're asking that, you must have missed out on this lovely little trailer (which you should watch immediately and then walk around singing for the rest of the day) so I'll give you the skinny as best I can. Glitch is a lot of things.

    First of all, Glitch is a browser-centric, Flash-based, social MMORPG developed by Tiny Speck (aka those guys from Flickr) and Keita Takahashi (aka that dude from Katamari Damacy). Weird combination, I know. Glitch has a strong social gaming influence. You can taste the FarmVille if you're trying to, but there's also considerably more depth. Learning skills involves the standard "click the learn button, wait X hours" behavior common to browser-based games, but there is also a strong avatar-based world. In the world, you run around doing bizarre things like nibbling piggies (both of those words are specific, technical terms; I'm not trying to be cute) milking butterflies, playing music for crabs, and squeezing chickens as well as more conventional things like making food, earning money, mining minerals, and saving up for a house.

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  13. Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets Dated, Priced

    What BioWare hopes to be the next big thing in MMO land, Star Wars: The Old Republic, has finally received an official release date and price. Announced at the Eurogamer Expo in London, the game will see release on December 20, 2011 in North America, and December 22, 2011 in European launch territories. For those in Australia and New Zealand, those launch dates have not been set as of yet, though BioWare isn't planning on region locking the game, but players outside of launch territories may experience lag when attempting to play a version of the game that has not officially released in their territory.

    Each purchase of SW:TOR will come with 30 free days of subscription time, with a one month subscription costing $14.99 (£8.99/€12.99); pretty standard fare for MMO territory. The game also offers a three month subscription for $13.99 per month, or a one time charge of $41.97 (£25.17/€35.97), and a six month subscription for $12.99 per month, or a one time charge of $77.94 (£46.14/€65.94). Those who pre-ordered the game can head on over to the game's site and enter in their pre-order code to be eligible for Early Access, which doesn't yet have a date for when it will begin, though BioWare assures everyone that there will be multiple days of Early Access. So, only a few months until everyone can play the MMO version of Knights of the Old Republic, only one of BioWare's best games.

    (via Massively)

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  14. NCIS Doesn’t Understand MMORPGs, Writes About Them Anyway [Video]

    By all accounts, it seems either television writers are lazy with their fact checking, or deliberately want to bother gamers. This sort of thing tends to happen. This time around, NCIS writers flex either their gamer-trolling muscles, or showcase that they just don't care to see if what they write is a thing.

    A commenter on this Reddit thread claims that he worked as a writer for one of the shows that tend to do this to gamers, and that these scenes are intentionally designed to enrage younger viewers with their inaccuracy, rather than made out of a simple lack of awareness. He also claims there's an "unwritten coldwar" between drama writers to out troll each other, which actually turns these apparent gaffes into amazing, clever trollings.

    (reddit via Geeks are Sexy)

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  15. MMO The Bible Online Has to be Renamed Since Its Name Makes It Hard to Get Google Hits

    For those of you that weren't aware, there's a browser-based free-to-play Bible MMO, and judging by the contest The Bible Online is having, most of you probably weren't aware. You see, the developers claim the actual name of the game is "too general" and that "it is difficult to optimize for search engines such as Google."

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  16. Entropia Universe Virtual Item Sells for $335,000 in Real Cash

    Entropia Universe, an MMORPG that uses an economy with cash that can be withdrawn as real-life money, has set a record for the most expensive virtual item ever sold, at $335,000, for a zone named Club NEVERDIE. Read on for details.

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  17. Geekolinks: 10/3

    Cool Dudes Talk About H.P. Lovecraft (Comic Book Resources) They're Making a Petz MMO?! (Massively) This is What Happens When You Go Out To Eat With Jim Lee (Twitpic) The Marvel Universe Goes Speed Dating (Comics Alliance) Emma Stone is Mary Jane? (Bleeding Cool) Fractal Cupcakes, Mmmmm (Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories) Who is the Swedish Chef's Wife? (ToughPigs) (pic is P. Craig Russel's alternate cover to Action Comics #894 (you know, the one with Death), via Paul Cornell, click to embiggen.)

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  18. Vampire: The Masquerade MMORPG is Go

    CCPGames, the makers of Eve Online, have announced their next MMO project, and it's one that's going to make a lot of my college buddies simultaneously very happy and very worried about their future productivity. That's because their next project, World of Darkness, is going to be set in the universe of White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade, and it's going to "focus on player politics and social interaction." The teaser trailer (below) gives us no hints yet on whether the game will involve rock-paper-scissors.

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  19. EVE Online Player Steals $45,000 In In-game Coup

    There have been many effects of Eve Online's decision to deal a large blow to the black market for their in-game currency by essentially making it purchasable for real money. The one that we like the most, however, is that it is now really easy to quantify actions in Eve Online to people who don't play the game. Case in point: In-game business machinations have lead to a player known as Bad Bobby walking away from a gutted in-game corporation with items worth $45,000. And it was all game legal.

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  20. Ingame EVE Online Raid Destroys $1,295 of Real Money

    EVE Online, the space-faring MMORPG that can be affectionately described as the prettiest economic simulation in the world, has set a weird sort of record for itself this week when a couple players became the first to destroy some in-game items that could otherwise have been redeemed for over $1,000 worth of game time.  You see, a month ago, EVE Online allowed an in-game item that can be used to pay your real life EVE subscription fees to be transportable as ship's cargo.  Anything that is transportable on a ship can be stolen, or destroyed. Wait, you say, what?  I... uh.  Why? It's the future now.  Allow us to explain.

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