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Tales as Old As Time: 7 Fairy Tale Remixes and Remakes

How Folk and Fairy Tales Weave Themselves Into Our Popular Culture and Our Hearts

The term "fairy tales," depending on whether you are a writer, folklorist, historian, hobbyist, casual reader, or pop culture fan, can mean a few different things. The beauty of fairy tales and fairy tale-inspired works is that they integrate themselves into our popular thought, culture, and language in ways that are not always consciously apparent.

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8 Disney Moments of Pause: But What About the Donkey Children?

Listening to the song "Cruella de Vil" from 101 Dalmatians, I was suddenly slammed with the realization that she stole puppies to make coats out of them, but ... it never said whether she owned any factories or anything. Was she literally going to kill them, tan the puppy hides, and stitch the coat together, all alone, by hand?

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Play My Favorite Musical Episode Once More With Feeling

The song in your heart could be a bitter suite or put a little love in your heart. I've heard it both ways.

Here's just a few of our favorite musical episodes of some great television shows.

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Not Just for Kids: Important Life Lessons Learned From Cartoon Characters

Here are some important life lessons one might learn from cartoons. Some of these are serious, others not so much. You decide. The power is yours!

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Let’s Talk About These Cartoons That Time Forgot

You're not hallucinating ... it was real! My top five favorites and more!

Here are some of my own cartoon half-memories, and in the comments, I'd love to hear some of your own!

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I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying: 10 Favorite Sad Tracks for a Good Cryfest

I've written a little bit about soundtracks and scores in the past. We've covered heroes, villains, and beauty, but sometimes, what you need is a good, old-fashioned cryfest.

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Interview: Killjoys‘ Tamsen McDonough Talks Fan Experiences, Playing a Spaceship & Being Part of the MCU

I fangirled hard while talking with McDonough, the voice of Lucy the Spaceship on Syfy's big damn space western Killjoys.

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Ghosts in the Machine: Female Computers in Science Fiction and History

You can take the woman out of the workplace, but you can't take the woman out of the machine she helped create.

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Connie, Sadie, and the Importance of Human Beings in Steven Universe

I want to talk about the human residents of Beach City, and why they matter, and why how they're written matters. The Crewniverse makes a real effort to treat the non-super characters as people and individuals with as many facets (gem pun intended), motivations, desires, weaknesses, and strengths as any of the super-powered show headliners. With some of the current goings-on in the SU fandom, treating humans with respect is a topic that should resonate with a lot of us right now.

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13 Villainous Costumes That Make Being Bad Look Good

For dresses like these, I'd turn heel too.

This fashion roundup is not last month's floofy dress edition. This is ... the fashion of the damned? Well, not entirely. (That'll come at the end.) Due to the nature of entertainment in general, few characters are one hundred percent villainous or heroic, so there will be a few entries on this list that might make you go "Wait! She's not a villain anymore! This season. Well, most of it ...."

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Princes with Personality: From Prince Charming to Flynn Rider

Princes aren't what they used to be, and that's a good thing.

Princesses are everywhere these days, playing a variety of social roles that bear little resemblance to those of decades past. But what about their princes? How have they changed with the times? Snow White's Prince is just there to be a prince and that's all he needs to be, while Flynn/Eugene is bursting with identity, personality, and humor. As the roles of women have changed in society, the expectations for the role of "prince" have changed as well.

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The 9 Very Best Fictional Fashion Looks: Formal Dress Edition

My favorite foo-foo dresses I wish I had a reason to wear.

Whether the dress is costume-y or fashion, I truly love dressing up. I respect those who don't, and would never be a jerk about it, but I have a closet of lovely things and nowhere to go, you guys! Since I was a kid, I've mentally curated an imaginary "list" of my top favorite dresses from movies. Some of them made the list for my previous article about fictional fashion, and some belong here, in my top favorite dresses I wish I had somewhere to wear.

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Irrational Love: Fandom Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

How does this happen to us?

I consider myself a mostly functional adult. I have a job. I attend graduate courses and write papers about academic things. I pay bills and stuff. I'm a good friend and a good kid to my parents. I'm a fairly upbeat person. I don't like to be sad, I don't cry a lot, and some people even think I'm funny. Why, oh, why, then am I obsessed with reading the angstiest fanfiction ever?

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18 of the Most Beautiful Pieces of Music From Movies, TV, and Games

I've covered other types of soundtracks and scores from heroes to villains and back again, but what I haven't written about yet are the beautiful tracks—the gorgeous ones and the haunting melodies that embed themselves in your brain and become a part of the character and experience for you. I'm a huge fan of soundtracks for movies, TV, and video games, and my favorites are about as eclectic and weird as I am, so be prepared (like a lion telling some hyenas how it's going to be).

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An Oasis of Calm, Safety, and Literacy at Conventions: The Carolina Manga Library

If you’ve ever been to a convention, you might have experienced a simultaneous feeling of euphoria at being around the people who like the things you like as much as you do and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of noisy humans, bright colors, and other stimuli. Have you ever wished there was a good […]

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8 Fictional Relationships That Avoid Plot-Swallowing Tropes

When the romance is one part of a well-balanced whole.

Depending on where you hang out on the Internet, it's become somewhat of a popular idea lately to be critical of romance plot lines in our entertainment. That said, there are more kinds of love than the romantic, you can have love without a triangle, and there are also good stories with solid characters who just happen to be in love, and whose romance does not overshadow the plot and other characters.

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Six Moments in Star Wars That Are Strong With the Feels

The Star Wars Feels: I've got 'em.

It's no secret that I love Space Opera and Space Westerns. As much as I love a good hero, I also love a good smuggler/gambler type, and Han Solo fit the bill. (#i<3scruffylookingnerfherders) So basically, Star Wars kind of had everything that I didn't yet know I was going to love forever and helped shape my preferences for the future. here are my top six times that Star Wars gave me a case of the feels!

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Wizard World Comic Con Cleveland Marvel Panel Highlights and More

♫ Sometimes you wanna go—where everyboooody understands the complexities underlying the dynamics of Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man. ♫

We had already kind of decided that we were pretty much going to Marvel-track ourselves for the weekend and place the most emphasis on attending the panels with actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Russo brothers. All of us are pretty big fans of the Marvel movies, and my particular affinity is for Iron Man. I was expecting a lot of hype for Civil War—honestly kind of hoping for it—and I was not disappointed.

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Important Life Lessons Learned from Plucky T(w)een Heroines

Here is a look at some of the plucky teen and tween heroines that have inspired me over the years!

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Steam Powered Giraffe: A Folk-Vaudevillian-Comic-Rock Opera Experience for the Whole Family

Steam Powered Giraffe's "The Spine" did not skimp on his replies to my email interview, and I invite all of you to meet David Michael Bennett and read what he has to say about the band and their newest projects!

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