Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Going Free-To-Play Next Week

We knew it was coming, but now we know when. BioWare’s attempt at a Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be going free-to-play starting next week, Thursday, November 15. The game released on December 20 of last year, and a little less than one year later, is making the move to a free-to-play model, like most of the rest of the MMO market. Makes you wonder why any MMO developers think their game can launch without a free-t0-play option nowadays.

If you’re a fan of the game, you can still pay for some benefits, such as what is basically some cash shop currency, dubbed Cartel Coins, as well as some quick slot bars.¬†For more information about the transition to the pricing model pretty much every MMO should launch with, head on over to the SW:TOR F2P information page.

It’s really not a surprise anymore when a game deploys a free-to-play pricing model, as — like it or not — that is currently the standard for MMO-style games. It’s much more of a surprise when an MMO-style game launches without a free-to-play pricing model, and judging from this switch less than a year later, the SW:TOR team most likely found out why.

Give the game a shot next week, it’s not like it’ll cost much.

(via The Escapist)

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