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MMO RIFT Attempts to Set Guinness World Record for Most Virtual Marriages in 24-Hour Period


In this day and age of MMOverflow (I just made that up!), MMOs need a way to stand apart from one another, especially since most MMOs (EVE Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online excluded) and  get stuck in the same routine of killing or collecting X of Y, leveling to the max level, then killing bosses that drop good equipment, so you can harder kill bosses that drop better equipment, so you can kill even harder bosses that drop even better equipment. Trion Worlds is looking to separate their MMO RIFT from the rest of the pack, not with gameplay mechanics, but by attempting to set a Guinness World Record. Which one, you ask? The most virtual marriages in a 24-hour period, of course!

The event will take place on February 14, Valentine’s Day, beginning at noon EST. There aren’t many requirements for characters to get married and help Trion Worlds set a world record, as one must simply have a significant other to marry that isn’t in an opposing faction. There are no restrictions on character class, race, or gender. For participating, Trion will be handing out an exclusive Valentine’s Day character title, dubbed “Tier of Knots.”

Along with the regular nuptials, Trion is holding a contest wherein they will be pick five entrants and pimp their virtual wedding, which includes new wedding wardrobes outfits. If you’re into RIFT enough to enter your name into the pimped-out wedding hat, or just want to help set a Guinness World Record, head on over to the announcement page and check out some more finite details.

(RIFT via Massively)

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