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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

BBC Releasing Doctor Who Seasons 1-7 Blu-Ray Set With Sonic Screwdriver Remote!

A few months back, I posed a query to Twitter asking if anyone knew of plans to release the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant Doctor Who seasons on blu-ray. Many told me it would never happen because of technical reasons I couldn’t quite grasp (they can put Hitchcock films on blu-ray, why not something from 2005?) but I held out hope considering, you know, the 50th anniversary is a great opportunity to sell stuff. Lo and behold, an email from BBC Home Entertainment landed in my inbox with news of a giant blu-ray release. Hit the jump for details. 


Winter Is Coming

You Can Buy Your Own Dragon (Sort Of) With This Game Of Thrones Season 3 Box Set

Okay, the dragon on this limited edition season 3 Blu-ray/DVD box set can’t engulf your enemies in flames. Still, the planned look of the new Game of Thrones set is quite fun, taking the coolest part of the Season 3 marketing campaign, the dragons’ shadows, to the next level. The set, which also includes a digital copy of the season, is $104.99 on Amazon, so it turns out that even inanimate dragons are quite expensive. Plus, the image above is only an artist’s rendering, so the design could change a bit. Still, a dragon seems like an effective way to guard precious Game of Thrones DVDs, and the resemblance the box set bears to a grave stone definitely lets you know what you’re getting into before you hit the end of the season.

Available exclusively on Amazon, you can pre-order the set now in advance of its February 18, 2014 release.

(via Nerd Approved)

Previously in Game of Thrones


Not all that glitters is gold

The Complete Twilight Saga Blu-Ray Is Inexplicably Without Sparkles

Entertainment Weekly debuted the inevitable complete set of the Twilight Saga but I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed. It’s so…plain. Writes EW, “Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga, a 10-disc Blu-ray set or a 12-disc DVD set, will be available on Nov. 5 — right before the fifth anniversary of the first Twilight — and includes two hours of never-before-seen bonus material, including new cast interviews, as well as all five movies.” It will also include a photo album and every extra from the older DVDs. Though I suppose there’s still room for the super special edition that comes in a life-sized replica of Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart, or Taylor Lautner’s head.

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The Mary Sue’s Game Of Thrones Season 2 Blu-Ray Giveaway

Are you ready to head back to Westeros? Thanks to Appliances Online we have four copies of the Game Of Thrones Season 2 blu-ray to give away!


Consider the Following

Disney Explains UK Avengers DVD Edits; Won’t Issue a Rerelease

Earlier this week (in a post where despite my best efforts I once again messed up the definition of “the United Kingdom”), we covered the discovering of a mysterious edit to the UK version of The Avengers DVD set. Specifically, it edited a pretty pivotal scene with Agent Phil Coulson to be less violent. You know, that scene. The one that most people half expect them to retcon, and a not-insignificant number of people actively want them to reveal as being not the whole truth of the matter.

Well, Disney’s got an explanation for that.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Rings Shaped Like Harry Potter’s Glasses

With added lightning bolt, these have to potential to poke you in the eye but if you’re anything like me, you don’t care. You can find them in thinkupjewel’s Etsy shop. (via Neatorama


Winter Is Coming

You Could Be Holding Game Of Thrones: The Complete First Season Like A Baby Dragon Right Now

Most of us here are weeping in anticipation of April 1. That’s when Season 2 of HBO’s award-winning series Game of Thrones returns to the network. We can’t wait to see our favorite characters return and find out where their stories go next (that is, if you haven’t already read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series) but some people will be watching the show for the first time today. Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season is out on dvd and blu-ray today. Read on for our thoughts, the specs, and as an added bonus, what it would look like if Walt Disney had made Game of Thrones.


Our Adorable Past

Unexpected Remastering Project of the Day: Manos: The Hands of Fate

With the final peals of Blu-ray’s battle horn being sounded across the grassy sward, echoing in the new era of format supremacy; a lot of our old favorites, once released on the best of the best of the format of the day, are getting remasterings and rereleasings in order to introduce them to a brand new audience in as pristine a quality as possible.

Which is precisely why Ben Solovey, current accidental owner of the workprint of Manos: the Hands of Fate, generally considered to be one of the worst films ever made, is trying to raise the money to remaster it and create a Blu-ray release. “How bad could it possibly be?” you ask, clearly having never seen the 1993 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that dragged the film out of obscurity and into the #3 spot on IMDB’s 100 worst movies list? Lets look at some choice clips from its Wikipedia article:


There's An Apparate For That

Harry Potter DVDs Not Disapparating in Exactly The Way We Thought

Earlier this week we told you Harry Potter DVDs would “soon disappear from shelves” (Warner Bros. words, not mine) to make way for what would mostly likely be all-new special editions with limited availability down the road. We didn’t need Professor Trelawney to tell us fans would freak out. They did. That’s why Warner Bros. has come out to clarify their original announcement. 


There's An Apparate For That

Warner Bros. Locking All Harry Potter DVDs in Gringotts Vault

We knew Voldemort couldn’t be gone for good. It looks as if he’s wised-up some since he last fight with Harry though. Now his devious plan is to infiltrate Warner Bros. in an effort to make as much money as possible. The company announced yesterday that as of December 29, all Harry Potter DVDs would magically disappear from stores.