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Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray Deleted Scene Shows Kirk Would Never Intrude On Your Date


It’s nice to know that even though someone’s your boss, they respect your boundaries and are encouraging when it comes to your dating life. Star Trek Beyond isn’t coming to Blu-ray until November 1st, but a new deleted scene shows that James Kirk is your bud first, and your Captain second. Check out the deleted scene, courtesy of USA Today, below:

The clip takes place after the crew has arrived at the Yorktown station for some R&R. Kirk asks Scotty if he’d like to get a drink but Scotty seems to have other plans with a certain Lt. Romaine (that would be Mira Romaine, with whom he was also romantically involved on the Original Series). Rather than cluelessly accept Scotty’s invitation to join them out of politeness, Kirk totally picks up what Scotty is throwing down. This is date territory, and Captains don’t join crew members on their dates. Way to be a pal, Kirk.

And, um, sorry you ended up getting sneezed on. That was not cool, Keenser. Not cool.

In any case, according to, the Beyond Blu-ray will “also include a tribute to Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the newer films.” While that’s totally awesome, and an absolute incentive to any fan thinking of picking the Blu-ray up, I have a feeling Trek fans are going to be picking this one up anyway. Star Trek Beyond did right by the franchise, and pulled Star Trek out of the Darkness and into the light.

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