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[VIDEO]: Kate Mara and Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite On Megan Leavey, a Vision of the Military We’re Not Used To

You've already seen Wonder Woman several times, and believe it or not, it's not the only film out there about a female hero that's directed by a woman. Even better, this one was written by women, too. This weekend, you might want to get to a theater and check out Megan Leavey, starring Kate Mara. Check out my video interview with Mara and director Gabriela Cowperthwaite after the jump!

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On This Memorial Day, We Remember Our Fallen Women and Their Families

It's easy to get caught up in Memorial Day being about a three-day weekend and stores having big sales, but Memorial Day is a day when we remember and honor the brave men and women who've given their lives in service of the United States through their participation in our nation's military. No matter what your political leanings, or what your opinions on how best to support our military, those who choose to serve our country, as well as their families, deserve our utmost respect.

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Male Marines Annoyed by “Crybaby” Gender-Neutral Language Express Their Point By Being Crybabies

Now that women are allowed to serve in all combat positions in the US military, it makes sense that each branch would start making their language, I dunno, gender neutral. Especially considering that even before women were serving in these position, one's job in the military was never being a man it was using a rifle, or driving a tank. Well, the US Marines are finally doing just that...and it's not making everyone entirely happy. But it's like, totally not a big deal.

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All U.S. Military Combat Roles Will Finally Open to Women

In case you forgot that in 2015, we still don't even necessarily have legal gender equality let alone social, United States Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter has announced that all U.S. military combat positions will finally open to women.

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Military Forcing Chelsea Manning to Adhere to Male Grooming Standards While Imprisoned

Apparently, being in prison isn't enough of a punishment. Nor is the threat of solitary confinement. Now, the military has denied Chelsea Manning's request to follow feminine grooming standards in military prison in what seems to be another attempt to humiliate Manning and disregard her transgender identity.

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The Navy SEAL Program Will Now Allow Women To Join

Following close on the heels of the announcement that two women just passed US Army Ranger training, the US NAVY Seal program announced that they'll now allow women a shot at making the grade as well.

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Pentagon Set to Remove Ban on Transgender Military Personnel

An estimated 15,000 transgender people are currently serving in the military. There's no current information on how many transgender personnel have been discharged for being trans.

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Women Like Marvel’s Agent Carter Were a Very Real Part of History

In my grandmother's assisted living home stands a very wonky statue which was recently decapitated by a nurse. Her head has been duct taped back together, and there she stands; a statue of a World War II WAC. After all, my grandmother held tightly to those memories of her time serving in the Women’s Army Corp.

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Things We Saw Today: Pumpkin Tyrannosaurs Will Eat You and Your Latte

Yeah but when Starbucks breaks down, the baristas don't eat the tourists.

Want a carved pumpkin that will only get scarier as it decomposes? Villafane Studios crafted this one for the Field Station: Dinosaurs park in New Jersey. (via That's Nerdalicious)

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Rape Jokes in the Military? How About No?

[Trigger Warning] Brian Adam Jones is the editor-in-chief of Task & Purpose. He also happens to be a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

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The Navy Promoted a Woman to Its Highest Rank for the First Time

The times, they are a changin'. Good.

Women have long had a tough time in the military, and that's putting it extremely lightly. That' hasn't stopped the U.S. Navy's Michelle Howard, who was the first African-American woman to earn the rank of admiral, and now she's been promoted to four-star admiral—the Navy's highest rank.

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Things We Saw Today: A Ring Befitting Any Starfleet Officer

Things We Saw Today

One of silversmith Austin Moore's many geeky rings. BioShock, Doctor Who, and The Legend of Zelda are all well represented in his online shop. (via Neatorama)

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Things We Saw Today: A K-9 Poodle Skirt for Hip Whovians

Things We Saw Today

Poodle? Pah. Robot dog. Created by Redditor Trammel for their daughter’s sock hop. (io9)

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Women Airforce Service Pilots Got Their Rose Parade Float Yesterday

For A More Civilized Age

If we talk about the Women Airforce Service Pilots a lot, it's only because they were awesome. Classified as civilians working for the Air Force as they performed the same job as (and even trained) enlisted men, unceremoniously dismissed at the end of the war, with their actions unnecessarily classified for thirty years and subsequently omitted from history textbooks. It's been a struggle for the aging members of the WASP to find their proper due, but one such effort went off without a hitch this very week.

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U.S. Navy Names First Female 4-Star Admiral, May Serve as Navy’s Second Ranking Officer


This Friday President Obama nominated Vice Admiral Michelle Howard for her fourth star, meaning that, pending Senate approval, she will become the first female full admiral in US Navy history.

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Christine Fox, Top Gun Inspiration, Appointed No. 2 at the Pentagon

Good News Everyone!

Christine Fox, mathematician, weapons specialist, and analyst, was just appointed acting Deputy Secretary of Defense, and while she's only set to fill the post until a permanent successor is named, it still makes her the highest ranking female Department of Defense employee in history.

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Army Official Slams Use of “Pretty” Women In PR Materials

what is this I don't even

Yesterday we told you about the first four women to graduate from marine infantry training following the decision earlier this year that female members of the U.S. military should be able to serve in combat. Yay! Gender equality! Progress! Col. Lynette Arnhart is the leader of a team studying how to best integrate women into these combat positions. And she has a beef with the way women are portrayed in the army’s PR materials. Namely: The soldiers used aren’t “average-looking” enough.

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We Have Our First Four Women in History to Graduate from US Marine Infantry Training

Great Hera!

This isn't a big shock, but it is a big achievement. Ten months after the US Secretary of Defense ordered our armed forces to prepare facilities and training so that women could be integrated into combat and infantry positions, four women will graduate from Camp Geiger, home to the eastern Marine Corps School of Infantry. They will be the first women in history to do so.

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40% of the CIA’s Field Operatives are Women, Can We Have a Black Widow Movie Now?

i'll just leave this here

How well do you know your female coworkers? Friends? Could some of them be spies? Well, no, that's not very likely. Unless you work in a different sort of business than most of us. And of course the CIA, like any intelligence agency, has a complicated history (and present), but it's still pretty cool that the CIA has recovered from being the sort of government agency with numerous workplace allegations levied at it to nearly gender equal in less than two decades.

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Nonprofit Struggles to Raise Money for Female Pilots of WWII Rose Bowl Tribute

To infinity and beyond!

The Wingtip-to-Wingtip Association is a non-profit that's looking for a new way to bring attention to a group of pioneering women whose accomplishments were hidden from the public for thirty years after they were released from service. But their attempt to bring a parade float honoring World War II's WASPs to a nationally televised event is turning up short of funds a mere days before their deadline.

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