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Things We Saw Today: Superman, Batman, and the Doctor Have a Chat

Things We Saw Today

Ouch. This started out fun and then got really sad. (Nerd Approved)

Thank you for this, BBC America.

  • A Vine video posted by Bryan Singer has confirmed that Bishop and Warpath are in X-Men: Days of Future Past. According to SuperHeroHype (beware an autoplay video at the link) they’re probably who previously announced cast members Omar Sy and Booboo Stewart will be playing.
  • Sharing an HBO GO password could land you in jail. Well it’s good I would never do such a thing then. *twitch* (Death and Taxes)
  • Cereal mascot Cap’n Crunch is getting an online animated talk show. Replace Cap’n Crunch with Space Ghost and this would be good news. (Topless Robot)

Thor and Odin rock the matching braid look in this new Thor: The Dark World promo. Somewhere Loki is begging for a ponytail holder. (The Daily Blam!)

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