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Lucy Lawless to Guest Star On Parks and Recreation


Lucy Lawless will finally make an appearance on Parks and Recreation after a scheduling conflict with the television series Spartacus: Vengeance prevented her from playing Tammy 1, Ron Swanson's first ex-wife. Hit the jump to find out some details about her role and consider yourself spoiler warned!

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Disney Pulls the Plug on Latest from Henry Selick; Stop-Motion Fans Cry Bitter Tears

Today in Depressing

It's a sad day for stop-motion animation. The latest project from Henry Selick, the director behind Coraline, James and the Giant Peach and The Nightmare Before Christmas (no, that wasn't Tim Burton) has had his latest project canned by Disney.

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Watch This Supercut Of Dana Scully Saying “Oh My God” [Video]

I Want to Believe

In retrospect, isn't it a little odd that it took Dana Scully a full seven seasons of The X-Files to become a believer? Especially considering how many times she felt compelled to utter "OMG" in the face of unexplainable. Seriously Scully, none of these moments made you question your belief system? Here's a supercut of Gillian Anderson being taken by surprise for all of you X-Philes out there, moments that, as we know, inevitably transformed into a cool, collected skepticism. Well, looks like its time for me to marathon The X-Files again. (via i09.)

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Ebay Has Banned The Sale of Magical Items, Now We’ll Fail Potions For Sure

This is just like magic!

Oh Ebay. You were there for me when I was 12 and able to convince my mother that I absolutely needed a crappy alarm clock with James Marsters' face on it, and you're here for me now as I struggle to buy college books and make rent. Unfortunately, it looks like you won't have my back when I graduate next year and need a spell that will ensure me a well-paying job right out of college: in their 2012 Fall Seller Update, Ebay announced that it will ban all sales of magic potions, charms, and spells effective August 30th.

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The Psychological Impact Of Sexual Objectification [Video]

The Boob Tube

Just kidding, it's a movie trailer for a fictional film called Ghost Tits. But hear me out: while yes, it is essentially about a doofy boyfriend whose life is "turned upside down" when his girlfriend (Olivia Munn) loses a cup size or two, perhaps it is also a metaphor for how objectification and the male gaze can warp not only the expectations placed upon women, but women's actual bodies. Perhaps the male gaze can actually alter what's real, shifting physical realities to conform to a certain level of social desirability. I swear, there's a feminist critique somewhere here! Oh, and Mr. Feeny makes an appearance and says "tits," (teehee) so you can watch it for that, too. (via Laughing Squid and Paulilu Mixtape.)

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Dinosaurs, Why Did It Have to Be Dinosaurs: Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park Return to Theaters

hold on to your butts

Sometimes miracles do happen: Not only has the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park been bumped up, meaning that dinosaurs will be stomping towards you in theaters sooner than ever, Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark is hitting the really big screen for an IMAX re-release. Can you handle this much action, adventure, and Steven Spielberg?

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NBC To Develop Super Villain Drama Based on Hench

Cautiously Optimistic

Perhaps spurred by the increasing popularity of comics films, NBC is developing a TV series based on the comic Hench, which centers around a regular guy who, in order to support his family, gets jobs filling in for super villains. Hit the jump to find out more!

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10 Feminist-Friendly Manga You Should Read

Power Grid

Are you interested in reading manga, but don’t know where to start? Are you an avid comics fan looking to bulk up you feminist-friendly reading list? Much like anime, good, feminist manga is often difficult to find, especially when you’re relying on reading titles that are legally licensed in the United States. It’s often a very thin line that separates manga that pokes fun at sexist tropes, and manga that regularly utilizes sexism to advance its plot, and even if you can find that rare-as-a-unicorn story, there’s no guarantee the story will be compelling and worth $10 a pop. But don't worry: we're here to help. Hit the jump for 10 manga series you should totally throw your money at!

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The Avengers’ Japanese Release Ignites Controversy

what is this I don't even

In preparation for The Avengers opening this month in Japan, the film's marketing team has come up with an ad campaign that has some people very upset, and rightfully so: in Japanese, the film's tagline is 日本よ、これが映画だ, translated as "Hey Japan, this is a movie". While that sentence might seem utterly inoffensive, for a few prominent voices in Japan, it's a phrase loaded with notions of cultural and cinematic superiority. Hey Mary Sue readers, this is a blog, hit the jump to find out more!

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The Discovery Of The Century: Chemists Create Chocolate With Half The Fat

The Future Is Now!

Good news everyone! We don't have to fear haters snapping their head back Exorcist-style to judge our dietary choices when we reach for a chocolate bar in public anymore! Scientists have discovered a way to cut the fat in chocolate by half through the use of fruit juice. Finally, an adequate solution to the eternal, seemingly unsolvable equation: "Chocolate + ? = Cellulite-less thighs." Science strikes again, ladies!

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Our Favorite Rumor Of The Day: Will The Walking Dead Become a Feature Film?


Television-to-movie transitions are often very hit or miss. Sometimes it can go extraordinarily well, as was the case with The Muppets movie, and sometimes it can go horribly, horribly wrong, as distraught Avatar: The Last Airbender fans are quick to point out. As a result, fans are often understandably split over the issue of filmic reboots -- is it worth potentially sullying the source material? If Bloody Disgusting's Mr. Disgusting is correct about burgeoning rumors of a feature film adaptation of AMC's The Walking Dead, this timeless debate may once again ignite flamewars in comment sections across the Internet.

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Mutant Butterflies Emerge In The Wake Of The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

i'll just leave this here

Although the human impact of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was limited to physical injuries, excessive radiation exposure and the possibility that cancer could rear its ugly head in the future, the meltdown's toll on the environment has remained a mystery -- until now. In an attempt to measure the consequences of the nuclear accident, scientists studied butterflies collected from Fukushima last year, ultimately discovering a series of biological adaptations to increased levels of environmental radiation that does not bode well for local wildlife.

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Watch This Precious LEGO: The Lord of the Rings Trailer

My Precious!

When we caught a glimpse of the LEGO The Lord Of The Rings game earlier this summer, we understandably collapsed in a fan-panic. Not only are the LEGO games freaking adorable, this one seemed to feature actual dialogue from the film, an interesting turn from the usual gesturing/grunting thing LEGO game characters tend to use to communicate. Hit the jump for the new trailer previewed at Gamescom 2012, in addition to a cute, but maxim-heavy short about the history of the LEGO Group in honor of their 80th birthday. 

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12 Gorgeous Photos From The 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

eye candy

The London Olympics have come and gone, and the world has a slew of amazing athletes to celebrate, in addition to a lot of  dreaming young future Olympians to tend to. Here are 12 photos from the dazzling closing ceremony that capped off the 2012 London Olympics, an event that proved to be just as beautiful as the two weeks of peaceful and inspiring competition that preceded it. Oh, and our favorite pre-Olympics rumor totally panned out, the Spice Girls did perform during the ceremony! Be still my made-in-the-90s heart.

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Vintage Photos Of Stylish, Norm-Challenging Tattooed Women

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Although women have achieved a certain level of freedom to decorate their bodies as they wish in modern society, the scandal of getting a tattoo or a piercing wasn't always limited to unruly teens going against their parents' wishes. At best, the subject of strange glances on the street, and at worst, the subject of ridicule, tattooed women bucked societal norms in order to decorate their skin as they saw fit, paving the way for today's inked chicks. Here are some great old photos of some lovely ladies with awesome tatts!

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Monday Cute: Dalmatian Adopts Tiny Orphaned Spotted Lamb


Once again, animals prove to us humans that love knows no limits-- a spotted lamb in South Australia's Barossa Valley has been adopted by a Dalmatian dog, after being abandoned by her mother. Having no children of her own, the dog has taken to grooming and mothering the tiny lamb, a cross between Dorper ram and a cross-bred Dorper and Van Rooy ewe, whenever she can. According to the farm's co-owner, John Bolton, while they're still unsure whether they'll call the lamb a "sheep-matian" or  a "dal-dorper," they know for a fact that this uncanny parental bond has only benefited the baby lamb. Watch the video for some cross-species parenting in action, and try to contain your "awws!" to your cubicle! (via The Huffington Post.)

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Things We Saw Today: An Iron Man Purse With A Built In Arc Reactor

Things We Saw Today

But can it power my iPhone and my Kindle? (via Neatorama.)

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6 Alternative Posters For Avengers’ Films

Fans Do Cool Things

Can't stop thinking about a Black Widow movie? We can't either. While it doesn't look like we'll be getting one soon, let's take a moment and relish this movie poster by Duke Dasterdly, and dream of what could be. Oh, yeah, and there are some other alternative movie posters to check out. And while we certainly would have appreciated a poster with more Scarlett Johansson and less singular body part of Scarlett Johansson, we have to say, this is pretty gorgeous.

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Party On, Dudes: Bill & Ted 3 Grab Galaxy Quest’s Director

Good News Everyone!

Excellent news! It looks like Bill & Ted 3 is moving forward with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprising their roles, with some newfound directorial assistance from Dean Parisot, best known for his work on Galaxy Quest. The 80s movies won't stop!

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While You Were Sleeping: Katie Taylor Wins Ireland’s First Gold Medal Of The 2012 Olympics, Makes History For Women Boxers

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Katie Taylor won Ireland's first gold medal of the games, the ninth Olympic gold medal in Ireland’s history, and the first gold medal in women's boxing (60 kg), a new sport added to the Olympics. (via The New York Times.)

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