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The Internet Can’t Stop Mocking Julian Assange’s New Haircut

Julian Assange has been in the news lately for a number of reasons, from intentionally-or-not aiding a Russian campaign to influence the U.S. presidential election to everyone thinking rape charges against him had been dropped (which is misleading). This time, it's something much simpler: a haircut straight out of The Witcher.

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WikiLeaks Has “Revealed” the Obvious Fact That a Hacked Phone Makes Encrypted Messaging Pointless

Did they also find secret NASA data revealing the sky is blue?

If WikiLeaks has done one thing very well recently, it's been highlighting the problems with a glut of information but a shortage of context. Most recently, they've released data on the CIA's cyber surveillance abilities, and in the process they've stirred up fears that secure data transmission isn't actually secure.

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Things We Saw Today: #TeensThatLookLikeTeens Claps Back at Sexualized Riri Williams on Invincible Iron Man Variant Covers

We were all excited when it was announced that 15-year-old Riri Williams would be the new Iron Man. Now, the variant covers for Invincible Iron Man #1 have arrived and Houston, we have a problem.

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Enjoy the Irony: WikiLeaks Is Mad That Google Handed Their Emails Over to the FBI

WikiLeaks is not a fan of leaking information to the goverment.

WikiLeaks, which has kind of a habit of making secret information publicly available, is pretty upset that Google gave in to a Department of Justice order to hand over data including emails and IP addresses associated with several WikiLeaks staff members. Who could blame them? No one likes to be on the receiving end of that level of irony.

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Bradley “WikiLeaks” Manning Pleads Guilty, But Not Completely

If a torrent of treasonous charges were levied against you, and a lot of them were undeniable, would you give in? Today, Private First Class Bradley Manning -- of the WikiLeaks controversy -- pleaded "guilty" to at least 10 of the charges held against him, setting him up for 20 or more years in jail.

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Matthew Crawley—Sorry, Dan Stevens—Might Be In the Benedict Cumberbatch-Starring WikiLeaks Movie

Today in Awesome

That WikiLeaks movie just got über-British. Variety reports that Dan Stevens, best known for playing Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey, might be taking his acting talents and supernaturally perfect hair to star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in the yet-unnamed film about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

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The Government Maybe Uses Cameras to Track Your Every Move

The government is watching you. All the time. People have been saying it for years, and now we kinda, sorta, have proof. Files on TrapWire, a government-sponsored program that allows U.S. intelligence agencies to track people's movements using surveillance cameras, have surfaced with  the latest batch of Wikileaks documents. Some are saying that's why the site has been experiencing mass DDoS attacks: To keep this thing under wraps. Conspiracy theories abound.

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Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Breaks Bail, Seeks Asylum in Ecuador

After the U.K. Supreme Court ruled against him and blocked an attempt to appeal, Wikileaks creator Julian Assange seems to be running out of options. Facing extradition to Sweden over accusations of rape and sexual molestation, Assange yesterday fled to the Ecuadorian embassy in the U.K. and is seeking political asylum.

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Wikileaks Founder’s Latest Extradition Appeals Unanimously Rejected by U.K. Supreme Court

When we last checked in on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, his bid to avoid being extradited to Sweden in connection with rape charges had been denied by the U.K. Supreme Court. However, his defense team appealed the decision. The Court responded today with a resounding dismissal, letting their previous ruling stand.

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WikiLeaks Launching Its Own Encrypted Social Network That Actually Sounds Kind Of Neat

Everybody has a social network nowadays, and if Anonymous has one and there's one that helps you find people with similar intestinal bacteria, it should come as no surprise that WikiLeaks is announcing its own encrypted social network called FoWL for "Friends of WikiLeaks." What might come as a surprise is that parts of it actually sound really neat.

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Julian Assange To Air WikiLeaks TV Show The World Tomorrow on April 17th

It seems like everyone gets a TV show nowadays, and Julian Assange is no exception. A recent announcement reveals that on April 17th, he'll be airing his own live-to-tape TV show The World Tomorrow. The show will air on some Comcast and Time Warner Cable systems, and on RT, a Russian news network available in the U.S. with Dish Network. Also, of course, you can watch it on the web. We are talking about the guy behind WikiLeaks after all. Web access is kind of a given.

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US Judge Rules Twitter Must Hand Over Icelandic MP User Information in Wikileaks Case

US judge Liam O'Grady ruled this past Thursday that Twitter must hand over information regarding Birgitta Jonsdottir, a member of the Icelandic parliament and also a supporter of the controversial anti-secrecy site Wikileaks. The ruling comes after months of fighting to keep what Jonsdottir views as private information out of the court's hands, and could have far wider implications.

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WikiLeaks to Temporarily Stop Leaking, Focus on Fundraising

Due to the excessive costs of various lawsuits and the problems of a blockcade by nearly all large credit cards, WikiLeaks has stopped leaking and is diverting all power to shields aggressive fundraising in order to get enough money to fight the credit card companies in court. Bank of America, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Western Union all refused to accept donations for WikiLeaks on December 7th of 2010 and the situation has reached a particularly dire point.

While it seems that the companies engaged in the blockade have gotten what they've wanted, WikiLeaks doesn't look like it'll be going down easy. The site is not shutting down and is, instead, fundraising like crazy. On every page a "donate" window pops up and upon clicking the donate button, users are provided with several walkthroughs explaining exactly how they can donate so that the money actually gets to WikiLeaks.

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Wikileaks Reveals Some Media Leaks May Be Intended to Help Government Infiltrate Warez Sites

A recently leaked diplomatic cable reveals that starting in 2009, entertainment entities teamed up with government agencies and at least considered the possibility of purposefully leaking media in hopes of infiltrating topsites. It's unclear whether or not this actually happened, but the leaked cable discusses the option in detail.

The 2009 cable outlines a meeting involving the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a representative from the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE), and representatives from the South Korean government. While the cable makes no mention of any specific plans or instances of topsite infiltration, there is language which strongly implies that ICE is familiar with the process as a result of campaigns taking place here in the states.

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LulzSec and Anonymous Boycott PayPal, LulzSec Member Reportedly Arrested, Again

LulzSec and Anonymous have again teamed up and this time they are urging a boycott of PayPal. OpPayPal was announced yesterday and the weapon of choice was not, oddly enough, DDOS attacks, but a comparatively gentle boycott. As per usual, the obligatory Pastebin announcement cited motivations for the operation, which include the arrest of Anonymous and LulzSec affiliates across the globe and PayPal's continuing refusal to be associated with WikiLeaks. Anonymous is currently claiming to have been responsible for the closure of some 35,000 PayPal accounts and a reported 1 billion dollar drop in stock value, but whether this is cause and effect or just a lucky coincidence has yet to be determined. Anonymous definitely has a vested interest in spinning their facts.

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WikiLeaks Threatens Visa, MasterCard with Lawsuit

Aside from Julian Assange's house arrest and sundry legal troubles, his brainchild WikiLeaks has been at the center of a so-called "financial blockade" by payment processing companies for over six months. In response, WikiLeaks has announced that unless the blockade is ended by Thursday, July 7, they will file a lawsuit against the companies involved. At issue are services such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard which have refused to process payments supporting WikiLeaks. The companies claim that they cannot support any illegal activity, and have cut off the secret-spilling website from some much needed donation money. WikiLeaks and their payment processor DataCell counter in their suit that the continued blockade constitutes an unfair use of the companies' market dominance.

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WikiLeak-Inspired Site HackerLeaks Goes Live

The LulzBoat may have sailed off into the sunset, but LulzSec weren't the only ones who knew how to make waves. Anonymous and the People's Liberation Front launched HackerLeaks earlier this week in a bid to make hacked information more widely accessible. The site is apparently the brainchild of several PLF members and was concieved during "Operation Orlando", an attack against the city of Orlando after the repeated arrest of members of the group "Food Not Bombs." This new site which is admittedly modeled after WikiLeaks, provides hackers with a centralized site with which they can publicize their hacked data. In the site's own words

In both security as well as overall strategy, HackerLeaks is closely modeled on WikiLeaks. Our firstpriority is to provide a safe, secure - and anonymous way for hackers to disclose sensitive information. Our team of analysts first carefully screens each submission for any possible trace of the senders identity. Our second commitment is to ensure that each and every leak receives the maximum exposure possible in order to achieve the most profound political impact for the risks taken by those submitting material. To that end, we work with media outlets all over the world.

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Julian Assange Auctions Himself On Ebay

Julian Assange is worth $1,735. While that isn't his net worth, it is what he's going for these days. Time spent with the founder of the now infamous WikiLeaks is going for $1,735 on Ebay. Embattled in legal struggles related to a Swedish rape case in addition to defending the actions of his controversial company has drained both the company and Assange of funds. So, he is selling himself on the auction website. More specifically, Assange is selling spots at a luncheon with himself, followed by a seat at a Frontline Club conversation with himself and Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek where the two will discuss the impact of WikiLeaks on the world and in the future. Currently the seventh of eight spots at the event is going for $1,735 on Ebay in Britain. According to Ebay, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of time with Assange will go to WikiLeaks.

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Hackers Deface PBS Website Following Frontline Report on WikiLeaks

A hacker group trading under the name "lulzsec" was able to gain control of PBS' servers, defaced several websites, and posted an article to the PBS Newshour site claiming that deceased rapper Tupac Shakur was found alive in New Zealand. The group then posted several taunting messages to Twitter before methodically tweeting out PBS website passwords and other information the group gleaned during the attack. As of this morning, PBS was still struggling to contain the attack. The motive behind the attack seems to stem from a May, 24 Frontline report on WikiLeaks called "Wikisecrets," which the group found to not be to their liking. Some of the defaced pages also made reference to the continued incarceration of Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of leaking the documents to Wikileaks. The Frontline piece has received some criticism from Manning's supporters and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange as being an unfair and hostile portrayal of Manning and the Wikileaks operation. Attacks on Wikileaks, perceived or otherwise, has set off cyber attacks in the past, most notably with the hacker collective Anonymous. However, Lulzsec apparently claims no connection with the group. According to Wired, Lulzsec was responsible for a security breach at Sony and also for an attack on which resulted in personal information from X-Factor applications being made publicly available. To read the hacked article in its entirety, and to see other pages defaced by Lulzsec, head over to our sister site Mediaite. (via NYTimes, Wired)

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WikiLeaks NDA Threatens Leakers with $20 Million Penalty If They Leak About WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks may be in the business of disseminating corporate and government information, the owners of which would rather keep it in the dark, but when it comes to its own sensitive information, WikiLeaks plays tough too. According to a leaked non-disclosure agreement [PDF] signed by WikiLeaks staff, all of the collected leaks and documents are "solely the property of WikiLeaks," and a "significant breach" of WikiLeaks' NDA is assigned a monetary value of £12 million -- A little under $20 million. Wired:

“You accept and agree that the information disclosed, or to be disclosed to you pursuant to this agreement is, by its nature, valuable proprietary commercial information,” the agreement reads, “the misuse or unauthorized disclosure of which would be likely to cause us considerable damage.” ... Interestingly, the agreement warns that any breach is likely to cause WikiLeaks to lose the “opportunity to sell the information to other news broadcasters and publishers.”
Leaking the NDA is considered a breach by the NDA, but whoever leaked the copy of the NDA to the New Statesman didn't sign the NDA, so they might not be subject to the NDA's penalty for leaking the NDA. (New Statesman via Wired via Slashdot)

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