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The Dark Knight Returns

WTF Comics Club Reads: The Dark Knight Returns

Everything is awful. Good thing Bats is here to punch people.

Frank Miller’s much-lauded Batman miniseries, The Dark Knight Returns, shows an aging Bruce Wayne returning to vigilante antics after years in retirement. Because what’s more exciting than a rich white guy fighting crime? A middle-aged rich white guy beating up teenagers, apparently.

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Frank Miller To Close Out The Dark Knight Returns Saga With The Dark Knight III: The Master Race

At least Superman's logo can bleed.

Yesterday afternoon, Frank Miller announced on Twitter that he would be returning to Gotham to close out The Dark Knight Returns trilogy with this last installment, dubbed The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Answers Science’s Biggest Question: Who Would Win in a Fight? Batman or Superman?


This Daily Show interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson is great for many reasons—not the least of which being Tyson's optimism about how the public is starting to care more about science and nerds inheriting the Earth. But, he also weighs in on his possible Batman v Superman involvement with a potentially mildly spoilery answer to which of those heroes would really win in a fight.

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Get Prepped for Sexualization and Fridging: It’s Time for Another Sin City Movie

I'm the God-dame-d Batman.

As Sin City: A Dame to Kill For seeks to bring more of Miller’s mix of bruising fellas and half-naked women holding machine guns to the screen, it’s the perfect time for us—to use the vernacular of Miller’s milieu—dames to take a look back at his most misogynistic moments in color and ink to prepare ourselves for another go-round.

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Interview: Scott Snyder discusses Zero Year and Batman Eternal


For years, Scott Snyder has been gathering fans in both the superhero and horror genres. Via DC's Vertigo line, he's created the sci-fi horror series The Wake, which brings up old terrors from Earth's oceans, and the American Vampire saga that features how the New World mutates familiar monsters. Along with this, he's been hailed for his work on Swamp Thing, Batman and Superman Unchained. Currently in the pages of Batman, he's redefining the early days and Bruce Wayne's war on crime in the story Zero Year. Along with this, he's gearing up to join other creators for the new series Batman Eternal, which will feature new challenges for Gotham City and its heroes in the present day. At Emerald City Comicon, Scott was kind enough to chat about his current and upcoming work on Batman.

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Butcher Billy is Back With The Donkey Knight Returns Project

"I want you to remember, in all the years to come - the one Italian plumber who beat you."

Our pal Butcher Billy loves to mash up pop culture, and that's great, because he's very talented at it. His latest project combines takes the barrel-throwing Donkey Kong and turns him into the barrel-chested Mutant Leader of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Yeah, we're 100% on board with this.

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Arrow Gets Its Flash Plus, Justin Bieber Might Be Carrie Kelley In Man Of Steel 2 (What?)

Faster than a speeding bullet!

We knew the clock was ticking on casting The Flash on The CW's Arrow. Luckily, they picked someone before the day of the shoot. Glee star Grant Gustin is your new Barry Allen. Hit the jump for all the details plus a great side-by-side comparison of Justin Bieber and DC Comics' Carrie Kelley. And also the reason why we would do such a thing.

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Are These Actors Being Considered To Play Batman In Man Of Steel 2?

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

In the words of The Lion King's Timon, "It starts.

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Live-Action Batman and Superman Crossover Film is Happening!

I hope it's a bromance.

DC announced at their San Diego Comic Con panel that Superman won't be alone in the follow up to Man of Steel. He'll be joined by Batman, and it looks like the film will kick things off for putting a Justice League film together. Zack Snyder is returning to direct with David S. Goyer writing the script. Get pumped, everybody.

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Have $500,000 to Throw Around? Original Dark Knight Returns #2 Cover Art Goes Up For Auction

You'd have to be rich like Bruce Wayne, or at the very least have Tom Haverford stacks on stacks on stacks to afford this.

"Gritty" Batman started in one place -- Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Miller's original artwork for the cover of issue #2 in the series is going up for sale at Heritage Auctions, and it can be yours, but only if you're Bruce-Wayne-level loaded. The piece is expected to bring in over half a million dollars, and I'm willing to bet the Joker tries to steal it.

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Anne Hathaway Calls Catwoman Costume A “Psychological Terrorist,” Michelle Pfeiffer Agrees

This Makes Sense

Christian Bale's Batman costume was particularly unforgiving for the actor. He was recently quoted saying the costume almost caused him to pass out on set but he isn't the only one from Christopher Nolan's trilogy who had clothing issues. Anne Hathaway just referred to hers as a "psychological terrorist." Direct quote. Unsurprisingly, she's also not the only Catwoman actress to take issue with the outfit. Batman Returns' Michelle Pfeiffer wasn't very comfortable in hers either. More details, including Pfeiffer's possible return to the role, after the jump! 

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Batman’s Gary Oldman Will Star In The Robocop Remake While Robocop Stars In Batman

Allow Us To Explain

I wasn't interested in the RoboCop remake until I heard Gary Oldman was cast and I wasn't going to write about Oldman being cast until I realized some coincidental role choices for himself and another well-known genre actor. Read on to find out what they are. 

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Things We Saw Today: A Lady Who Built a Bass Guitar Out of a Commodore 64

Things We Saw Today

This hero's name is Jeri Ellsworth, and she debuted her instrument at Maker Faire Bay Area last weekend. (Laughing Squid)

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Holy Joel Schumacher Had Another Batman Movie In The Works, Batman!

Nope. Still Not Happening.

I'll admit, I actually take enjoyment from Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Not the same kind I take from Tim Burton's Batman films or the Christopher Nolan ones but enjoyment nonetheless. But even I cannot handle this news. Joel Schumacher, director of the most hated Batman movies of all time, has revealed he had another in the works called Batman: Triumphant. And it was going to star Nicolas Cage. BRB, I feel compelled to shower.

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Original Art From The Dark Knight Returns Becomes Most Expensive Page of Comic Art Ever

Not all that glitters is gold

Entire issues of comics have broken the $1 million mark in private auctions within the last couple years, but the money involved in the buying and selling of original comic art is somewhat less lucrative. But that didn't keep this page from The Dark Knight Returns from setting a new record for the going price of a piece of original American comic artwork this week.

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Distraction of the Morning: What Comics Came Out the Month You Were Born?

A Lesson in Humility

Mike Voiles' exhaustive indexing of published Marvel, DC, Fawcett, Quality, Charlton, and Wildstorm comics from 1935 to the present must be a boon for collectors and retailers alike. But for the rest of us mortals it's just an exercise in looking up our own birth months and checking out the results. Hey, older comic fans. I'm as old as Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. Problem? (Thanks, Christy!)

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Is Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns Getting Animated?


Hmmm ... rumors are abound that Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's The Dark Knight Returns, about a post-retirement Batman coming back to defend Gotham alongside his new sidekick, Carrie Kelly, is in the early stages of becoming a full-length animated movie. Not a lot of details are clear, mostly because there hasn't been any official word. But the series also features Superman, and only one of our heroes makes it to the end of the story. It's assumed that such a project would go straight to DVD, similar to All Star Superman and Year One. But like we've said -- it's all rumors at the moment. (Though one we couldn't really resist.) (Bleeding Cool via Topless Robot and Daily Blam)

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Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert Addresses Cleveland in Comic Sans: Why We Facepalm

In case you haven't heard, the only news in the world today is that LeBron James decided that he is going to play basketball for the Miami Heat instead of the New York Knicks or the Cleveland Cavaliers. This has made some people in Cleveland very sad, including the team's owner, Dan Gilbert. Dan Gilbert was so upset, in fact, that he wrote a very angry open letter to Cleveland fans, laden with surprising capitalizations and lines like "The self-declared former "King" will be taking the "curse" with him down south. And until he does "right" by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma," and "'I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE THAT THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS WILL WIN AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE THE SELF-TITLED FORMER ‘KING’ WINS ONE' You can take it to the bank." We will leave it to our sporting brethren at SportsGrid to parse the meaning and sporty implications of all of this to the world of people who care about sports. For our part, the most important thing to note about Dan Gilbert's letter is that it was written in Comic Sans. Comic Sans.

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Fringe’s Awesome Alternate Universe Comic Covers, Side-by-Side with the Originals

DC's The Source blog has lately been showcasing some variant covers for upcoming comics, all in celebration of the company's 75th anniversary.  So, when a redone and recolored cover of the famous first issue cover for Green Lantern/Green Arrow, with the titular characters now Red Lantern and Red Arrow was offered completely without comment, most people assumed it was just another variant. Last night, The Source revealed that the cover was actually one of a series, created for the season finale of the sci-fi show Fringe.

The covers each represent a direction that the DC editorial staff might have taken in an alternate universe; a sort of opposite day revamp of a famous story.  Above, case in point: Superman: The Man of Steel Returns.  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Dark Knight Returns, does it?

We've got all the covers below, to the left of their alternate counterparts.

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Wondercon Makes Us Sad: Greg Rucka Leaving, All-Star Batman and Robin Not Over

This weekend is Wondercon and of course announcements are rolling out to let us know what to expect from the world of comics, movies, and science fiction. The two that have caught our eye are not exactly what we would call reassuring.

DC Comics has announced that Frank Miller and Jim Lee are still dedicated to the long running "deadline challenged" series of All-Star Batman and Robin, and will be starting up a new series Dark Knight: Boy Wonder, to begin running in February 2011. They promise that these issues will ship on time. Without, you know, switching to a bi-monthly schedule halfway through. And then a five month delay on the last issue which ultimately has to be recalled.

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