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Live-Action Batman and Superman Crossover Film is Happening!

I hope it's a bromance.

Batman Superman

DC announced at their San Diego Comic Con panel that Superman won’t be alone in the follow up to Man of Steel. He’ll be joined by Batman, and it looks like the film will kick things off for putting a Justice League film together. Zack Snyder is returning to direct with David S. Goyer writing the script. Get pumped, everybody.

There aren’t many details at the moment, but Snyder says the Frank Miller classic The Dark Knight Returns will help inform the story. In case you don’t remember, Batman and Superman beat the tar out of each other in that book, so if you’re expecting them to team up for a buddy-cop detective story you might be disappointed.

At the moment it seems the only people attached to the project for sure are Snyder, Goyer, and Henry Cavill. Christian Bale said publicly earlier this month that he’s moving on from the role of Batman, but some rumors about the Justice League movie said he’d be coming back. After the campaign of misdirection Christopher Nolan leveled on the public with his Dark Knight trilogy, I’m not really sure we can take Bale at his word here. Still, speculation over who will play Batman is bound to ramp up in the weeks to come.

The Superman/Batman crossover will be released in 2015, with plans in place for a movie about The Flash in 2016, and ultimately a Justice League film in 2017.

Reactions to the news seem to be mixed, even among Geekosystem editors, so what do you think? World’s Finest or do we have Alien vs. Predator situation on our hands?

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