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Butcher Billy is Back With The Donkey Knight Returns Project

"I want you to remember, in all the years to come - the one Italian plumber who beat you."


dark donkey knight

Our pal Butcher Billy loves to mash up pop culture, and that’s great, because he’s very talented at it. His latest project combines takes the barrel-throwing Donkey Kong and turns him into the barrel-chested Mutant Leader of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Yeah, we’re 100% on board with this.

Check out these great close-ups, complete with quotes from the graphic novel.




Look! Butcher Billy even designed his own cartridge, on the off chance that they want to make this into a real live Nintendo 64 game.


Not cool enough as is? There’s also an awesomely animated version over at Bitcher Billy’s Behance page, complete with added VG music that was inspired by Akumajō Dorakyura — which you probably know better as Castlevania. 

(via Butcher Billy on Behance)

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