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How to Change the Abusive Culture of Teen Sexting? Start by Putting the Responsibility on Boys.

A new study looks at the culture around teen sexting. While it's been found that boys often use anger, threats, and other forms of coercion to elicit nude pictures from young girls, the responsibility to stop these exchanges is nearly always and entirely placed on the girls.

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New Study Finds That Teen Boys Use “Anger and Threats” to Coerce Explicit Photos from Teen Girls

A new study, published in the peer-reviewed Sexuality Research and Social Policy, looked at the sexting experiences of teenage girls and found that many of them sent explicit photos not because they wanted to, but because they faced "repeated requests or threats" from their male partners.

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In Sext Adventure, a Sexting Robot Doesn’t Conform to Your Human Notions of Gender

"You receive a sext. Are you DTF? Y/N:"

Can a robot love? The world may never know, but we do know it can sext, thanks to Sext Adventure. Created by Kara Stone and developed by Nadine Lessio, Sext Adventure is a game that is played entirely within text messages on your phone. The bot on the other end takes you through a sexting narrative based on how you respond to it in the style of old school text adventure games—like talking to SmarterChild, but with more racy photos.

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The French Language Now Has Its Own Word For Sexting: “Textopornographie”

Sacré bleu!

Languages borrow from each other all the time -- English, for example, is mostly an amalgamation of Latin, German, French, and Norse. The French language, though? It's not having any of that cross-contamination stuff. So when new technology words float over from the English language, French likes to shut it down by making up their own versions.

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A Dick Pic is Forever: Saving SnapChat Photos for Posterity Just Got Even Easier

What do a diamond and a picture of your naughty bits have in common? If you answered "They're both romantic things to give to your sweetheart," you are wrong. If you said "They will be around forever," though -- you're right! That's because a new workaround for SnapChat -- the mobile service that lets you send a photo message that will delete itself, Mission Impossible-style, just seconds after being received and has thus become a great way to send photographs of your genitals to other people -- makes it way easier for recipients to save those photos until the end of time, or at least until the person who sent it to them in sophomore year tries to run for Congress.

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Facebook Will Launch Convenient Sexting Feature, What Could Go Wrong?

Facebook is rumored to be launching an app to compete with Snapchat. If you're not familiar with Snapchat, it's a photo messaging service that sets itself apart from other ways of sending your friends photos by having pictures "self-destruct" Inspector Gadget-style after a preset length of time -- usually just a few seconds. Why would anyone need to send a photo that self-destructs? The only answer I can think of is for sending naked pictures to people, and I'm not alone in that assumption, as Snapchat has developed a reputation as the "sexting app."

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Swiss Cows to Send Texts When They’re in Heat, Probably Still Qualifies as Sexting

There seems to be a trend going on where we'd rather our livestock electronically warn us of things rather than actually checking in on them. For example, sheep might soon warn their shepherds of attack via text. Not content to let sheep get all the cool gadgets, Swiss dairy cows are about to get in on the action too. Due to the fact that it can be difficult to discern when a cow is in heat, sensors attached should be able to take measurements and alert farmers by text so they know when to inseminate the critters.

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Retweet This: New Entries In the Oxford English Dictionary Include “Retweet,” “Sexting”

Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

In its continued effort to stay relevant in the the ongoing journey of the English language, the Oxford English Dictionary has provided us with its annual "Addition of New Words That Will Make You Wonder If Language Itself Is Evolving or Becoming Increasingly Ridiculous." Usually, they are combinations of existing words that have permeated popular culture to such an extent that they need to be made "official" (for some reason), whether they deserve it or not.

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Fox News Offers Advice on Sexting, People Immediately Stop Sexting

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Fox News has gotten hip to the cool jive and is offering tips on sexting ("strictly adults only"!) that is sure to make you think a few brain thoughts. Among them: Did my parents catch me sexting and report it to Fox News? Did Fox News only just find out about sexting? And does this mean sexting is officially not cool anymore? Not sure about answers to the first two questions, but the third might be a yes. And also, your parents are going to start sexting. Also: I am so sorry I made you think about that.

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Tiger Woods’ Sexts – The Word Cloud (NSFW)

Yesterday, Tiger Woods ex-paramour Joslyn James released a transcript of her text messages from the lust-addled golfer. Being the egregious nerds that we are, we looked at this cesspit of lurid language and explicit sexytalk and saw only one thing...

...beauteous, beauteous data!

Click below to see a tag cloud of the most common words in Tiger's sexts, generated thanks to the magic of Wordle.

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